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The state was named for the Colorado River, which Spanish travelers named the Río Colorado for the ruddy (Spanish: [colorado] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)) silt the river carried from the mountains. The Territory of Colorado was organized on February 28, 1861, and on August 1, 1876, U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant signed a proclamation admitting Colorado to the Union as the 38th state. Colorado is nicknamed the "Centennial State" because it became a state 28 days after the centennial of the United States Declaration of Independence. In the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's frontal offset test the Colorado (extended version) is given a "Good" overall score,[15] however the crew cab is rated "Acceptable".[16] In the side impact test, the Colorado crew cab is rated "Poor" with or without side curtain airbags.[17][18] Side curtain airbags were made standard on all 2010 models; side torso airbags are not offered. Em 2002, o Colorado possuía 4 421 quilômetros de ferrovias. O principal produto transportado nas ferrovias do Colorado é carvão, respondendo por 77% de toda a carga transportada nas ferrovias localizadas no estado. Em 2003, o estado possuía 139 725 quilômetros de vias públicas, dos quais 1 539 quilômetros eram rodovias interestaduais, consideradas parte do sistema federal rodoviário dos Estados Unidos. O Aeroporto Internacional de Denver é um dos aeroportos mais movimentados do mundo. The deputy mayor is selected by the mayor and must be confirmed by a vote of the city council, the deputy mayor serves a term of one year. According to the city charter, the deputy mayor must be a city department head.[53] Il Colorado (in inglese ascolta [?·info], [kɒləˈrædoʊ]) è uno stato federato degli Stati Uniti d'America situato nella Regione delle Montagne Rocciose.Confina a nord con il Wyoming e il Nebraska, a sud con l'Oklahoma e il Nuovo Messico, a ovest con lo Utah, a est con il Kansas, in un solo punto tocca l'Arizona, nel suo angolo a sud-ovest (è il famoso punto del confine quadruplo che dà.

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Colorado területét már időszámításunk kezdetén földműveléssel foglalkozó indián törzsek lakták, később azonban délebbre költöztek. A hegyekben csak nagyon kevés ember élt. Colorado Louisiana megvásárlási szerződésével került az Egyesült Államok birtokába. Az 1819-es Adams–Onís-egyezmény révén a mai állam északkeleti területe lett az USA-é. Jefferson elnök megbízásából felderítő expedíció indult a területek felkutatására. Az expedíciót Zebulon Pike vezette. A Sziklás-hegységnek azt a csúcsát, amelyet Pike fedezett fel, később róla nevezték el. The all-new GMC Canyon was introduced on January 12, 2014. GMC introduced in an official press and video release and made its public debut the following day (January 13, 2014) at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Sales started at dealerships in the second quarter of 2014 as a 2015 model.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a major hillclimbing motor race held at the Pikes Peak Highway. Meanwhile, the Pikes Peak International Raceway. The city has a long association with the sport of figure skating, having hosted the U.S. Figure Skating Championships six times and the World Figure Skating Championships five times. It is home to the World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame and the Broadmoor Skating Club, a notable training center for the sport. In recent years, the Broadmoor World Arena has hosted skating events such as Skate America and the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships.[132]

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  1. In 1862, a force of Texas cavalry invaded the Territory of New Mexico and captured Santa Fe on March 10. The object of this Western Campaign was to seize or disrupt the gold fields of Colorado and California and to seize ports on the Pacific Ocean for the Confederacy. A hastily organized force of Colorado volunteers force-marched from Denver City, Colorado Territory, to Glorieta Pass, New Mexico Territory, in an attempt to block the Texans. On March 28, the Coloradans and local New Mexico volunteers stopped the Texans at the Battle of Glorieta Pass, destroyed their cannon and supply wagons, and ran off 500 of their horses and mules. The Texans were forced to retreat to Santa Fe. Having lost the supplies for their campaign and finding little support in New Mexico, the Texans abandoned Santa Fe and returned to San Antonio in defeat. The Confederacy made no further attempts to seize the Southwestern United States.
  2. Montrose County is a Beziak im Bundesstoot Colorado in da USA.Da Beziak hod 41.276 Eihwohna. Da Sitz vo da Vawoitung is Montrose.. Da Beziak hod a Fläche vo 5.808 Quadratkilometa, dovo san 5 Quadratkilometa Wossafläche
  3. The Arkansas River drops 5,000 feet in its first 125 miles from its headwaters in the Colorado Rockies near the Continental Divide to the plains near Cañon City, Colorado. The Arkansas River is located 90 miles west of Colorado Springs, 120 miles southwest of Denver. The whitewater rafting sections of the Arkansas River flow past Buena Vista.
  4. The Canyon offers the same features as its cousin, but will have a higher MSRP and more options. It also sports a front grille design that closely resembles its full-size sibling, the GMC Sierra. The Canyon comes in three trims and either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The base model is only available with the 2.5 L Ecotec I4 engine, a 6-speed manual transmission (until mid-2019 when the manual transmission was discontinued and a six-speed automatic transmission became standard), and two-wheel drive.
  5. istração do sistema escolar público são dos distritos municipais, enquanto que em regiões menos densamente habitadas esta responsabilidade é dos distritos escolares operando em todo o condado em geral. O Colorado permite a operação de escolas charter - escolas públicas independentes que não são ad
  6. Freight service is provided by Union Pacific and BNSF. Currently there is no intercity passenger service. The city last had passenger service in 1967 with the Denver to Dallas Texas Zephyr run by the Colorado & Southern Railway and the Fort Worth & Denver Railway (both subsidiaries of the Burlington Route).[citation needed]

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  1. According to the 2005 Census estimates, the city had grown to an estimated population of 104,951[38] and had become the ninth most populous city in the state of Colorado and the 245th most populous city in the United States.
  2. Pueblo is the hometown of Dutch Clark, the first man from Colorado inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame[47] as well as the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.[48]The primary football stadium belonging to Pueblo City Schools is named for him. Two long-standing high school rivalries are played annually at this stadium. The Bell Game has been played annually since 1892 between the Central Wildcats and the Centennial Bulldogs in what is touted as the oldest football rivalry west of the Mississippi River.[49]
  3. O Colorado está dividido em 64 condados. Dois destes condados, Denver e Broomfield, são coexistentes com as cidades homónimas. Os outros 62 condados remanescentes são governados por conselhos de comissionadores, compostos por três ou cinco membros diferentes, que são eleitos pela população dos respectivos condados para mandatos de até quatro anos de duração, não podendo exercer seus cargos por mais do que oito anos consecutivos.
  4. The Colorado River is a major river running through the states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah. The Hoover Dam was constructed to harness the river's hydroelectric power in the 20th century. The Colorado River forms the dividing line between the New California Republic's offensive camps and Caesar's Legion forts. There is a path leading down to the river just north of the abandoned BoS.
  5. ing whether Colorado will join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is on the ballot. States in the NPVIC agree to give their electoral votes for the presidential candidate that wins the most votes nationwide if the compact goes into effect. A veto.
  6. Vail, Colorado. Jump to navigation Jump to search. An Vail in usa ka bungto han Colorado, Estados Unidos. An Wikimedia Commons mayda media nga nahahanungod han: Vail, Colorado Usa ka turók ini.
  7. istration, and its Consumer Information Catalog. For over 30 years, public service announcements invited Americans to write for information at "Pueblo, Colorado, 81009". In recent times GSA has incorporated Pueblo into FCIC's toll-free telephone number.

The golden-domed Colorado State Capitol is one of the prominent features in Denver's skyline. The Neoclassical building, which sits at the eastern end of Denver's Civic Center Park, serves as a sort of museum to Colorado history, and free tours of the capitol are offered Monday through Friday The climate of the Eastern Plains is semiarid (Köppen climate classification: BSk) with low humidity and moderate precipitation, usually from 15 to 25 in (380 to 640 mm) annually. The area is known for its abundant sunshine and cool, clear nights, which give this area a great average diurnal temperature range. The difference between the highs of the days and the lows of the nights can be considerable as warmth dissipates to the space during clear nights, the heat radiation not being trapped by clouds. A 2006. évi felmérések szerint Coloradóban 70 330 gyermek született, amely 14,6%-os növekedést eredményezett.[15] A nyugati megyékben, ahol a lakosság nagy része mormon, a gyermeket születési száma magasabb. Em 1999, as escolas públicas do estado atenderam cerca de 708,1 mil estudantes, empregando aproximadamente 40,8 mil professores. Escolas privadas atenderam cerca de 52,1 mil estudantes, empregando aproximadamente 4,4 mil professores. O sistema de escolas públicas do estado consumiu cerca de 4,141 bilhões de dólares, e o gasto das escolas públicas foi de aproximadamente 6,4 mil dólares por estudante. Cerca de 88,7% dos habitantes do estado com mais de 25 anos de idade possui um diploma de segundo grau. In September 2004, both United Steelworkers locals 2102 and 3267 won the strike and the unfair labor practice charges. All of the striking steel workers returned to their jobs, and the company paid them the back pay owed for the seven years they were on strike. In 2007, shortly after Oregon Steel made amends with the union and its workers, Evraz Group, one of Russia's biggest steel producers, agreed to buy the company for $2.3 billion.[25]

