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Stanley Stan Marsh is one of South Park's main characters along with Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. Stan attends South Park Elementary as part of Mr. Garrison's Fourth Grade Class (formerly Third). Stan's father Randy is a geologist, and his mother Sharon is a secretary at Tom's Rhinoplasty. He briefly had a step-father in Clubhouses, named Roy Here is a list of all the groundling marsh characters. Galileo - He is a young leader elf-like groundling who has orange-yellow skin. He has purple hair with a ponytail. He built Stacks with junk that humans threw in the marsh. Galileo's last name will be Swampson, He would call himself a Native American, He is getting a love crush on Maggie, His had his little sister named Vilma All 32 novels feature Chief Inspector Alleyn (later Chief Superintendent) of the Criminal Investigation Department, Metropolitan Police (London). The series is chronological: published and probably written in order of the fictional history.[20]

Bowen Marsh was the First Steward at Castle Black, a senior position within the Night's Watch. Bowen Marsh is the First Steward of the Night's Watch, based at Castle Black. He is in charge of the day-to-day running of the Night's Watch, dealing with issues of supplies, funding, logistics and communications. He hails from House Marsh, a noble crannogmen family of the Neck sworn to House Reed Marsh was born in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, where she also died. The origin of the name "Ngaio" is a Maori word which is the name of a flowering tree and also the name of an insect found in New Zealand. Her father neglected to register her birth until 1900 and there is some uncertainty about the date.[2] She was the only child of Rose and bank clerk Henry Marsh, described by Marsh as "have-nots".[3] Her mother's sister Ruth married the geologist, lecturer, and curator Robert Speight.[4] Ngaio Marsh was educated at St Margaret's College in Christchurch, where she was one of the first students when the school was founded. She studied painting at the Canterbury College (NZ) School of Art before joining the Allan Wilkie company as an actress in 1916 and touring New Zealand.[1] For a short time in 1921 she joined the Rosemary Rees English Comedy Company, a touring company formed by actor-manager Rosemary Rees.[5] From 1928 she divided her time between living in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.[6] From 1928 to 1932 she operated an interior decorating business in Knightsbridge, London.[7] The Marsh Plush was a common toy that was released in 2018. It was obtainable through buying gifts from Santa, but now it is only available through trading with other players. The Marsh Plush's appearance is a large white marshmallow wearing round glasses

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Beverly is portrayed in the 1990 miniseries by Emily Perkins as a child and Annette O'Toole as an adult. This interpretation remains fairly faithful to the novel. Perkins' portrayal of Beverly was met with a relatively positive reception, however O'Toole's portrayal was met with a more negative reception.[4] Marsh was born in Truro, Cornwall and raised in Sennen, a Cornish village, and Woolwich, a district in southeast London. In Woolwich, he lived in a "miserable council flat" with his family.[2] Back to Terrain Unlike in Civilization V, Marshes are more useful for a city. They now provide+1 Food (instead of subtracting it), making them helpful for promoting Population growth. They receive+1 Production from the Lady of Reeds and Marshes pantheon, and there are some interesting resources, such as Sugar, that are often found on Marsh tiles. They can also be used to construct Mont St. Marsh & McLennan is the world's leading professional services firm in the areas of risk, strategy and people. Special Webcast: Coronavirus Planning, Response, and Recovery. Outbreaks, Epidemics, and Pandemics: Preparedness and Response Strategies. Davos Briefing Book. Martine Ferland on Building a Sustainable Workforce. The Top Risks CEOs Face Randy seems to want to live his life through Stan to an extend, but also to prevent Stan from his failures. In "Something You Can Do with Your Finger", Randy was enraged at Stan attempting to form a boy band, because he first hand had a taste of fame and failure from it. In "Stanley's Cup", Randy woke up from a nightmare of Stan missing the winning shot in his pee-wee hockey game, and was emotionally unstable at the end when Stan's team lost to the Red Wings.

Marsh of Mystery is the sixtieth episode of the Disney Junior animated series The Lion Guard. It premiered on September 15, 2019 and is the fifth episode in the third season. At the marsh, Kion and the Lion Guard explore the habitat to which Anga explains that the next moja kwa moja stone should be near the ledge. On their way to the stone, the Lion Guard hears someone yelling Get them to. Stan shows his leader skills as (Pirate) Captain Marsh of the "Sea Shepard" in "Whale Whores". He sinks several of the Japanese boats to protect the whales and dolphins in the Ocean, until their boat was hit by Japanese kamikaze planes. Stan is often selected to be the captain of assorted sporting events such as captain and pitcher of the baseball team in "The Losing Edge" and captain/quarterback in football as seen in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride". When the boys are playing police in "Lil' Crime Stoppers", Stan acts in the role of a lead detective during the investigations. Although there is no specific leader within his primary group of friends, Stan is often the one to motivate the other boys, due to his moral beliefs, as seen in episodes such as Fun with Veal.

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Wendy dumps Stan for Token in "Raisins", which drives Stan into a state of depression and even causes him to briefly join a local goth clique. After this, the two spent two seasons barely on speaking terms and rarely saw each other eye-to-eye. However, the two still had feelings for each other lingering in the air, as seen in "Follow That Egg!", in which Stan worries about getting paired with Wendy on a school project and is jealous when she ends up paired with Kyle. However, at the end of "The List", the Season Eleven finale, the two both work together to expose the secret corruption of Wendy's school list-making society and ultimately reconcile at the end, in a near copy of the end scene of "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe": Wendy is about to kiss him, when he vomits in her face. This was the last time he threw up on her, even when she kissed him a few times later in the series. Violation of Firearm Laws/Threatening with a deadly weapon: In Mystery of the Urinal Deuce, Stan held Kyle's head at gunpoint and began to threaten him before revealing that he was the one who defecated in the school urinal simply to avoid missing out on recess, He was eventually punished by Mr. Mackey for it. The Marsh Cave is a location from the original Final Fantasy.Located southwest of Elfheim, it is full of monsters.It is a dark and maze-like cave with pillars of stone dividing levels into sections, and the Warriors of Light must often enter hollow rooms in the cave to get around these barriers. After the Warriors of Light obtain the Mystic Key, they can return to open the last sealed doors on. Marsh & McLennan Companies is composed of two primary business segments: Risk and Insurance Services, and Consulting.[23] In the original Christmas short, he had a different appearance; his hat was the same, but it was fully red, he also had a dot as a nose and his jacket was blue.

However, in "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants", Cartman declares that he hates Stan because Stan loves animals. Even so, In "Trapped in the Closet", all three boys de-friend Stan after he becomes the leader of Scientology. As the boys leave, Cartman turns to Stan and says, "I still hate Kyle more than you". The two can also be said to be friends because they admitted to "being friends" in front of the home school kids. In "Die Hippie, Die", he was seen playing a guitar. He was also seen playing a guitar in "Smug Alert!", where he wrote and performed a song about the importance of hybrid cars. Jeff Swampy Marsh (born December 9, 1960) is an American animator, writer, director, producer, and voice actor associated with several animated television series, most notably as an executive producer and the voice of Major Monogram for Disney's animated series Phineas and Ferb and Milo Murphy's Law, both of which he co-created with Dan Povenmire.. Mugmyre Marsh is the first released Realm of The Expanse. Its main purpose is to allow players to forage for resources and find treasure chests. Mugmyre Marsh is a large, swamp-like area where most of the game's resources are found. The realm is characterized by large trees, glowing mushrooms, steep hills, various plants and bodies of water, and more. Most of Mugmyre Marsh is made up of mud. Stan Marsh seen in South Park.. Stan Marsh is one of the foul-mouthed, main protagonists in the animated series South Park, with his friends: Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick.Stan is voiced by the series co-creator, Trey Parker, in the original TV animated series from the real world and Pamela Hayden in his appearance on The Simpsons

Marsh's great passion was the theatre.[1] In 1942 she produced a modern-dress Hamlet for the Canterbury University College Drama Society (now University of Canterbury Dramatic Society Incorporated or Dramasoc[12]), the first of many Shakespearean productions with the society until 1969. In 1944, Hamlet and a production of Othello toured a theatre-starved New Zealand to rapturous acclaim. In 1949, assisted by entrepreneur Dan O'Connor, her student players toured Australia with a new version of Othello and Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author. In the 1950s she was involved with the New Zealand Players, a relatively short-lived national professional touring repertory company. In 1972 she was invited by the Christchurch City Council to direct Shakespeare's Henry V, the inaugural production for the opening of the newly constructed James Hay Theatre in Christchurch; she made the unusual choice of casting two male leads, who alternated on different nights. Stan is often very moral. This is evident in "Cherokee Hair Tampons", when he, Kenny, Timmy, and Butters challenged the character Miss Information and her shop of alternative medicine, in "Super Best Friends", when he helped battle David Blaine's suicidal cult, and in "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" where he accuses the psychic medium, John Edward, of being a fake. In this episode he also gained possession of his own show (while trying to prove that cold reading was fake) and battled with John Edward in a "Psychic Showdown". Marsh is a young male MudWing and one of Clay's siblings, as well as the second to last hatched dragonet of Cattail. He is currently a student at the Jade Mountain Academy, where he is in the Copper Winglet. Marsh has very dark, mud-brown, nearly black eyes, and has been said to resemble his sister Sora, but slightly more fidgety and nervous. In the graphic novel, he is a paler color and his.

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Black Marsh, also known as Argonia, is one of the nine provinces of Tamriel. It is the home of the Argonians, the reptilian natives of this swampland rainforest. The province is filled with great inland waterways and impenetrable swamps. The Dunmer of neighboring Morrowind used to enter the region for slaves, particularly House Dres. Some time after the Nerevarine left Morrowind, slavery was. Gayle Marsh, nicknamed Psi by authorities, is a former bank robber with incredibly powerful psychic abilities. Gayle tried to continue her robbing spree in National City but was defeated by Supergirl. She later temporarily allied with Supergirl in the battle against Reign. Gayle Marsh was born and raised in Skokie, Illinois, living a seemingly normal and calm life. One day, she apparently. Kimberley Gail Kym Marsh (formerly Ryder, and Lomas born 13 June 1976 in Whiston, Knowsley, Merseyside, England) is an English actress and singer.Marsh grew up in Garswood, Merseyside.. Marsh rose to fame when she and four other contestants won reality TV show Popstars and formed manufactured pop quintet Hear'Say.She is presently most recognisable from her role as Michelle Connor on the long. Marshkit is a little tom. Mother: History In The New Prophecy arc Dawn When ShadowClan are fleeing from their camp, he is with his mother, Tallpoppy, and his sister and brother, Applekit and Toadkit.The three kits then become close friends with Birchkit of ThunderClan during the Great Journey, them being a few of the only surviving kits.Later, an eagle attempts to fly off with Marshkit, but he.

Romney Marsh is a coastal marshland of southern England.It runs from Hythe in Kent to Rye in East Sussex.It covers about 100 miles 2 (260 km 2).Romney Marsh is one of three English wetlands, the others being The Fens of East Anglia and the Somerset Levels.. Much of the area has been reclaimed over the centuries, and is now flat farmland.Before the area was drained, it was a cause of malaria. He is usually the one who is unaffected by the many scams, cults, and mass influences that South Park has been subjected to, and has a knack for seeing through falsely glorified practices and celebrities. In "Trapped in the Closet" and "Ass Burgers", he is the only one of the boys shown to believe in scams, cults, and that an alien makes everyone see things normal. Conversely, sometimes Kyle takes on this role, and it is Stan who is the gullible one, such as in "Chinpokomon", or the metrosexual trend in the episode "South Park is Gay!". In July 2017, Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. was ranked first in Business Insurance's world's largest brokers list.[7]

Man-eating Marsh (Another Dungeon) Treasure Chest Contents; Map Map Name Hard Contents Very Hard Contents 1 Man-eating Marsh Cave Entrance Chest 1. Aquamarine Jelly x3 (59%) Blue Cell x1 (31%) Murmur Script x1- Forest Grove marsh is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. Half of the town is flooded with irradiated water and inhabited by feral ghouls. There is no loot of consequence in the flooded portion of town except the mutated fern flowers which Solomon asks the Sole Survivor to gather in the quest Botany Class. Opening the pub's door near the water on the side of town activates a frag mine In "Band in China", Stan forms a heavy metal band called Crimson Dawn, which consists of him as the lead singer, Kenny as bassist, Butters as guitarist, and Jimmy as drummer. Marsh Tacky is the only horse breed in game where the horse loses a skill point when tiering up (note: this is suspected to be a mistake). T3 Marsh Tacky has level 4 stamina, whereas T4 has a level 3 stamina Most of the novels are set in England, but four are set in New Zealand, with Alleyn either on secondment to the New Zealand police (Colour Scheme, and Died in the Wool), or on holiday (Vintage Murder and Photo Finish); Surfeit of Lampreys begins in New Zealand but continues in London.