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In 2017, the state of Colorado had the third highest number of craft breweries at 348.[95] Breweries and microbreweries have become popular in Colorado Springs, which hosts over 30 of them.[96][97] In September 2018, Eater named Bristol Brewing Company one of the 38 essential breweries in Colorado.[98] O Colorado possui cerca de 260 cidades (cities e towns). Toda área urbana com mais de dois mil habitante é considerada uma cidade primária (city), enquanto comunidades urbanas com menos de dois mil habitantes são considerados cidades secundárias (towns). Chevrolet designed many new parts specifically for the ZR2 to improve off-road performance. New features and parts standard or optional on the ZR2 include:

A guerra incentivou o desenvolvimento da indústria de manufatura no estado. Denver tornou-se um grande centro industrial, durante e após os anos que se seguiriam à guerra. Após o final da guerra, em 1945, o Colorado continuou a prosperar economicamente - apesar da queda da demanda por metais e petróleo após a guerra, os setores de agropecuária, turismo, finanças, transportes e especialmente a indústria de manufatura continuaram a desenvolver-se, o que passou a atrair grandes quantidades de pessoas à região. Em 1954, a manufatura já havia ultrapassado a mineração e a agropecuária como a principal fonte de renda do Colorado. Desde a década de 1950, as taxas de crescimento populacional do estado têm sido uma das mais altas do país. Although houses of worship of almost every major world religion are within the city, Colorado Springs has in particular attracted a large influx of Evangelical Christians and Christian organizations in recent years. At one time Colorado Springs was the national headquarters for 81 different religious organizations, earning the city the tongue-in-cheek nicknames "the Evangelical Vatican"[99] and "The Christian Mecca." Religious groups with regional or international headquarters in Colorado Springs include:

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Os primeiros exploradores europeus na região foram espanhóis, durante o século XVI. Tais exploradores chegaram à região vindos do sul, do México, e estavam em busca de metais preciosos, tais como ouro. Os espanhóis, não tendo encontrado ouro no atual Colorado, não se interessaram em povoar a região, tendo reivindicado posse da região somente em 1706, 24 anos depois de o francês René-Robert Cavelier ter reivindicado a posse da região leste do atual Colorado para a coroa francesa e, assim, ter feito parte da colônia francesa de Louisiana. Esta região passaria ao controle dos espanhóis em 1762 e, sob os termos do Tratado de Santo Ildefonso, passaria novamente ao controle dos franceses em 1800, para ser finalmente anexada, como parte da Compra da Luisiana, pelos Estados Unidos. Colorado är en amerikansk delstat i USA som omfattar större delen av södra Klippiga bergen samt nordöstra delen av Coloradoplatån och den västra kanten av Great Plains.Colorado är en del av regionerna som kallas Mountain States, västra USA och sydvästra USA.. Colorado har smeknamnet Centennial State eftersom den antogs till unionen som den 38:e staten år 1876 vid.

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Most of Colorado's population resides along the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains in the Front Range Urban Corridor between Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Pueblo, Colorado. This region is partially protected from prevailing storms that blow in from the Pacific Ocean region by the high Rockies in the middle of Colorado. The only other significant population centers are at Grand Junction and Durango in western and southwestern Colorado, respectively. Although Denver's nickname is the "Mile-High City" because its official elevation is one mile above sea level, defined by the elevation of the spot of a benchmark on the steps of the State Capitol building, the elevation of the entire city ranges from 5,130 to 5,690 feet (1,560 to 1,730 m). According to Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) and the National Elevation Dataset, the city's elevation is 5,278 feet (1,609 m), which is reflected on various websites such as the National Weather Service.[54]

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In a North Korean propaganda video released in April 2013, Colorado Springs was inexplicably singled out as one of four targets for a missile strike. The video failed to pinpoint Colorado Springs on the map, instead showing a spot somewhere in Louisiana.[129] Durante a década de 1970, devido à crise de 1973, que havia gerado uma drástica queda na produção de eletricidade no país, diversas empresas norte-americanas de geração de eletricidade decidiram instalar-se no Colorado, para aproveitar a abundância de eletricidade. Durante a década de 1980, com a melhoria das condições do setor de energia dos Estados Unidos, muitas destas empresas abandonaram o Colorado, gerando uma recessão econômica, que só se recuperaria ao final da década. According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, residents of Denver had a 2014 life expectancy of 80.02 years.[86] Colorado is known for its Southwest and Rocky Mountain cuisine. Mexican restaurants are prominent throughout the state.

Boston este capitala, cel mai mare oraș din Massachusetts și este unul dintre cele mai vechi orașe din Statele Unite ale Americii.Cel mai mare oraș din New England, Boston este considerat neoficial capitala acestei regiuni istorice, datorită impactului economic și cultural pe care îl are. Orașul propriu-zis avea o populație estimată în 2009 la 645.169 de oameni, ceea ce face Boston. Most of Denver has a straightforward street grid oriented to the four cardinal directions. Blocks are usually identified in hundreds from the median streets, identified as "00", which are Broadway (the east–west median, running north–south) and Ellsworth Avenue (the north–south median, running east–west). Colfax Avenue, a major east–west artery through Denver, is 15 blocks (1500) north of the median. Avenues north of Ellsworth are numbered (with the exception of Colfax Avenue and several others, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd and Montview Blvd.), while avenues south of Ellsworth are named. Intermontane Basin: Colorado északnyugati sarkában fekszik. Lankás erdővel borított dombokból áll.[7]

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  1. Colorado also has some large African-American communities located in Denver, in the neighborhoods of Montbello, Five Points, Whittier, and many other East Denver areas. A relatively large population of African Americans are also found in Colorado Springs on the east and southeast side of the city. The state has sizable numbers of Asian-Americans of Mongolian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Southeast Asian and Japanese descent. The highest population of Asian Americans can be found on the south and southeast side of Denver, as well as some on Denver's southwest side. The Denver metropolitan area is considered more liberal and diverse than much of the state when it comes to political issues and environmental concerns.
  2. Colorado is one of four states in the United States that share a common geographic point the Four Corners together with Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. At this intersection, it is possible to stand in four states at once.
  3. g és Nebraska, délen Új-Mexikó és Oklahoma, keleten Nebraska és Kansas, végül nyugaton Utah államokkal. Colorado délnyugati sarka egyetlen pontban találkozik Utah, Arizona, és Új-Mexikó államokkal, ez a pont az úgynevezett négysarok régió (Four Corners).
  4. Wikimedia Commons: Aspen, Colorado Website: The Ceety o Aspen & Pitkin Coonty Aspen is a ceety in an the coonty seat o Pitkin Coonty , Colorado , Unitit States

Pitkin County is a Beziak im Bundesstoot Colorado in da USA.Da Beziak hod 17.148 Eihwohna. Da Sitz vo da Vawoitung is Aspen.. Da Beziak hod a Fläche vo 2.521 Quadratkilometa, dovo san 7 Quadratkilometa Wossafläche Colorado legnagyobb részén az éghajlat hűs, élénkítő hatású, mely földrajzi helyzetének megfelelően területenként változik. Mivel távol van a nagy víztömegektől (Csendes-óceán, Mexikói-öböl) éghajlata szárazföldi. A nyár folyamán a magas alföldeken a nappali hőmérséklet forró, de gyakran megkönnyebbülést hoz a délutáni zivatar. A hegységekben általában mindig hűvös. A levegő páratartalma alacsony a gyors párolgás következtében, s ez kellemes közérzetet biztosít még a forró napokon is. A légkör ritka, így a napsugarak jobban éreztetik hatásukat, s ennek eredményeképpen a téli időszakban is kellemes az időjárás. Ezért van az, hogy télen a síelők a magaslatokon is viszonylag vékony öltözékben lehetnek a környező vastag hóborította környezetben.

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2434x1405 / 683 Kb Go to Map. Map of Colorado with cities and towns. 2560x1779 / 1,15 Mb Go to Map. Colorado highway map. 2267x1358 / 1,36 Mb Go to Map. Colorado airport map. 946x676 / 169 Kb Go to Map. Map of Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. 944x980 / 210 Kb Go to Map. Colorado Regions Map. 1766x1216 / 587 Kb Go to Map. Map of Northern Colorado On October 1, 1981, the Broadmoor Addition,[22] Cheyenne Canon, Ivywild, Skyway, and Stratton Meadows were annexed after the Colorado Supreme Court "overturned a district court decision that voided the annexation". Further annexations expanding the city include the Nielson Addition and Vineyard Commerce Park Annexation in September 2008. [22] Extensive public transportation bus services are offered both intra-city and inter-city—including the Denver metro area's extensive RTD services. The Regional Transportation District (RTD) operates the popular RTD Bus & Light Rail transit system in the Denver Metropolitan Area. As of January 2013 the RTD rail system had 170 light rail vehicles, serving 47 miles (76 km) of track. Colorado é um dos 50 estados dos Estados Unidos, localizado na região dos estados das Montanhas Rochosas. Geograficamente, é marcado pela presença das Montanhas Rochosas, possuindo várias das montanhas mais altas desta cadeia montanhosa. Seu terreno acidentado, cheio de montanhas, bem como a grande quantidade de precipitação de neve recebida durante o inverno, criou um terreno propício para a criação de diversos resorts de esqui, como a internacionalmente conhecida Aspen. Tais resorts atraem milhões de turistas por ano, e fazem do turismo uma das principais fontes de renda do estado.