Two novels were adapted as television episodes in the 1960s; Death in Ecstasy in 1964 with Geoffrey Keen as Alleyn,[24] and Artists in Crime in 1968 with Michael Allinson as Alleyn.[25] Marsh & McLennan's 2016 revenue of $13.2 billion ranked it #1 on Business Insurance's ranking of the world's largest insurance brokers.[7] Stan has very little contact with his grandmother, due to the fact she is hospitalized with an debilitating illness and also separated from Grandpa Marsh. However, she is an avid Facebook user, and often has her son Randy bully Stan into checking his Facebook in regards to messages and posts she sends him. Sansretour Marsh is a region in Toussaint that's split across the Sansretour River. Locations The Cockatrice Inn, Count de la Croix's Mill, Crane Isle, Filament Stream, Flovive, Marcescent Forest, Toussaint Prison, Tufo Vineyard, Owl Eye Grottos, Valley of the nin In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut and "Eat, Pray, Queef", Stan was shown to be a talented vocalist.

Randy Marsh is the adult protagonist and a major antagonist in the TV show South Park and Stan Marsh's father, appearing for most of the show as a clumsy idiot who causes problems unintentionally. He also appears as the main antagonist of the 23rd season of the show Marsh hatched along with Reed, Sora, Pheasant, Crane, and Umber in the Mud Kingdom. Because Clay was sold to the Talons of Peace by their mother, Cattail, they were raised with Reed as their bigwings. The Marsh Hopper is a common and reoccurring enemy in the Serious Sam series. They are easy to defeat, but swarms of them can quickly overwhelm or even kill the player. Marsh Hoppers are a species of small, amphibious-like aliens about the size of a cat. They inhabit marshy wastelands on their home planet in the system of Rigil Kentaurus. A social and highly territorial species, Marsh Hoppers. Theft: Cartman misled him into stealing a boat which ends up breaking a beaver dam. But this is mostly Cartman's fault.

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Moodymaze Marsh is the third world in Yooka-Laylee. It is mostly a water-themed world that consists of bridges, green fog, and small islands. The world has a large maze as its primary structure. Expanding the world will unlock several more islands for the duo to explore Beverly Marsh is a main character from the It book, written by Stephen King. The book was adapted to a miniseries in 1990 and two films in 2017 and 2019. In the miniseries she was portrayed by Emily Perkins (child) and Annette O' Toole (adult), in the films by Sophia Lillis (child) and Jessica Chastain (adult). Beverly is a member of The Losers Club in Stephen King's IT. She is the only female. The goldfish Aunt Flo gave Stan, and who killed many people, including her and Kenny, and framed his owner, Stan for it. Sharon nearly went insane covering up these murders, in an effort to protect her "precious, handsome little boy".

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  1. In "Christian Rock Hard", the boys formed a rock band, called Moop. The group refused to play their music in a protest of illegal music downloading on the internet.
  2. Illegal Downloading: In Christian Rock Hard, he downloads songs illegally which get him, Kenny, and Kyle arrested. However he never knew this law existed.
  3. The Ngaio Marsh Award is awarded annually for the best New Zealand mystery, crime and thriller fiction writing.[1]
  4. Ronvid of the Small Marsh was a very inept yet persistent young knight intent on defeating 100 knights to prove his honor for Maid Bilberry in 1272. To begin his mission, Ronvid appeared just outside Crow's Perch, trying to dare anyone that crossed his path to a duel
  5. iseries. The scene was reportedly meant to take place in Cary Joji Fukunaga's original screenplay, but was removed once Muschietti became involved.[18][19][20][21][3] O'Toole has admitted to disliking the removal of the Losers' orgy scene in the
  6. "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!"- For sneaking out of his house to go Nebraska with the other boys.
  7. Underage Drinking & Alcoholism: He was given alcohol by a group of people who supposedly had Asperger's Syndrome, because they all literally saw the world as "shit". They consistently make Stan drink to do "missions", and although Stan later said he was through with that group, he still had a bottle of whiskey in his drawer. However he had little other choice because he apparently requires alcohol to cure himself of his cynicism.

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  1. In "Douche and Turd", he is the only kid in the school who finds the option of voting between a giant douche and a turd sandwich "ridiculous", and is beleaguered by Kyle, the school officials and his parents, eventually bringing Puff Daddy to South Park to tell him about the Vote or Die campaign, and then chased Stan around town with a gun and literally told him to "vote or die". He is later banished from town for not voting and is rescued by PETA members, the leader of which tells him that in actuality all elections are between a douche and a turd, which convinces him to go back to town to vote.
  2. Although Kenny and Stan do not seem to share the same bond that Stan and Kyle do, Stan sees Kenny as a close friend. In "Kenny Dies", out of the 3 boys, Stan has the hardest time dealing with Kenny dying, and cannot even bear to see him in the hospital. When Stan finally realizes that Kenny passed on "for good", he feels like he is Kenny's worst friend (until they hear about Cartman's selfishness). The two boys often hang out with one another when Cartman and Kyle get into their arguments and Stan and Kenny don't want to listen to it, such as in "The Passion of the Jew". In "Best Friends Forever", Stan and Kyle fight against Cartman to not have Kenny's feeding tube removed to save Kenny's life.
  3. Marsh of Mystery is the sixtieth episode of The Lion Guard, and the fifth episode of Season 3. Contents Frustrated by the damp marsh, Fuli questions if they really have to go through it, though Kion assures her that they'll be on the other side soon. Anga agrees with Kion, spotting the next Moja Kwa Moja Stone just beyond the edge of the marsh
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In 2005 he directed the film The King which was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.[4] The Blood Marsh. Life is harsh in the Blood Marsh, and this is represented by the hierarchy of the creatures that live there. It is a massive, swampy stretch of land with many caverns, split by rivers and tributaries often utilized for passage and trade. It is a hotbed of blood magic, and venomous creatures can be found in the marsh. History Edi Stan's depression is also a recurring theme throughout the show. He became terribly depressed when Wendy broke up with him in "Raisins", briefly joining the Goth Kids. Stan also became incredibly depressed and adopted a cynical world view in "You're Getting Old" and "Ass Burgers", where everything to him literally sounded and looked "like shit". In "Ass Burgers", he uses alcohol to make the world seem happier.