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  1. ing millionaire, built an impressive business block at 16th and Larimer, as well as the elegant Tabor Grand Opera House. Luxurious hotels, including the much-loved Brown Palace Hotel, soon followed, as well as splendid homes for millionaires, such as the Croke, Patterson, Campbell Mansion at 11th and Pennsylvania and the now-demolished Moffat Mansion at 8th and Grant.[29] Intent on transfor
  2. ima.[41] Typically, there are 5.2 nights with sub-0 °F (−18 °C) lows and 23.6 days where the high does not rise above freezing.[42]
  3. Molson Coors Brewing Company established its U.S. headquarters in Denver in 2005, but announced its departure in 2019. Its subsidiary and regional wholesale distributor, Coors Distributing Company, is in NW Denver. The Newmont Mining Corporation, the second-largest gold producer in North America and one of the largest in the world, is headquartered in Denver. MapQuest, an online site for maps, directions and business listings, is headquartered in Denver's LoDo district.

A highway expansion and transit project for the southern I-25 corridor, dubbed T-REX (Transportation Expansion Project), was completed on November 17, 2006.[163] The project installed wider and additional highway lanes, and improved highway access and drainage. The project also includes a light rail line that traverses from downtown to the south end of the metro area at Lincoln Avenue.[164] The project spanned almost 19 miles (31 km) along the highway with an additional line traveling parallel to part of I-225, stopping just short of Parker Road. Colorado Springs, Colorado: Palayo: The Springs: Location in the state of Colorado: Coordinates: County El Paso; Gubyernu - Mayor: Lionel Rivera. Pueblo Catholic High School closed in 1971.[68] Its building became Roncalli middle school in the early 1970s.[citation needed] By 1975 all Catholic schools in Pueblo (under the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pueblo) had closed.[68] As of 2017[update] there are two Catholic grade schools in Pueblo: St. John Neumann Catholic School and St. Therese Catholic School.[69] While Denver may not be as recognized for historical musical prominence as some other American cities, it has an active pop, jazz, jam, folk, metal, and classical music scene, which has nurtured several artists and genres to regional, national, and even international attention. Of particular note is Denver's importance in the folk scene of the 1960s and 1970s. Well-known folk artists such as Bob Dylan, Judy Collins and John Denver lived in Denver at various points during this time and performed at local clubs.[106] Three members of the widely popular group Earth, Wind, and Fire are also from Denver. More recent Denver-based artists include Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, The Lumineers, Air Dubai, The Fray, Flobots, Cephalic Carnage, Axe Murder Boyz, Deuce Mob, Havok, Bloodstrike, Primitive Man, and Five Iron Frenzy. Colorado hegyes vidékén az Egyesült Államok hat fő folyója ered. A Continental Divide keleti oldalán a Rio Grande, North Platte, South Platte, Arkansas és a Republican folyók, melyek az Atlanti-óceán felé folynak, s a Continental Divide nyugati oldalán a Colorado folyó, amely a Csendes-óceán felé siet.

Within the interior of the Rocky Mountains are several large so-called "parks" or high broad basins. In the north, on the east side of the Continental Divide is the North Park of Colorado. The North Park is drained by the North Platte River, which flows north into Wyoming and Nebraska. Just to the south of North Park, but on the western side of the Continental Divide, is the Middle Park of Colorado, which is drained by the Colorado River. The South Park of Colorado is the region of the headwaters of the South Platte River. Denver is the 16th-largest market in the country for television, according to the 2009–2010 rankings from Nielsen Media Research. Denver has been known historically as the Queen City of the Plains and the Queen City of the West, because of its important role in the agricultural industry of the High Plains region in eastern Colorado and along the foothills of the Colorado Front Range. Several U.S. Navy ships have been named USS Denver in honor of the city.

Thornton, Colorado. Jump to An Thornton in usa ka syudad han Colorado, Estados Unidos. An Wikimedia Commons mayda media nga nahahanungod han: Thornton, Colorado Dako it imo maibubulig ha Wikipedia pinaagi han pagparabong hini. Mountain Metropolitan Transit (MMT) offers public transportation services in the Pikes Peak region providing over 11,000 one-way trips per day. In addition to bus routes within the City of Colorado Springs, Mountain Metro Transit provides service into Manitou Springs, north to the Chapel Hills Mall, east to Peterson Air Force Base and south into the Widefield area.[citation needed] Colorado é um dos 50 estados dos Estados Unidos, localizado na região dos estados das Montanhas Rochosas.Geograficamente, é marcado pela presença das Montanhas Rochosas, possuindo várias das montanhas mais altas desta cadeia montanhosa.Seu terreno acidentado, cheio de montanhas, bem como a grande quantidade de precipitação de neve recebida durante o inverno, criou um terreno propício.

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  1. Great Kiva at Chimney Rock in the San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado. It is said to have been built by the Ancient Pueblo peoples.
  2. Denver is a consolidated city-county with a mayor elected on a nonpartisan ballot, a 13-member city council and an auditor. The Denver City Council is elected from 11 districts with two at-large council-members and is responsible for passing and changing all laws, resolutions, and ordinances, usually after a public hearing, and can also call for misconduct investigations of Denver's departmental officials. All elected officials have four-year terms, with a maximum of three terms. The current mayor is Michael Hancock.
  3. eração responde por 2% do PIB, empregando cerca de 24 mil pessoas. Os principais recursos naturais extraídos são petróleo, carvão e gás natural.
  4. Colorado is the ideal winter destination with unparalleled skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice-skating, snow tubing, snowmobiling, sleigh rides, events and festivals, and a rich cultural heritage. Plan your Colorado vacation now and find out if you're Colo-Ready! Colo-Road Trips. Get Itineraries. Free Visitors Guide. Colorado Videos
  5. The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), also known as The Race to the Clouds, is an annual invitational automobile and motorcycle hill climb to the summit of Pikes Peak, every year on the last Sunday of June.[133] The highway wasn't completely paved until 2011.[134]

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At Albuquerque, New Mexico, Denver Thruway connections are made daily with the Amtrak Southwest Chief. Additionally, the Ski Train operated on the former Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, which took passengers between Denver and the Winter Park Ski Resort, but it is no longer in service. The Ski Train made its final run to Winter Park on March 29, 2009. The service was revived on a trial basis in 2016 with a great amount of local fanfare. Further development of a mountain corridor rail option, though publicly popular, has been met with resistance from politicians, namely the director of Colorado Department of Transportation[173][failed verification]. The Ski Train did return to service under Amtrak with the name "Winter Park Express" in 2017, and currently runs only on Saturdays, Sundays, and major holidays during the winter ski seasons. In 2009, both trucks, as with most 2009 General Motors vehicles (and combined with OnStar), received a Bluetooth hands-free phone system for the first time as optional equipment. The six-disc in-dash CD changer was discontinued as well, leaving the single-disc CD/MP3 player, as well as a standard A/M-F/M only radio, with two, four, or six-speaker audio systems. Most later trucks received alloy wheels as standard equipment, with optional polished and chrome-plated wheels, in sixteen, seventeen, or eighteen-inch diameters. Only later base-model trucks, with the exception of the base received sixteen-inch steel wheels, and were a new wheel design. In addition, most newer trucks also featured standard SiriusXM Satellite Radio, when equipped with a CD/MP3 player. In November 1950, Ent Air Force Base was selected as the Cold War headquarters for Air Defense Command (ADC). The former WWII Army Air Base, Peterson Field, which had been inactivated at the end of the war, was re-opened in 1951 as a U.S. Air Force base.[29] The 1950s through 1970s saw a continued expansion of the military presence in the area, with the establishment of NORAD's headquarters in the city, as well as the ADCOM headquarters.

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  1. Bob Swann of Colorado Springs, Colorado, a Jicarilla Apache whose tribe is centered in New Mexico, was among the participants at a Colorado Springs Native American Inter-Tribal Powwow and festival in LCCN2015633376.tif 5,792 × 8,688; 287.98 M
  2. Interstate 25 and US Route 85 run in tandem on the same north–south expressway through Pueblo. US Route 50 runs east–west through Pueblo.
  3. ent Westerns like True Grit, The Searchers and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. A number of historic military forts, railways with trains still operating,

Pueblo is the hometown of four Medal of Honor recipients (more than any other municipality in the United States) - William J. Crawford, Carl L. Sitter, Raymond G. Murphy, and Drew D. Dix. President Dwight D. Eisenhower upon presenting Raymond G. "Jerry" Murphy with his medal in 1953 commented, "What is it... something in the water out there in Pueblo? All you guys turn out to be heroes!" Colorado became the first western state to host a major political convention when the Democratic Party met in Denver in 1908. By the U.S. Census in 1930, the population of Colorado first exceeded one million residents. Colorado suffered greatly through the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, but a major wave of immigration following World War II boosted Colorado's fortune. Tourism became a mainstay of the state economy, and high technology became an important economic engine. The United States Census Bureau estimated that the population of Colorado exceeded five million in 2009. A primeira escola do Colorado foi inaugurada em 1859. Os alunos desta escola eram filhos de mineradores na região de Cherry Creek, onde atualmente está situada Denver. Colorado Springs is home to the annual Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff, a hot air balloon festival that takes place over Labor Day weekend at the City's Memorial Park.[citation needed] Three warships of the U.S. Navy have been named the USS Colorado. The first USS Colorado was named for the Colorado River. The later two ships were named in honor of the state, including the battleship USS Colorado which served in World War II in the Pacific beginning in 1941. At the time of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, this USS Colorado was located at the naval base in San Diego, Calif. and hence went unscathed.

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Douglas County is a Beziak im Bundesstoot Colorado in da USA.Da Beziak hod 285.465 Eihwohna. Da Sitz vo da Vawoitung is Castle Rock.. Da Beziak hod a Fläche vo 2.183 Quadratkilometa, dovo san 7 Quadratkilometa Wossafläche The Continental Divide of the Americas extends along the crest of the Rocky Mountains. The area of Colorado to the west of the Continental Divide is called the Western Slope of Colorado. Drainage water west of the Continental Divide flows to the southwest via the Colorado River and the Green River into the Gulf of California. The summit of Mount Elbert at 14,440 feet (4,401.2 m) elevation in Lake County is the highest point in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains of North America. [7] Colorado is the only U.S. state that lies entirely above 1000 meters elevation. The point where the Arikaree River flows out of Yuma County, Colorado, and into Cheyenne County, Kansas, is the lowest point in Colorado at 3,317 feet (1,011. On August 22, 2011, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake occurred nine miles WSW of the city of Trinidad.[22] No casualties and only small damage was reported. It was the second largest earthquake in Colorado. A magnitude 5.7 earthquake was recorded in 1973.[23] Az 1800-as évek elején az átjárók kutatására prémvadászok vállalkoztak. 1858-ban a mai Denver környékén aranyra bukkantak, amely megmozgatta az emberek fantáziáját, lázba hozta a kalandorokat, kincskeresőket. Megindult a szerencsevadászok, aranyásók áradata. Ezek átmeneti telepeket, sátorvárosokat hoztak létre. A gazdag aranylelőhelyek mellett ezüstbányákat is feltártak. Így 1861-ben szervezett terület lett, s 1876-ban önálló állammá vált.[9]

Colorado is home to four national parks, eight national monuments, two national recreation areas, two national historic sites, three national historic trails, one national scenic trail, 11 national forests, two national grasslands, 42 national wilderness areas, two national conservation areas, eight national wildlife refuges, 44 state parks, 307 state wildlife areas, and numerous other scenic, historic, and recreational areas. As of 2006[update], Denver had over 200 parks, from small mini-parks all over the city to the giant 314-acre (1.27 km2) City Park.[117] Denver also has 29 recreation centers providing places and programming for resident's recreation and relaxation.[118]

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Karinan ning Colorado king United States: Coordinates: Bangsa United States; State Colorado; City-County Denver (coextensive) Founded : November 22 1858: Incorporated: November 7 1861: Gubyernu - Type: Strong Mayor/Weak Council - Mayor Michael Hancock : Lualas - City & County 154.9 sq mi (401.2 km 2) - Gabu In 2019, the Pueblo Bulls junior ice hockey team in the United States Premier Hockey League, began play out of the Pueblo Ice Arena. The character of the neighborhoods varies significantly from one to another and includes everything from large skyscrapers to houses from the late 19th century to modern, suburban-style developments. Generally, the neighborhoods closest to the city center are denser, older and contain more brick building material. Many neighborhoods away from the city center were developed after World War II, and are built with more modern materials and style. Some of the neighborhoods even farther from the city center, or recently redeveloped parcels anywhere in the city, have either very suburban characteristics or are new urbanist developments that attempt to recreate the feel of older neighborhoods. The upgraded Brazilian Chevrolet S-10 dual-cab was released as the facelifted Colorado model for the Australian and New Zealand markets in 2017 with GM's MyLink infotainment system including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring. The model is built in right-hand-drive at the GM Thailand plant.[24] Bureau of Economic Analysis 2006. évi adatai szerint az állam össznépi termése 230 billió dollár volt. Az egy főre eső kereset a 2003. évi felmérések szerint 34 561 dollár volt, így Colorado nyolcadik a nemzet listáján. A 2004. évi adatokat táblázatban megtekinthetjük.[19] Máig jelentős arany- és ezüst bányák, valamint már ércbányák működnek. Annak ellenére, hogy a kőolajtermelés leállt, az állam jelentős kőszénkészlettel rendelkezik. Az állam nyugati részén uránbányák nyíltak. Colorado híres a szép tiszta fehér márvány bányájáról is. A 19. században érkező telepesek kivándorlásuk előtt mezőgazdasággal foglalkoztak. Hosszú, fáradságos munkával megzabolázták a természetet, öntözőrendszereket hoztak létre a folyókon épített gátak mentén.[9] Ma különösen a haszonállatok tenyésztése, a tej és tejtermékek előállítása került előtérbe. A mezőgazdasági termékei a búza, kukorica és a széna. Az élelmiszer feldolgozó ipar is gyorsan fejlődik.[20]

Denver is also served by over 40 AM and FM radio stations, covering a wide variety of formats and styles. Denver-Boulder radio is the No. 19 market in the United States, according to the Spring 2011 Arbitron ranking (up from No. 20 in Fall 2009). For a list of radio stations, see Radio Stations in Colorado. Pueblo has the least expensive residential real estate of all major cities in Colorado. The median home price for homes on the market in Pueblo is $192,500 as of April 2018.[12] It is the sixth most affordable place to live in America as measured by the 2014 Cost of Living Index. Costs of housing, goods and services, utilities, transportation, groceries and health care are lower than the national average.[13] Pueblo was listed by AARP in 2013 as one of the best affordable places to live.[14]

Apollo Hall opened soon after the city's founding in 1859 and staged many plays for eager settlers.[27] In the 1880s Horace Tabor built Denver's first opera house. After the start of the 20th century, city leaders embarked on a city beautification program that created many of the city's parks, parkways, museums, and the Municipal Auditorium, which was home to the 1908 Democratic National Convention and is now known as the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Denver and the metropolitan areas around it continued to support culture. In 1988, voters in the Denver Metropolitan Area approved the Scientific and Cultural Facilities Tax (commonly known as SCFD), a 0.1% (1 cent per $10) sales tax that contributes money to various cultural and scientific facilities and organizations throughout the Metro area.[97] The tax was renewed by voters in 1994 and 2004 and allows the SCFD to operate until 2018.[98] Foram construídas em Denver, durante a década de 1880, diversos empreendimentos imobiliários, que foram financiados por magnatas da indústria de mineração do estado - em especial, Horace A. W. Tabor, que foi apelidado de Silver King (rei da prata) pela mídia. Estes empreendimentos, além de outros investimentos realizados por tais magnatas na cidade, ajudaram Denver a tornar-se um dos principais polos financeiros e comerciais do interior do oeste dos Estados Unidos. o estado prosperou com a mineração da prata, que era comprada primariamente pelo governo federal, para a fabricação de moedas.

The W/T includes the same standard equipment as the base Colorado trim level, but has more optional equipment, such as a seven-inch color touch-screen MyLink radio, cloth seating surfaces, keyless entry, sixteen-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, color-keyed door mirrors, an automatic transmission, and a 3.6L V6 gasoline engine. It is available as either an Extended Cab, or as a Crew Cab with either a Short Box or a Long Box. Pueblo is included in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, and is currently represented by Republican Scott Tipton.[58] Pueblo is also included in the 3rd District of the Colorado State Senate, currently represented by Democrat Leroy Garcia; and District 46 of the Colorado State House currently represented by Democrat Daneya Esgar. On the November 8, 1932 ballot, Colorado approved the repeal of alcohol prohibition more than a year before the federal government passed the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Colorado Rockies were created as an expansion franchise in 1993 and Coors Field opened in 1995. The Rockies advanced to the playoffs that year, but were eliminated in the first round. In 2007, they advanced to the playoffs as a wild-card entrant, won the NL Championship Series, and brought the World Series to Denver for the first time but were swept in four games by the Boston Red Sox. Traveler information for Colorado Interstates and Highways about Current Road Conditions and Weather Information, Accurate Travel Times and Speeds, Live Streaming Video and Still Cameras, Current Road Closures and Construction Events and Incident information, Messages on Overhead Message Boards and Weather Station Information provided on a timely basis on CoTrip.or