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In some episodes Stan is shown having a strong hatred for Cartman, even if Cartman isn't doing anything. In "Trapper Keeper" when the cyborg says he has to kill Cartman, Stan asks if he can do it, and prepares to shoot Cartman before the cyborg decides against the idea. Although Stan is much more tolerant of Cartman than Kyle is, he often holds Cartman in very high contempt for his unacceptable behavior. In "Sexual Healing", Stan and Cartman were seen playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 together, hinting that despite Cartman's behaviors, Stan still considers him a "friend". However, in "Bass to Mouth", when Mr. Mackey claimed that Cartman killed himself for being fat when the school faculty "threw him under the bus", Stan was more concerned with keeping Eavesdropper from posting its "biggest story" than with any injuries Cartman may have suffered. "Titties and Dragons"- Stan was grounded for supposedly defecating in a man's garden. However, Kyle and Cartman were the real culprits, and framed Stan so the kids wanting Playstation 4 consoles on Black Friday would be leaderless. He later sneaked out, infuriating his mother, who called Randy, who was more concerned that Stan was in the mall during the deadly Black Friday rush. In "Night of the Living Homeless", he and the boys sang "California Loves the Homeless" to a large crowd of homeless people, in an effort to drive them away from South Park.

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  1. g trauma and abuse.[23][24][25][26][27][28]
  2. Stan is shown to sympathize with others, most evidently seen in the episode "Manbearpig", in which he partially defends Al Gore because he feels sorry for him, due to him "not having any friends". However when this pity backfires and lands him in a cave where Al Gore almost (unintentionally) drowns him, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny, he lashes out and brings Al Gore into a cold, hard reality, shouting, "Stay away from us, asshole! I only felt sorry for you because you didn't have any friends! But now I know why you don't have any friends! You just use Manbearpig as a way of getting attention for yourself because you're a loser!" This doesn't affect Al Gore however; as he dons a cape and says he'll go and make a movie starring himself (An Inconvenient Truth). Ironically, Al Gore is also responsible for the deaths of Stan and everyone else in Imaginationland, even though they were revived by Butters.
  3. Inkwater Marsh is the first place Ori comes to in Niwen. The Marsh is shady, full of water pools, ferns, mushrooms, logs and old trees. Kwolok refers to it as my marsh. The area connects with Kwolok's Hollow to the east, Wellspring Glades to the north, Midnight Burrows to the south and Luma Pools to the west. Information Edit NPCs Edit. Tokk.
  4. All of the boys' hats are removed and their hair is seen for an extended period during the shower room scene in "Lil' Crime Stoppers", although Kenny's head is only seen from behind. Stan also apparently has blue eyes, as noted by Kyle when Butters draws their cartoon forms in "A Very Crappy Christmas", but this is uncertain, because Kyle said it was similar because he had a sharper nose, so it could have been a mistake.
  5. ated the genre of crime fiction in the Golden Age of the 1920s and 1930s.[1]
  6. "Proper Condom Use"- Stan was grounded for ten months for masturbating his dog, Sparky in front of his family's book club during one of their meetings. His grounding was immediately lifted when Randy and Sharon found out that Stan had no knowledge of sexual education.
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  1. About. One of the fourteen pioneers from the East Coast who helped settle and found the small mountain town of South Park in 1867, Great Grandpa Marsh lived to a ripe old age and committed assisted suicide with the help of his grandson, Marvin Marsh.When his elderly grandson tried to get his own grandson's help, Death tapped Great Grandpa's Ghost to communicate with his grandson and apologize.
  2. Marsh is a global professional services firm, headquartered in New York City with operations in insurance broking and risk management.Marsh is a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies and a member of its Risk & Insurance Services business unit. Marsh's $5.98 billion in 2016 revenue accounted for 45% of the parent company's total fiscal year revenue
  3. Sparky is Stan's dog, who is a homosexual. He has had many gay relationships, to Stan's chagrin, including one with Clyde's dog, Rex, in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride". Sparky made its second appearance in "Proper Condom Use", during which Stan played "Red Rocket" by masturbating Sparky. Its third appearance was in "Good Times with Weapons", where its fur was used to make Butters look like a dog.

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Alfie Marsh was a worker at Hardcastle's Mill who in 1915 was given the tenancy of 1 Coronation Street, along with his wife Mo.Alfie had been promoted to foreman at the mill in appreciation for not joining his fellow workers behind the picket lines in 1911.He moved into No.1 without telling Mo; he'd only married her as her father Len Dowty was poorly and he expected to inherit his money Burroughs, Marsh & McLennan was formed by Henry W. Marsh and Donald R. McLennan in Chicago in 1905. It was renamed as Marsh & McLennan in 1906. Eco-Terrorism/Breaking and Entering: Attempts to save baby cows' lives by stealing them from Farmer Carl Denkins and locks him Cartman, Kyle, and Butters in his room. Originally it technically isn't terrorism but soon Cartman gives demand for a missile, an arsenal of weapons, and the name for veal changed to tortured baby cows. In the episode "Free Willzyx", him and his friends break into SeaWorld Park and steal the orca named Jambu. The boys were tricked by two employees into believing the whale wanted to be free and misses its family on the Moon. The boys eventually succeed with sending the whale to the Moon with the help of the Mexican Aeronautic Space Agency. During the events of "Whale Whores", he joins the anti-whaling reality show Whale Wars and sinks many Japanese whaling ships with a flare gun and Molotov cocktails. He, Kenny, and Cartman get arrested by the Japanese and put in a prison cell together. In "Ass Burgers", he broke into a random building while drunk and under the manipulation of the Secret Society of Cynics and began randomly firing an Uzi gun which contained several restaurant owners plotting to shut down Cartman's hamburger business.

In 2004, Marsh, the company's insurance brokerage unit, was embroiled in a bid rigging scandal that plagued much of the insurance industry, including brokerage rivals Aon and Willis Group, and insurer AIG.[18] In a lawsuit, Eliot Spitzer, then New York State’s attorney general, accused Marsh of not serving as an unbiased broker, leading to increased costs for clients and higher revenues for Marsh. In early 2005, Marsh agreed to pay $850 million to settle the lawsuit and compensate clients whose commercial insurance it arranged from 2001 to 2004.[19] The highland marsh is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102. The area is a stretch of wetlands south of the Southhampton Estate. It serves as a fast travel marker and source of mirelurks Indecent Exposure: In "Butterballs", when Stan's awareness video about bullying came to a failure and the school ended up being sued by Dr. Mehmet Oz. Stan resorts in going to San Diego, stripping his clothes and began masturbating (or rather dancing) in public though he was never arrested for this act and this rather amused the San Diego's populace. He preformed this act again in "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining" when he successfully raised an awareness on how horrible ziplining was for him. In "Good Times with Weapons", he was portrayed with brown eyes, so odds are it was Butters' error when his eyes were blue. Even at a young age, Stan has always worn his red and blue hat (as shown in "Pre-School") and even sleeps with it on. Shelly Lynn Marsh is a recurring antagonist of South Park. She is the daughter and eldest child of Randy and Sharon Marsh, the older sister of Stan Marsh, and one of his two archenemies (the other being Cartman (on and off)), and is often portrayed as a violent bully, though on rare occasions she can show a kinder side; though this seldom lasts long. Shelly is named after, and based upon, Trey.