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Much of Colorado is a very dry state averaging only 17 in (430 mm) of precipitation per year statewide and rarely experiences a time when some portion of the state is not in some degree of drought.[18] The lack of precipitation contributes to the severity of wildfires in the state, such as the Hayman Fire, one of the largest wildfires in American history, and the Fourmile Canyon Fire of 2010, which until the Waldo Canyon Fire of June 2012, and the Black Forest Fire about a year later, was the most destructive wildfire in Colorado's recorded history. A bill proposing a state constitutional amendment to allow home rule for Denver and other municipalities was introduced in the legislature in 1901 and passed. The measure called for a statewide referendum, which voters approved in 1902. On December 1 that year Governor James Orman proclaimed the amendment part of the state's fundamental law. The City and County of Denver came into being on that date and was separated from Arapahoe and Adams Counties.[8][9][38] O Colorado presenciou a construção de diversas usinas hidrelétricas para a geração de eletricidade, irrigação de plantações e contenção de enchentes durante as décadas de 1940 e 1950. Um dos maiores projetos do gênero no país foi inaugurada em 1959 - o Colorado-Big Thompson Project, que era um complexo de represas, túneis e canais, estações de bombeamento e seis usinas hidrelétricas, que passou a irrigar cerca de 290 mil acres de terra. Projetos posteriores incluem o Colorado River Storage Project (um sistema de represas e hidrelétricas, reservatórios e usinas de tratamento de água), iniciado em 1956 e inaugurado em 1976, e o Frying Pan-Arkansas Project (para o transporte de água da região oeste para a região leste do estado), iniciado em 1972 e finalizado em 1985. Most American settlers traveling overland west to the Oregon Country, namely the new goldfields of California, or the new Mormon settlements of the State of Deseret in the Salt Lake Valley, avoided the rugged Southern Rocky Mountains, and instead followed the North Platte River and Sweetwater River to South Pass (Wyoming), the lowest crossing of the Continental Divide between the Southern Rocky Mountains and the Central Rocky Mountains. In 1849, the Mormons of the Salt Lake Valley organized the extralegal State of Deseret, claiming the entire Great Basin and all lands drained by the rivers Green, Grand, and Colorado. The federal government of the U.S. flatly refused to recognize the new Mormon government, because it was theocratic and sanctioned plural marriage. Instead, the Compromise of 1850 divided the Mexican Cession and the northwestern claims of Texas into a new state and two new territories, the state of California, the Territory of New Mexico, and the Territory of Utah. On April 9, 1851, Mexican American settlers from the area of Taos settled the village of San Luis, then in the New Mexico Territory, later to become Colorado's first permanent Euro-American settlement.

Em 2004, Ken Salazar tornou-se um dos políticos eleitos no estado para atuar no Senado dos Estados Unidos. Ken Salazar foi o primeiro hispânico eleito para atuar no Senado norte-americano, juntamente com Mel Martinez, eleito na Flórida. Colorado is home to many nationally praised microbreweries,[60] including New Belgium Brewing Company, Odell Brewing Company, Great Divide Brewing Company, and Oskar Blues Brewery. The area of northern Colorado near the city of Fort Collins is known as the "Napa Valley of Beer" due to its high density of craft breweries.[61] The city council is elected by the residents of the city. There are seven council seats, four of which are elected by district, and three elected at-large.[57] Come see why Black Hawk is one of Colorado's top destination cities both day and night. Enjoy the great Colorado outdoors, exciting casino gaming, gourmet dining, and relaxing hotels. Play your getaway today and experience Black Hawk for yourself! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Full screen is unavailable The tallest sand dunes in North America in Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in southern Colorado

In November 2015, voters in Colorado Springs overwhelmingly passed ballot measure 2C, dedicating funds from a temporary sales tax increase to much needed road and infrastructure improvements over five years. This temporary increase is estimated to bring in approximately $50 million annually, which will be used solely to improve roads and infrastructure. The Ballot measure passed by a margin of approximately 65–35%.[172] Some Denver streets have bicycle lanes, leaving a patchwork of disjointed routes throughout the city. There are over 850 miles[144] of paved, off-road, bike paths in Denver parks and along bodies of water, like Cherry Creek and the South Platte. This allows for a significant portion of Denver's population to be bicycle commuters and has led to Denver being known as a bicycle-friendly city.[145] Some residents are very opposed to bike lanes, which have caused some plans to be watered down or nixed. The review process for one bike line on Broadway will last over a year before city council members will make a decision. In addition to the many bike paths, Denver launched B-Cycle – a citywide bicycle sharing program – in late April 2010. The B-Cycle network was the largest in the United States at the time of its launch, boasting 400 bicycles.[146]

English: The Colorado River is a river in the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, approximately 1,450 mi (2,330 km) long. Français : Le Colorado est un fleuve du Sud-Ouest des États-Unis. Il naît dans les Montagnes Rocheuses et se jette dans le golfe de Californie, après avoir parcouru environ 2 330 km Acest articol despre Mexic și/sau despre mexicani este un ciot. Puteți ajuta Wikipedia prin completarea lu The base Colorado trim level includes the following standard equipment: sixteen-inch steel wheels, vinyl seating surfaces, an A/M-F/M stereo with auxiliary audio input and a six-speaker audio system, power windows and door locks (NO keyless entry), a 2.5L EcoTec Inline Four-Cylinder (I4) gasoline engine, a six-speed manual transmission (until mid-2019 when the manual transmission was discontinued and a six-speed automatic transmission became standard), carpeted flooring, and a chrome front grille. This model is available exclusively as an Extended Cab. Colorado Springs is a Hame Rule Municipality that is the coonty seat an maist populous ceety o El Paso Coonty, Colorado, Unitit States.Colorado Springs is locatit in the Sooth Central portion o Central Colorado.It is situatit on Fountain Creek an is locatit 61 miles (98 km) sooth o the Colorado State Capitol in Denver.At 6,035 feet (1839 m) the ceety sits ower ane mile (1.6 km) abuin sea level. However, some of the mountainous regions of Colorado receive a huge amount of moisture from winter snowfalls. The spring melts of these snows often cause great waterflows in the Yampa River, the Colorado River, the Rio Grande, the Arkansas River, Cherry Creek, the North Platte River, and the South Platte River.

Colorado (engl. [ˌkɑləˈɹɑːdoʊ̯] oder [ˌkɑləˈɹæɾoʊ̯]) ist ein Bundesstaat im westlichen bis zentralen Teil der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika.Als Teil der Mountain States von der Gebirgskette der Rocky Mountains durchzogen, ist Colorado mit einer mittleren Höhe von 2073 Metern der höchstgelegene Bundesstaat der USA.. Der Jahrhundert-Staat, Centennial State, ging 1876. The Rocky Mountains within Colorado contain about 53 peaks that are 14,000 feet (4,267 m) or higher in elevation above sea level, known as fourteeners.[12] These mountains are largely covered with trees such as conifers and aspens up to the tree line, at an elevation of about 12,140 feet (3,700 m) in southern Colorado to about 10,500 feet (3,200 m) in northern Colorado. Above this only alpine vegetation grows. Only small parts of the Colorado Rockies are snow-covered year round. Some defense corporations have left or downsized city campuses, but slight growth has been recorded. Significant defense corporations in the city include Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, L3Harris Technologies, SAIC, ITT, Lockheed Martin .[59][60][61] The Space Foundation is based in Colorado Springs.[citation needed]

The largest denominations by number of adherents in 2010 were the Catholic Church with 811,630; non-denominational Evangelical Protestants with 229,981; and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with 142,473.[47] The Colorado was revealed at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show and went on sale in June 2012 in both Australia and New Zealand, sourced from the Rayong factory in Thailand. In Australia and New Zealand the Colorado is badged as a "Holden." Only one engine is offered, the 2.8L turbo diesel, built by GM in the Rayong Factory. It is available in four trim levels: DX (single cab chassis only), LX (chassis only), LT and LTZ. Single cab and crew cab models are available as either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.[23]

Denver International Airport (IATA: DEN, ICAO: KDEN), commonly known as DIA or DEN, serves as the primary airport for the Front Range Urban Corridor surrounding Denver. DIA is 18.6 miles (30 km) east-northeast of the Colorado State Capitol. DIA is the 20th busiest airport in the world and ranks 5th in the United States, with 64,494,613 passengers passing through it in 2018.[176] It covers more than 53 square miles (137.3 km2), making it the largest airport by land area in the United States and larger than the island of Manhattan.[177][178] Denver serves as a major hub for United Airlines, is the headquarters and primary hub for Frontier Airlines, and is a major focus city and the fastest-growing market for Southwest Airlines. Denver has also enjoyed success as a pioneer in the fast-casual restaurant industry, with many popular national chain restaurants founded and based in Denver. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Quiznos, and Smashburger were founded and headquartered in Denver. Qdoba Mexican Grill, Noodles & Company, and Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard originated in Denver, but have moved their headquarters to the suburbs of Wheat Ridge, Broomfield, and Golden, respectively. In World War II the United States Army Air Forces leased land adjacent to the municipal airfield, naming it Peterson Field in December 1942. This was only one of several military presences in and around Colorado Springs during the war.[27][28] Later 2015 Colorado and Canyon models offered 4G LTE Wi-Fi capabilities through the OnStar system, standard on higher trim levels, and optional on lower trim levels. For 2016, trucks equipped with the eight-inch MyLink or GMC IntelliLink touchscreen infotainment system received standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration. Colorado északkeleti részén; Denver (Montbello), Green Valley Ranch, Park Hill és Colfax Park területén afro-amerikai közösségek élnek már hosszú ideje. Az államnak jelentős számú ázsiai-amerikai; kínai, Fülöp-szigeteki, koreai, délkelet-ázsiai és japán származású népessége van. Denver metropolita körzete liberálisabb és sokszínűbb mint az állam más részei.

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In 1970, Denver was selected to host the 1976 Winter Olympics to coincide with Colorado's centennial celebration, but in November 1972, Colorado voters struck down ballot initiatives allocating public funds to pay for the high costs of the games. They were moved to Innsbruck, Austria.[46] The notoriety of becoming the only city ever to decline to host an Olympiad after being selected has made subsequent bids difficult. The movement against hosting the games was based largely on environmental issues and was led by State Representative Richard Lamm. He was subsequently elected to three terms (1975–87) as Colorado governor.[47] Denver explored a potential bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics,[48] but no bid was submitted.[49] The Chevrolet Colorado and its twin, the GMC Canyon were jointly designed by GM's North American operations, GM's Brazil operations, and Isuzu. Isuzu, which participated in the design process, began selling its own version worldwide in 2002.[2] In late 2005, Isuzu offered a version in North America called the Isuzu i-series. This North American model Isuzu shared North American powertrains, styling, and equipment with the Colorado/Canyon twins and differed from Isuzu's worldwide offering. All Chevrolet, GMC, and Isuzu versions worldwide are based on the GMT355, itself the basis for the GMT 345-based Hummer H3. Most vehicles for markets outside North America are manufactured at a GM plant in Rayong, Thailand, as well as at a GM plant in São José dos Campos, Brazil. All North American-market vehicles were manufactured by Shreveport Operations. Texas je štát Spojených štátov amerických, ktorý sa pripojil v roku 1845 ako 28. člen federácie. Hlavným mestom je Austin, najväčším mestom je Houston.S rozlohou 678,051 km² a počtom obyvateľov 25 145 561 (sčítanie 2010) žijúcich v 254 okresoch štátu sa zaraďuje Texas medzi druhý najväčší a druhý najľudnatejší štát USA

Denver is home to a variety of sports teams and is one of 13 U.S. cities with teams from four major sports (the Denver metro area is the smallest metropolitan area to have a team in all four major sports). Including MLS soccer, it is one of 10 cities to have five major sports teams. The Denver Broncos of the National Football League have drawn crowds of over 70,000 since their origins in the early 1960s, and continue to draw fans today to their current home Empower Field at Mile High. The Broncos have sold out every home game (except for strike-replacement games) since 1970.[110] The Broncos have advanced to eight Super Bowls and won back-to-back titles in 1997 and 1998, and won again in 2015. The human history of Colorado extends back more than 14,000 years. The region that is today the state of Colorado was first inhabited by Native American people.The Lindenmeier Site in Larimer County, Colorado, is a Folsom culture archaeological site with artifacts dating from approximately 8710 BCE.. When explorers, early trappers, hunters, and gold miners visited and settled in Colorado, the. For the initial launch, the Colorado was available with either a 2.5 L Ecotec I4 engine or the 3.6 L LFX V6 engine.[31] The 2.8 L Duramax LWN turbodiesel engine was added in 2016,[31] and is a first for its class ever in the US market. It is also available in three cab configurations: extended cab with a 6.2 ft (1.9 m) bed, crew cab with a 5.2 ft (1.6 m) bed, or crew cab with a 6.2 ft (1.9 m) bed, with four-wheel drive being optional.[31] In 1854, Senator Stephen A. Douglas persuaded the U.S. Congress to divide the unorganized territory east of the Continental Divide into two new organized territories, the Territory of Kansas and the Territory of Nebraska, and an unorganized southern region known as the Indian territory. Each new territory was to decide the fate of slavery within its boundaries, but this compromise merely served to fuel animosity between free soil and pro-slavery factions.

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The Dragon Boat Festival in July, Moon Festival in September and Chinese New Year are annual events in Denver for the Chinese and Asian-American communities. Chinese hot pot (huo guo) and Korean BBQ restaurants have been growing in popularity. The Denver area has 2 Chinese newspapers, the Chinese American Post and the Colorado Chinese News.[108] Of the many production and fabrication mills that once existed on the site, only the steel production (electric furnaces, used for scrap recycling), rail, rod, bar, and seamless tube mills are still in operation. The wire mill was sold in the late 1990s to Davis Wire, which still produces products such as fence and nails under the CF&I brand name. The city of Grand Junction, Colorado, is the largest city on the Western Slope, Grand Junction and Durango are the only major centers of television broadcasting west of the Continental Divide in Colorado. Most mountain resort communities publish daily newspapers. Higher education on the Western Slope can be found at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Western State College of Colorado in Gunnison, Fort Lewis College in Durango and Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs and Steamboat Springs. On November 6, 2012, voters amended the state constitution to protect "personal use" of marijuana for adults, establishing a framework to regulate cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol. The first recreational marijuana shops in Colorado, and by extension the United States, opened their doors on January 1, 2014.[69]

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Frisco Colorado Barbecue Challenge. Frisco was the location of the first official state BBQ challenge in 1993. The event is held annually, and benefits non-profits. In the last fifteen years, the event has raised over $500,000. Notable people. Notable individuals who were born in or have lived in Frisco include Colorado is an amazing state with most diverse geographical landscape. We have gathered wide range of Colorado Facts for Kids that will help you in learning all about Colorado. A wide range of topics have been covered so that you kids can have an overall overview of the state.Do let us know in the comment section if anything is missing or what you think about the state of Colorado A Front Range a legkeletibb nyúlvány, s a Sangre de Cristo-hegység mentén dél felé nyúlik, s egy hegyfalat képez amely a Sziklás-hegységet elválasztja a Great Plains régiójától. A Front Range legmagasabb csúcsa a 4300 méter magas Pike Peak. A Front Range-től nyugatra a Park Range húzódik, amely északon egészen Wyoming határáig s Colorado középső részén pedig az Arkansas folyóig. A Park Range-től délre a Sawatch Range emelkedik, melynek legmagasabb csúcsa a Mount Elbert 4401,3 méter magas. A San Juan-hegység a Colorado Rockies délnyugati nyúlványa. Colorado (anglicky Colorado River, španělsky Río Colorado znamená Barevná řeka) je řeka na jihozápadě Severní Ameriky převážně v USA, kde protéká státy Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Kalifornie, přičemž tvoří hranici mezi Nevadou a Arizonou, a mezi Arizonou a Kalifornií.Dolním tokem zasahuje do Mexika, kde tvoří hranici států Baja California, Sonora Colorado je tiež preslávené zločinom. V 19. storočí tu vyčíňalo veľa lúpežníckych bánd a krajina bola známa svojou anarchiou. 28. februára 1861 bolo Colorado pripojené k USA ako pridružené teritórium. Ale federálna vláda tu prakticky nemala vplyv

O Colorado limita-se ao norte com Wyoming, a leste com o Kansas, ao sul com Oklahoma e Novo México, no extremo sudoeste com o Arizona, e a oeste com Utah. Com quase 270 mil quilômetros quadrados[5], é o oitavo maior estado americano em área do país. The University of Colorado Boulder is a bold, innovative community of scholars and learners who accelerate human potential to solve the humanitarian, social and technological challenges of our time. Come to CU Boulder and discover what you can be In 2008, Professional Bull Riders (PBR) moved its corporate headquarters to Pueblos this became the site of their world headquarters based at the Historic Arkansas River Project.[50] located bordering the Union Avenue Historic Commercial District. Colorado/Canyon U.S. sales peaked in 2005 at 163,204 units, surpassing the perennial segment leader, the Ford Ranger, by almost 35% and just 3.3% behind the new best-seller, the Toyota Tacoma. In 2006, however, while still leading the Ford pickup by 27.5%, Colorado/Canyon's sales lagged their Toyota competitor's by almost 34%. One 2005 Canyon owned by successful U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown became famous as it was widely featured in his TV advertisements.[4] The average amount of time people spend commuting on public transit in Denver and Boulder, Colorado—for example, to and from work, on a weekday—is 77 minutes; 31% of public transit riders ride for more than 2 hours every day. The average amount of time people wait at a stop or station for public transit is 14 minutes, while 25% of riders wait for over 20 minutes, on average, every day. The average distance people usually ride in a single trip with public transit is 6.96 miles (11.20 km), while 31% travel over 7.46 miles (12.01 km) in a single direction.[175]

In May 2019, Denver became the first U.S. city to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms after an initiative passed with 50.6% of the vote. The measure prohibits Denver from using any resources to prosecute adults over 21 for personal use of psilocybin mushrooms, though such use remains illegal under state and federal law.[132][133] Colorado (anglická výslovnost [kɒləˈrædoʊ] IPA nebo [kɒləˈrɑːdoʊ] IPA, oficiálně State of Colorado) je stát nacházející se v centrální části Spojených států amerických, v oblasti horských států v západním regionu USA.Colorado, jeden ze států Čtyř rohů, hraničí na severu s Wyomingem, na severovýchodě s Nebraskou, na východě s Kansasem, na jihovýchodě.