Marsh & McLennan Companies ranked #212 on the 2018 Fortune 500 ranking, the company's 24th year on the annual Fortune list,[5] and #458 on the 2017 Forbes Global 2000 List.[6] As with Bill Denbrough, Beverly reflects the novel's themes of maturity and loss of innocence. While this is most blatantly noticeable in the controversial sexual encounters in the sewers, Beverly also faces maturity in different ways throughout the novel. Beverly is struggling with her budding womanhood, and is beginning to deal with different problems. This is more explicitly shown in the 2017 film adaptation, where Beverly attempts to purchase tampons from the local pharmacy. In this scene, Beverly first encounters Bill, Eddie and Stanley. Beverly comes across the boys in an attempt to avoid Greta Bowie (re-named Greta Keene in this adaptation), to avoid further humiliation from her, as Keene had earlier dumped a bag of trash on Beverly and "slut-shamed" her. Beverly attempts to hide the products from the boys to save her from embarrassment, and later attempts to hide them from her abusive father, to no avail. After being asked by her father if she's "still his little girl", heavily implying a past of sexual abuse by her father, Beverly cuts her hair in her bathroom in an act of defiance. Beverly has to face more of the ideas of maturity than the other members of The Loser's Club due to the abuse she faces at home, and the rumors of promiscuity that follow her at school. Beverly has to find her own way of maturing into womanhood, which has helped the character to stand out for many readers.[29][30][31] Groundling Marsh is a Canadian children's television series that aired on YTV in 1994 and The Disney Channel and PBS on October 1, 1995. Groundling Marsh takes place in a magical swamp. Most of the mutant-like characters are Groundlings, but look very different from each other. They can be described as any combination of animal, human, elf, and plant. One of the characters is a robot named. In "Pandemic" and "Pandemic 2: The Startling", the boys formed a Peruvian flute band with Craig Tucker. They played "Mary Had a Little Lamb" at an outdoor mall in Colorado, where they were arrested by the Department of Homeland Security. In "Oh, Jeez", Stan is seen in a restaurant with Wendy, promising her he will change. Bill Cosby points out that if he is only changing to get her back, then he is being selfish. Stan tells Wendy not to give up on boys because "I miss, you Wendy." Before Wendy can respond, Butters berates Stan, calling him a traitor and ruins the moment.

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  1. Sharon Marsh is Stan and Shelly Marsh's mother, as well as Randy Marsh's wife. She first appeared in the Season One episode, An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig. In South Park: Bigger, Longer& Uncut, it is revealed that Sharon is the receptionist at Tom's Rhinoplasty
  2. Stan has been shown to be quite able to drive in quite a few episodes, despite his age and height, such as in "Towelie" (with Kenny operating the gas and brake pedals), "Red Sleigh Down" (he piloted Santa's back-up sleigh after Santa was shot down over Iraq), "Bloody Mary" (when he drove Randy to the Virgin Mary statue), and "Night of the Living Homeless" (when he drove a modified bus through the hordes of homeless and then lured them away to California).
  3. Obed Marsh was a sea captain from Innsmouth.At the height of his career he had command of three ships- the Columbia, the Hetty, and the Sumatra Queen.He learned from the inhabitants of a Polynesian island a ritual to summon the Deep Ones.This was done on Devil's Reef then entering into a pact with them, offering human sacrifices in exchange for a constant supply of fish and occasionally golden.

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The marsh rabbit (Sylvilagus palustris) is a small cottontail rabbit found in marshes and swamps of coastal regions of the Eastern and Southern United States. It is a strong swimmer and found only near regions of water. It is similar in appearance to the eastern cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus) but is characterized by smaller ears, legs, and tail Vincent Marsh (died 2014) was the United States Secretary of State until his plane went down somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean in 2014.. Biography Edit. Prior to being appointed Secretary of State, Marsh served first in the Illinois General Assembly (the state counterpart to the US Congress,) and later as a United States Senator, probably representing Illinois Nine were adapted as The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries and aired by the BBC in 1993 and 1994 (the pilot originally in 1990), with Simon Williams (pilot) and then Patrick Malahide as Alleyn.[27] Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, bringing global, national, and industry- specific solutions Attempted Murder: Stan has attempted to kill Cartman with a laser gun when Cartman almost destroyed the world with his trapper keeper in Trapper Keeper. In Spontaneous Combustion he and Kyle tied Cartman to a cross, knowing full well that he would die, in order to give Kyle's dad a resurrection. He has also been known at attempting to murder his own grandpa (at his grandpa's request). However he unintentionally attempts these assisted suicides.

Beverly Marsh Stephen King Wiki Fando

  1. gly clearer understanding of scams and corporate corruption than anyone else in South Park, and has an especially good grasp of the dangers of cults. It is notable that he has a tendency to ridicule, make enemies out of, and/or bring shame to a very large number of celebrities that are shown in a poor light within the show. This may be because his father (Stan's major adult influence) has shown to be rather incompetent and immature, so Stan is suspicious and distrustful of adults.
  2. Randall Randy Marsh is the son of Marvin and Grandma Marsh, the younger half-brother of Jimbo Kern, the husband of Sharon, the father of Stan and Shelly and is a main character in South Park. He is a former geologist and appears more than any other parent in South Park, mainly due to his crazy adventures. Randy is extremely immature, to the constant embarrassment of his son Stan. He also.
  3. Sharon Marsh is Stan and Shelly Marsh's mother, Marvin Marsh's daughter in-law, and Randy Marsh's wife of South Park. She is a housewife and a receptionist of Tom's Rhinoplasty. Sharon's outfit slightly resembles that of Stan's, except with a few slight variations. She wears a brown sweater with red frilly ruffles on the cuffs and the collar, and dark blue jeans. Her hair is brown and seems to.
  4. He also showed some heroism in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" by stating he would gladly donate a kidney to Kyle, even if it "hurt a whole lot". In "Whale Whores", he was also the only one in South Park to stand up and help whales and dolphins that were being slaughtered by the Japanese. He was angry that the cast of Whale Wars wasn't doing enough to help whales and dolphins and took matters into his own hands. It also shows Stan is a whale and dolphin lover and he tells the Japanese that it was a cow and a chicken that nuked Hiroshima, not a whale and a dolphin, in order to save them all being wiped out by the Japanese.
  5. Murder: In "Pinkeye", he and Cartman killed many zombies by cutting them in half with chainsaws. What neither of them knew at the time that all they had to do was kill the original zombie, Kenny.