The main industry in Pueblo for most of its history was the Colorado Fuel and Iron (CF&I) Steel Mill on the south side of town. For nearly a century the CF&I was the largest employer in the state of Colorado. The steel-market crash of 1982 led to the decline of the company. After several bankruptcies, the company was acquired by Oregon Steel Mills and changed its name to Rocky Mountain Steel Mills. The company was plagued with labor problems, mostly due to accusations of unfair labor practices. This culminated with a major strike in 1997, leading to most of the workforce being replaced. Colorado Springs is home to the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and the headquarters of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Major religious affiliations of the people of Colorado are 64% Christian, of whom there are 44% Protestants, 19% Roman Catholics, 3% Latter Day Saint/Mormon,[45] 2% Jews, 1% Muslim, 1% Buddhist and 0.5% Hindu. The religiously unaffiliated make up 25% of the population.[46]

Some of these districts have authority to levy sales tax and well as property tax and use fees. This has led to a hodgepodge of sales tax and property tax rates in Colorado. There are some street intersections in Colorado with a different sales tax rate on each corner, sometimes substantially different. Os primeiros nativos norte-americanos que viviam no Colorado foram os anasazis, cerca de um milênio antes da chegada dos primeiros exploradores europeus na região. À época da chegada dos primeiros exploradores europeus na região, viviam no atual Colorado os arapahos, os cheyennes, os comanches, os kiowas e os pawnees, na região leste, e os utes, no oeste. Milhares de nativos, de tribos diferentes do leste norte-americano, passariam pela região durante o século XIX, quando foram forçados a sair do leste e migrar em direção ao oeste. Durante o inverno, as planícies do Colorado registram uma temperatura média de -2 °C, enquanto que nas Montanhas Rochosas, em geral, a média é de -8°C. A média das mínimas é de -9 °C nas planícies, e de -12 °C nas Montanhas Rochosas, enquanto a média das máximas é de 7 °C nas planícies e de 2 °C nas Montanhas Rochosas. A menor temperatura já registrada no Colorado foi de -52 °C, registrada em Maybell, em 1 de fevereiro de 1985. A 2011 study by Walk Score ranked Colorado Springs 34th most walkable of fifty largest U.S. cities.[184]

Colorado Western Slopeedit

Apesar disto, a população do Colorado, situado entre a costa leste e oeste dos Estados Unidos, continuou a crescer, graças ao setor de transportes. Os efeitos da depressão econômica no setor de mineração foram drasticamente reduzidos com a descoberta de minas de ouro. Além disso, ainda na década de 1890, a economia do Colorado já estava iniciando a diversificar-se. A agricultura tornou-se uma fonte de renda de crescente importância do estado - em sua maior parte seca, de clima semiárido - graças a avanços tecnológicos como a irrigação. Em 1902, iniciou-se a construção de uma ferrovia ao longo das Montanhas Rochosas (popularmente chamada de Grande Divisória). A inauguração desta ferrovia tornou Denver um dos centros de transportes mais importantes do país, e um grande polo ferroviário. A primeira estação de rádio do Colorado foi fundada em 1921, em Greeley. A primeira estação de televisão do estado foi fundada em 1952, em Denver. Atualmente, o Colorado possui 151 estações de rádio - dos quais 59 são AM e 92 são FM - e 18 estações de televisão. Colorado Springs is one of the most active lightning strike areas in the United States. This natural phenomenon led Nikola Tesla to select Colorado Springs as the preferred location to build his lab and study electricity.[40] Em 1893, a economia dos Estados Unidos entrou em recessão. O governo decidiu parar de comprar prata, preferindo usar em seu lugar metais mais baratos - ou comprar prata de baixa qualidade, de outros estados no leste, mais próximos ao centro populacional e econômico do país. Os preços de prata baixaram drasticamente. Assim sendo, a recessão afetou gravemente o Colorado, que dependia muito da indústria de mineração de prata. Mineradoras, por causa da queda dos preços, passaram a enfrentar prejuízos, e muitas fecharam as portas, causando desemprego e depressão econômica geral no estado.

James Beckwourth, George Simpson, and other trappers such as Mathew Kinkead, claimed to have helped construct the plaza that became known as El Pueblo around 1842.[15] According to accounts of residents who traded at the plaza (including that of George Simpson), the Fort Pueblo Massacre happened sometime between December 23 and December 25, 1854, by a war party of Utes and Jicarilla Apaches under the leadership of Tierra Blanca, a Ute chief.[16] They allegedly killed between fifteen and nineteen men, as well as captured two children and one woman.[17] The trading post was abandoned after the raid, but it became important again between 1858 and 1859 during the Colorado Gold Rush of 1859.[18] The 6-speed manual transmission was discontinued during the 2019 model year and is no longer available in the Colorado or Canyon.[32] Major philanthropic organizations based in Colorado, include the Daniels Fund, the Anschutz Family Foundation, the Gates Family Foundation, the El Pomar Foundation and the Boettcher Foundation grant each year from approximately $7 billion[78] of assets. Colorado Springs is primarily served by two interstate highways. I-25 runs north and south through Colorado, and traverses the city for nearly 18 miles (29 km), entering the city south of Circle Drive and exiting north of North Gate Boulevard. In El Paso County it is known as Ronald Reagan Highway.[nb 3] US 24 runs across the central mountains, through the city, and onto the plains. From west to east in Colorado Springs, US 24 includes the western portion of Cimarron Street and the Midland Expressway, a 2 miles (3.2 km) concurrent section with I-25/US 87 between exits 139 and 141, part of Fountain Blvd, an expressway called the Martin Luther King Bypass, part of South Powers Blvd (where it is concurrent with Colorado 21), and the easternmost portion of Platte Avenue out of the city.[citation needed] The Colorado/Canyon offer both manual and automatic transmissions. GM also offers either a rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive drivetrain with standard, extended, and four-door crew cab body styles. Most models come with the 2.8 L (171 cu in) LK5 I4 engine as standard, but a more powerful 3.5 I5 comes with the Z71 package on four-door versions and is optional on all others. The 4-door Z71s also get the 4-speed automatic transmission standard. This package was later dropped in favor of LT2 and LT3.

File:Uranium waste near Rifle, ColoradoFile:A460, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA

West of the plains and foothillsedit

The Western Slope of Colorado is drained by the Colorado River and its tributaries (primarily the Green River and the San Juan River), or by evaporation in its arid areas. Prominent in the southwestern area of the Western Slope is the Grand Mesa and the high San Juan Mountains, a rugged mountain range, and to the west of the San Juan Mountains, the Colorado Plateau, a high arid region that borders Southern Utah. The Colorado River flows through Glenwood Canyon and then through an arid valley made up of desert from Rifle to Parachute, through the desert canyon of De Beque Canyon, and into the arid desert of Grand Valley, of which the city of Grand Junction is located. The Chevrolet Colorado and its counterpart, the GMC Canyon, is a series of compact and later mid-size pickup trucks marketed by American automaker General Motors. They were introduced in 2004 to replace the Chevrolet S-10 and GMC S-15/Sonoma compact pickups. It is named for the U.S. state of Colorado. Along with rival Ford Ranger, the GM twins were the last compact pickup trucks on sale until 2012. O nome do estado provém da palavra espanhola colorado, que significa "colorado", ou "de cor vermelha". Os primeiros exploradores de ascendência europeia a explorar a região foram os espanhóis, que nomearam o rio Colorado com este nome. Este rio, que corta muito do atual Colorado, foi assim nomeado por causa do terreno vermelho do vale onde o rio está situado. Posteriormente, o estado receberia o mesmo nome.