The Satorl Marsh (Japanese: 燐光の地ザトール, Rinkō no ji Zatōru, alternatively Land of Phosphorescent Sator; English dub: /ˈsɑːtɔːrl/) is one of several areas visited by the party in Xenoblade Chronicles.The party must proceed through the marshes, up Bionis' waist and lower back, in order to get to the upper areas of Bionis.. Satorl Marsh is an area with a permanent fog and a. Unlicensed Surgery: In "Jared Has Aides", He, Kyle and Cartman preformed unlicensed liposuction on Butters with a hose in order to get him thinner in hopes of getting money from a weight loss scam. They even framed Butters by simply running away and hiding, causing yet another grounding for Butters from his parents.

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From Middle English mersh, mershe, from Old English mersċ, merisċ, from Proto-Germanic *mariskaz, derived from *mari, equivalent to mere (“sea, body of water”) +‎ -ish. Cognate with West Frisian mersk, Dutch meers (“grassland, meadow”), German Marsch. More at mere. During production of Cary Joji Fukunaga's screenplay, actress Chloë Grace Moretz was a frontrunner for the role of Beverly. However as the project remained in development hell, the actress eventually became too old to play the role of a child. Eventually, Moretz became attached to a different Stephen King adaptation in the role of Carrie White for the 2013 remake of Carrie.[7] She is his violent and abusive teenage sister. She frequently insults him by calling him and his friends turds and physically harms him. However, she refuses to let anyone else harm him, as seen in "Pre-School" when Stan asked for her advice on what to do about the bully Trent Boyett. After asking for her help, she seemed to genuinely listen to his problem. Also, Stan even stated at one point that she used to be somewhat nicer to him before she got her headgear installed. She sometimes is nice to Stan, but would later prefer to run him over with a lawnmower. However, she has not been violent to Stan since "Over Logging". Mystic Marsh (ミスティックシャワー; Mystic Shower) is a realm in Winter Tundra that only appeared in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. There is trouble in the marsh; a fountain that once kept the wildlife calm has now stopped working and the animals have become violent and hostile towards their marsh-mates. It is Spyro's job to figure out why the fountain has stopped, as well as to turn it on. Dustwallow Marsh is a vast and ancient swamp in Central Kalimdor that is home to many old and wonderful beasts. Navigation is often extremely difficult and many adventurers have lost their way in this great morass. Trees obscure the sunlight and raptors, spiders, and crocolisks lie in wait, hunting those brave enough to venture close to their lairs. A hot, fetid swampland, Dustwallow Marsh is.

Marsh - The Coppermind - 17th Shar

In "Go Fund Yourself, Stan breaks up with Wendy due to him starting a start-up company with Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick and Butters Stotch. However, they get back together at the end of the next episode. Django Marsh is an American actor and voice actor who is the son of Jeff Swampy Marsh, best known for being the creator of the Disney Channel animated series Phineas and Ferb and Milo Murphy's Law. For the former is where Django voiced Balthazar Horowitz, and the latter is where he voiced Chad Van Coff in Milo Murphy's Law. The Phineas and Ferb character Django Brown was also named after him Marsh has very dark, mud-brown, nearly-black eyes[1], and has been said to resemble his sister Sora, but slightly more fidgety and nervous. In the The Dragonet Prophecy, he is a paler color and his eyes are butter-colored. His scales are chestnut and acacia, with pale, buttery wings and underbelly.

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Randy Marsh is a character in South Park: The Stick of Truth and South Park: The Fractured But Whole. He is Stan's and Shelly's father. For Randy's role in South Park: Phone Destroyer, see Pocahontas Randy, Sixth Element Randy, Sexy Nun Randy and The Amazingly Randy Elfrida Marsh is a character from Stephen King's novel IT.. She is Beverly Marsh's mother and Alvin Marsh's wife. She eventually succumbs to her fatal cancer. In It (film and It: Chapter Two she passed prior to the events of the film.. History. Elfrida is a woman that works long hours as a waitress at the best restaurant in Derry Marvin Grandpa Marsh is Stan Marsh's paternal grandfather and is voiced by Trey Parker, who also provides the voices for both his son, and his grandson. He is a member of the Hare Club for Men and tries to persuade Stan to kill him on a regular basis. He made his first appearance in the Season One episode, Death. He suffers from Alzheimer's Disease, which is characterized primarily by.

Dame Ngaio Marsh DBE (/ ˈ n aɪ. oʊ /; 23 April 1895 - 18 February 1982), born Edith Ngaio Marsh, was a New Zealand crime writer and theatre director.She was appointed a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1966.. Marsh is known as one of the Queens of Crime, along with Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Margery Allingham.She is known primarily for her character. The best method of dealing with the Drakeslayer is by equipping a weak weapon like Wicked Knife or Candleshot prior to playing Marsh Drake and attacking the Drakeslayer with your hero. This allows you to play it on curve with minimal tempo loss to take full advantage of Marsh Drake's strength Stanley Randall Stan Marsh is a fictional character in the animated television series South Park.He is voiced by the series co-creator Trey Parker.He is also one of the four main characters in the series with Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, and Kyle Broflovski.Stan is usually known as the serious and sensitive person of the group Marshes are part of the ExtrabiomesXL mod. Marshes are extremely flat with little, if any, elevation. They are mostly composed of an equal amount of water and grass blocks, There are no trees in marshes; mostly grasses grow there. It is not recommended to live here, as there is not much land to build on, and the excessive patterning causes lag on some computers. Typically try to avoid them, as. He never seemed to have recovered from the death of his sister Crane, who was killed by Princess Icicle in a battle between Blaze and Burn's armies. It was his troop's first battle, which left him scarred and possibly traumatized.

Kimberley Gail Marsh (formerly Ryder and Lomas; born 13 June 1976) is an English actress, presenter and former singer-songwriter, who rose to fame in 2001 after winning a place in the band Hear'Say, as a result of appearing on the reality television series Popstars.Hear'Say enjoyed brief success, achieving two UK number one singles and a UK number one album, but Marsh left the band in 2002 to. Roy was Stan's step dad. After Sharon "divorces" Randy in "Clubhouses", she immediately "marries" Roy (though it is actually more likely as presented from the timeline that his parents were starting out on a trial separation). Roy is shown to be extremely emotional, and possibly bi-polar, particularly whenever Stan attempts to speak. Where one moment he tried to be 'friendly' with Stan, he immediately begins screaming that Stan is ungrateful and doesn't let up on him. He seems obsessed with cutting firewood, forcing Stan to do it for an entire day. Sharon and Roy stayed together until Sharon reconciles with Randy in Stan's Clubhouse, and the two of them proceed to have sex. Roy meanwhile is held captive in a beartrap set by Stan. What happened to him afterwards is unknown, but its assumed that he died while being hung from the beartrap. Even though Stan does not really consider Cartman a friend, the two are often seen together. In "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", Stan and Cartman hang out at the boating rack, and Cartman even comments that it is great that they are hanging out with each other without Kyle, implying that Cartman at least would prefer to have a closer friendship with Stan. Stan meanwhile seems to be more accepting or at least tolerant of Cartman than Kyle and even Kenny at times, such as in "Fat Butt and Pancake Head". While Kyle is immediately distrustful of Cartman's truthfulness in his claim that he cannot control the actions of his hand (which has seemed to take on a life of its own), Stan gives Cartman the benefit of the doubt and admits that, with all the stuff that happens in South Park, Cartman could be telling the truth. Alvin Marsh is a supporting antagonist in Stephen King's It. He is the widowed spouse of the late Elfrida Marsh (though, in the original novel, Elfrida is alive, at least in the segments taking place when the Loser's Club were kids) and the abusive father of Beverly Marsh. He is also a form that Pennywise/IT uses to frighten Beverly, since she has a problem with him. It is also implied, in the.

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A marsh is a wetland that is dominated by herbaceous rather than woody plant species. Marshes can often be found at the edges of lakes and streams, where they form a transition between the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.They are often dominated by grasses, rushes or reeds. If woody plants are present they tend to be low-growing shrubs, and then sometimes called carrs Underage Smoking: He along with Cartman, Kenny, and Kyle smoked in order to not be like the anti-smoking group Butt Out!.

Marsh Global Leader in Insurance Broking and Risk Managemen

Marsh deer also have well-developed hindquarters, making them good at jumping, which is the fastest way to move in water. The marsh deer has a shaggy, reddish chestnut coloured coat, with paler undersides of the neck and belly Shelly Marsh Gender Female Age 13 Hair Color Brown Occupation Student, part-time babysitter Religion Roman Catholic, temporarily Atheist and Mormon The Official South Park Studios Wiki Hit and Run: In "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", Stan and Cartman drove a boat into a beaver dam, which resulted in the flooding of Beaverton, and the deaths of 'hundreds of millions', despite the population of the town being only 8,000. It was also reported that people were looting, raping, and resorting to cannibalism (which is a stretch). However this was also an accident because Stan did not know that this accident would go very far and does not count on his criminal record. In "Something You Can Do with Your Finger", he and the boys started a boy-band group named Fingerbang. They made a video for the song "Fingerbang" and performed it at the South Park Mall. Shelly Marsh is Randy and Sharon Marsh's daughter and Stan Marsh's older sister (and also arch-enemy). Shelly has been voiced at different times by Mary Kay Bergman, Mona Marshall, Eliza Schneider, and now April Stewart.She first appeared in the Season One episode, An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig.. She is extremely ill-tempered, often beating Stan up and calling him and his friends turds

In "Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus", Stan is led to believe he is the only boy of the four that hasn't yet had his period, and is left out by the other three due to him not being "mature enough". He later uses the only question available every two millennia to ask God (who had come down to Earth briefly) why he hasn't given him his period. After a long pause, God states the obvious: that he is a boy and shouldn't get periods. The episode ends with everyone trying to kill Stan for using the only question on something so dumb. Marsh Turf is one of the Turf items, acquired by digging Marsh tiles with a Pitchfork. These turfs can commonly be found at the Marsh biome and rarely at the Mosaic biome. Like other Turfs, it can be placed on any bare ground tile, or it can be used as a good burning fuel for a Campfire or Fire Pit. Plants like Berry Bushes, Grass Tufts, Saplings, Spiky Bushes, Lureplants, Pine Cones, and.

In "Coon vs. Coon & Friends", Kenny as Mysterion tries to convince Stan and Kyle about the truth of his deaths and that they never remember, even to the point of shooting himself to prove it. Much to Mysterion's dismay, this does not work as no one who sees it remembers. Marsh won a scholarship to the University of Oxford.[2] As an undergraduate, he studied at St Catherine's College, Oxford and graduated with a degree in English.[3] Alvin Al Marsh is the spouse of the Elfrida Marsh and the insane, abusive father of Beverly Marsh in the IT (book). Like Butch Bowers and Eddie Corcoran's stepfather, Richard Macklin, Al abuses his daughter. Unlike Butch and Richard, he tends to beat Beverly for odd reasons. While beating her, he constantly tends to say Sometimes, I worry about you, Bevvie, sometimes I worry a lot. He. The Marsh Pride are a pride of lions who are the longest featured stars of Big Cat Diary, Big Cat Week and now Big Cat Live. The live in an area of the Masai Mara, Kenya known as the Musiara Marsh, and are the area's dominant pride. Current Member In "Skank Hunt", Wendy breaks up with Stan due to the actions of internet troll Skankhunt42; all of the girls stated that his actions spoke for the boys' opinions.

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The Video Home System (VHS) is a standard for consumer-level analog video recording on tape cassettes. Four Groundling Marsh videos have been released on this format from 1997 to 1999. List Merry Merry Marshland (April 15th, 1997), Treasures Are For Sharing (June 23rd, 1998), Courageous.. Overview Edit. The player must have completed The Perfect Trap.. Road to the Marsh has two options: the Eastern route and the Western route. The Eastern route is the easier route with lesser rewards, while the Western route requires more materials for construction but with a greater compensation for tackling the harder route

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Stan's often-used catchphrase during the early seasons was "Dude, this is pretty fucked up right here," which originated in the second The Spirit of Christmas short, though the profanity was bleeped out. In recent episodes however this catchphrase faded. Marsh Incorporated operates as an insurance broker and risk adviser. The Company offers services such as risk management and consulting, brokerage, financial solutions, insurance program. Marsh is a Global Leader in Insurance Broking and Risk Management. We help clients better quantify and manage risk to survive and thrive. Please Select a Marsh Location Site. Middle East & Africa. República Dominicana. Middle East & Africa. Middle East & Africa. United Arab Emirates