Chase Headley - WikipediaFile:Allosaurus skull, Dinosaur National Monument

Colorado has more than 100 mountain peaks that reach over 4,000 meters (13,123 ft) in height. Colorado is the only U.S. state that lies above 1,000 meters (3,281 ft) in height. Colorado has the highest average elevation of any state at 6,800 ft. It borders New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming Boulder (/ ˈ b oʊ l d ər /) is the home rule municipality that is the county seat and the most populous municipality of Boulder County, Colorado, United States.It is the state's 11th-most-populous municipality; Boulder is located at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 5,430 feet (1,655 m) above sea level. The city is 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Denver Ault, Colorado Ault; Osnovni podaci Država Sjedinjene Američke Države: Savezna država Kolorado: Okrug: Veld: Stanovništvo Stanovništvo (2010) 1.519 Gustina stanovništva 89,4 st./km² Geografija Koordinate Vremenska zona UTC-6, leti UTC-5: Nadmorska visin The second period of annexations was during 1889–90, and included Seavey's Addition, West Colorado Springs, East End, and another North End addition.[22] In 1891 the Broadmoor Land Company built the Broadmoor suburb, which included the Broadmoor Casino, and by December 12, 1895, the city had "four Mining Exchanges and 275 mining brokers."[24] By 1898, the city was designated into quadrants by the north-south Cascade Avenue and the east-west Washington/Pike's Peak avenues.[23]:10 Boulder, Colorado was named America's Foodiest Town 2010 by Bon Appétit.[51] Boulder, and Colorado in general, is home to a number of national food and beverage companies, top-tier restaurants and farmers' markets. Boulder, Colorado also has more Master Sommeliers per capita than any other city, including San Francisco and New York.[52]

Denver has several additional professional teams. In 2006 Denver established a Major League Lacrosse team, the Denver Outlaws. They play in Empower Field at Mile High. In 2006, the Denver Outlaws won the Western Conference Championship, and then went on to become 2014 MLL Champions, eight years later. The Colorado Mammoth of the National Lacrosse League play at the Pepsi Center. The 2000 United States Census found that 10.5% of people aged five and over in Colorado speak only Spanish at home, with the 2009 estimate being roughly 14%. Colorado also has a large immigration presence all throughout the state, which has led to Colorado cities being referred to as "Sanctuary Cities" for illegal immigrants as well. Colorado has the 4th highest percentage of undocumented people in the U.S., only behind Nevada, Arizona, California, and tied with Texas. An estimated 5.5–6.0% of the state's population is composed of illegal immigrants. Also, over 20% of the state's prisoners are undocumented inmates.[38][39] Colorado, like New Mexico, is very rich in archaic Spanish idioms.[40] The Denver MSA has a gross metropolitan product of $157.6 billion in 2010, making it the 18th largest metro economy in the United States.[88] Denver's economy is based partially on its geographic position and its connection to some of the country's major transportation systems. Because Denver is the largest city within 500 miles (800 km), it has become a natural location for storage and distribution of goods and services to the Mountain States, Southwest states, as well as all western states. Another benefit for distribution is that Denver is nearly equidistant from large cities of the Midwest, such as Chicago and St. Louis and some large cities of the West Coast, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Geography also allows Denver to have a considerable government presence, with many federal agencies based or having offices in the Denver area. Along with federal agencies come many companies based on US defense and space projects, and more jobs are brought to the city by virtue of its being the capital of the state of Colorado. The Denver area is home to the former nuclear weapons plant Rocky Flats, the Denver Federal Center, Byron G. Rogers Federal Building and United States Courthouse, the Denver Mint, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The Denver Metropolitan Area is served by a variety of media outlets in print, radio, television, and the Internet.

The summit of Mount Elbert at 14,440 feet (4,401.2 m) elevation in Lake County is the highest point in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains of North America.[7] Colorado is the only U.S. state that lies entirely above 1000 meters elevation. The point where the Arikaree River flows out of Yuma County, Colorado, and into Cheyenne County, Kansas, is the lowest point in Colorado at 3,317 feet (1,011 m) elevation. This point, which holds the distinction of being the highest low elevation point of any state,[8][9] is higher than the high elevation points of 18 states and the District of Columbia. A Déli Sziklás-hegység avagy Coloradói sziklás-hegység (Colorado Rockies) öt hegygerincből áll: a Front Range, a Sangre de Cristo-hegység, a Park Range, a Sawatch Range és a San Juan-hegység. In summer, this area can have many days above 95 °F (35 °C) and often 100 °F (38 °C).[14] On the plains, the winter lows usually range from 25 to −10 °F (−4 to −23 °C). About 75% of the precipitation falls within the growing season, from April to September, but this area is very prone to droughts. Most of the precipitation comes from thunderstorms, which can be severe, and from major snowstorms that occur in the winter and early spring. Otherwise, winters tend to be mostly dry and cold.[15] Colorado Springs is a home rule municipality that is the largest city by area in Colorado as well as the county seat and the most populous municipality of El Paso County, Colorado, United States. It is in east central Colorado, on Fountain Creek, 60 miles (97 km) south of Denver. At 6,035 feet (1,839 m) the city stands over 1 mile (1.6 km) above sea level, though some areas are significantly higher and lower. Colorado Springs is near the base of Pikes Peak, which rises 14,115 feet (4,302 m) above sea level on the eastern edge of the Southern Rocky Mountains. Colorado is one of four states to legalize both the medicinal (2000) and recreational (2014) use of marijuana.

Extreme weatheredit

The Chevrolet Colorado and its counterpart, the GMC Canyon, is a series of compact and later mid-size pickup trucks marketed by American automaker General Motors.They were introduced in 2004 to replace the Chevrolet S-10 and GMC S-15/Sonoma compact pickups. It is named for the U.S. state of Colorado.Along with rival Ford Ranger, the GM twins were the last compact pickup trucks on sale until 2012 Much of the alpine snow melts by mid-August with the exception of a few snowcapped peaks and a few small glaciers. The Colorado Mineral Belt, stretching from the San Juan Mountains in the southwest to Boulder and Central City on the front range, contains most of the historic gold- and silver-mining districts of Colorado. Mount Elbert is the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains. The 30 highest major summits of the Rocky Mountains of North America all lie within the state. Colorado is capable of using a special attack which involves themselves, and the second and third battleship in the fleet. There is currently an ongoing bug with Colorado's Special Cut-in attack, in which if the 2nd Ship has 5 equipment slots, the 5th Slot's item (If AP Shell/Radar) will be counted again as a separate multiplier for the 3rd Ship's total multiplier

Natural resourcesedit

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 194.6 square miles (504.1 km2), of which 194.6 square miles (503.9 km2) is land and 0.35 square miles (0.9 km2), or 0.19%, is water.[35] On October 31, 2011, it was announced The University of Denver in Denver would host the first of three 2012 presidential debates to be held on October 3, 2012.[137] Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, home of the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer club. A primeira instituição de educação superior do Colorado foi fundada em 1864. Esta instituição era chamada Colorado Seminary, que é a atual Universidade de Denver. Atualmente, o Colorado possui 76 instituições de educação superior, dos quais 28 são públicas e 48 são privadas. O sistema público de educação superior do Colorado é a Universidade Estadual do Colorado, em Fort Collins, fundada em 1876. A Universidade do Colorado, criada em 1912, também é uma universidade pública, presente nas cidades de Boulder, Colorado Springs e Denver.

West of the plains and foothills, the weather of Colorado is much less uniform. Even places a few miles apart can experience entirely different weather depending on the topography of the area. Most valleys have a semi-arid climate, which becomes an alpine climate at higher elevations. Humid microclimates also exist in some areas. Generally, the wettest season in western Colorado is winter while June is the driest month. Starting with the 2020 model year, both the 2WD Z71 Extended Cab and 2WD Z71 Crew Cab Long Box models will be removed from the lineup, along with the RST and Redline edition, as both will be combined with the Luxury edition.[33] Os três maiores grupos étnicos do Colorado são alemães (que formam 22% da população), irlandeses (12,2%) e ingleses (12%). Pessoas de ascendência alemã formam o maior grupo étnico, estando presentes em todo o estado, especialmente nas Cadeias Frontais e nas Grandes Planícies. Pessoas de ascendência britânica formam o maior grupo étnico na região oeste das Montanhas Rochosas.

Denver and surrounding cities are home to a large number of local and national breweries. Many of the region's restaurants have on-site breweries, and some larger brewers offer tours, including Coors and New Belgium Brewing Company. The city also welcomes visitors from around the world when it hosts the annual Great American Beer Festival each fall. Denver has numerous art districts around the city, including Denver's Art District on Santa Fe and the River North Art District (RiNo).[105] According to several studies, Coloradans have the lowest rates of obesity of any state in the US.[48] As of 2007, 18% of the population was considered medically obese, and while the lowest in the nation, the percentage had increased from 17% from 2004. Former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter commented: "As an avid fisherman and bike rider, I know first-hand that Colorado provides a great environment for active, healthy lifestyles," although he highlighted the need for continued education and support to slow the growth of obesity in the state.[49] Denver lies within the semi-arid, continental climate zone (Köppen climate classification: BSk).[58] Despite having a partially dry climate, data from the University of Melbourne shows that Denver is influenced by other climates that are possibly a consequence of the adjacent elevation that changes precipitation and temperature. Humid continental and subtropical microclimates can be found.[59][60] It has four distinct seasons and receives most of its precipitation from April through August. Due to its inland location on the High Plains, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the region can be subject to sudden changes in weather.[61] Las Animas is the Statutory City that is the county seat and the only incorporated municipality in Bent County, Colorado, United States.[8] The city population was 2,410 at the 2010 United States.[9] Las Animas is located on the Arkansas River, just west of its confluence with the Purgatoire River (or Purgatory River), in southeast Colorado east of Pueblo, near the historic Bent's Fort.

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