Taris: Olaris Spaceport - Star Wars: The Old Republic WikiПроспект Маршала Жукова (Москва) — Википедия

In "Ass Burgers", she becomes increasing concerned about Stan's cynicism, and tries to talk Kyle into talking with Stan about it, but he refuses. Both Stan and Wendy are shown at the end of the episode sitting on a picnic blanket, presumably reconciling their relationship once again. Marsh Farm is well connected by bus with regular services to Luton Town Centre. The estate benefits from the M1 as well as connections to the A6. Luton Airport is within 7 miles. Leagrave railway station is a 20-minute walk from Marsh Farm and there are frequent trains to Luton, St Albans, Bedford, London, Brighton and Sevenoaks. Arriva run. Marsh was shown to be extremely nervous and jumpy and was described by Umber to be able to fly extremely fast. He cares about his sibs a lot and is afraid of seeing another one of them die like Crane. He seems to get along well with Coconut, his clawmate, possibly because of his placid personality. Like his other sibs, he did not enjoy the war and wished for it to end. In "The Passion of the Jew", he is disgusted with The Passion of the Christ, calling it a "snuff film" and going, along with Kenny, to Mel Gibson's house to get their money back. Mel Gibson turns out to be insane and rabidly masochistic, and attacks the two of them with a gun in a manner reminiscent of Daffy Duck after Stan calls him "daffy". Stan and Kenny then steal the money from Gibson's wallet and flee back to South Park, pursued by him. Later, when Gibson asserts that Stan cannot say that his film sucks because it is saying that Christianity sucks, Stan counters by saying that Christianity is fine, but focusing on how people died ends up with really bad results, convincing the town that Mel Gibson was wrong all along.

The 1960s were particularly notable for the company's development, including an initial public offering in 1962 and a 1969 reorganization that introduced a holding company configuration, with the company offering clients its services under the banners of separately managed companies.[8] Randy is Stan's father. They generally have a good relationship, although Stan often gets annoyed by Randy's obsessiveness (this is especially true with the video camera), pushiness, and melodramatic antics. Randy also tends to be very naive, which exasperates Stan all the more. Like the rest of the family, the relationship was getting bad due to Randy videotaping everything the family did in "Pandemic" but Stan may have been indifferent due to the Peruvian flute bands. Stan also dislikes his father's stubbornness, alcoholism and general stupidity. In "Elementary School Musical", in an effort to become more popular, like Bridon Gueermo, he and the boys performed a musical number, similar to those of High School Musical.

James Marsh (born 30 April 1963) is a British film and documentary director best known for his work on Man on Wire, which won the 2008 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, and The Theory of Everything, the multi-award-winning biopic of physicist Stephen Hawking released in 2014 Marsh Marigolds are water plants that generate in Patchy Islands biomes. They consist of a Marsh Marigold Flower that sticks out above the water, connected one block deep to the seafloor by a Marsh Marigold Stalk. Marsh Marigolds must be harvested with Syrmorite Shears to be collected. When harvested with a Sickle, they instead drop a Marsh Marigold Flower (item), which can then be ground into.

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Marsh is proud to be the Official Risk Partner of the AFL. Empowering confidence, growth and prosperity in the AFL community and beyond. Coronavirus Outbreak: Immediate Steps for Multinationals. The Global Risks Report 2020. Profound political, economic, societal, technological and environmental transformations are occurring at an unprecedented. He also directed Project Nim in 2010, which is based on the book Nim Chimy: The Chimp Who Would Be Human by Elizabeth Hess. It is a documentary about the landmark study conducted by Herbert S. Terrace on the subject of animal language acquisition and the subject of the study is a chimpanzee named Nim Chimy. Marsh watched different films to gain inspiration before making Project Nim. He watched E.T., Frederick Wiseman's Primate, and the Bresson film Au hasard Balthazar. He gained the most information from Au hasard Balthazar which is a fictional account of a donkey as it passes through various human owners. The structure of Project Nim reflects a lot from this film as we see the drama of the human world through the eyes of the chimpanzee.[5] However, in "Cherokee Hair Tampons", when all hope seems lost to save Kyle and Stan breaks down crying in front of Kenny because of Kyle's impending death, he doesn't seem to care or even acknowledge the fact that Kenny dies all the time. This angers Kenny and makes him leave Stan to go home - which in turn causes his death by walking under a falling piano, and even then Stan still fails to notice or care.

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Attempted Unlicensed Surgery: In "Cherokee Hair Tampons", when Cartman refused to donate his kidney to a dying Kyle, Stan tries to take it by force by breaking into his house and removing it with a saw, however Cartman outsmarts him by using the "Kidney Blocker 2000" to prevent this. It is implied that in "Prehistoric Ice Man that Stan considers Cartman his second best friend. When Stan and Kyle fell out in the episode, Stan claimed that his new best friend was Cartman (as did Kyle), but they both claimed that 'Cartman sucks as a best friend' when they made up. This could be because Stan really values his best friendship with Kyle. Either way, it is clear that Stan does consider Cartman as a close friend. Also in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", Cartman wants to kick Kyle and Tweek out of the group, but doesn't want to kick out Stan, which implies that Cartman likes having Stan as a friend. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury.In English, Mars carries the name of the Roman god of war and is often referred to as the 'Red Planet '. The latter refers to the effect of the iron oxide prevalent on Mars' surface, which gives it a reddish appearance distinctive among the astronomical bodies visible to the naked eye Randy Marsh Gender Male Age 45 Hair Color Black Occupation Geologist Aliases Steamy Ray Vaughan, The Official South Park Studios Wiki Marsh was a Seeker, a Misting who could burn bronze. He was highly skilled and taught Vin how to use bronze effectively. He was highly skilled and taught Vin how to use bronze effectively. Upon becoming an Inquisitor, he gained further abilities in Allomancy and Feruchemy through the use of Hemalurgic spikes

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The Marsh, commonly referred as the Swamp, is one of the Biomes in the game and the place where Marsh Turfs are abundant. Marsh is considered the most dangerous and inhospitable of all Biomes for its native Tentacles, which attack without provocation, and Merms which, while only hostile at close proximity, present a danger when camping in or near marsh areas. Spider Nests appear frequently in. Beverly is shown to be a classmate of Ben Hanscom, who harbors a secret crush on her. Ben's love for Beverly is shown through an anonymous poem that he writes to Beverly which states "your hair is winter fire, January embers, my heart burns there too." For most of the novel and adaptations, Beverly is led to believe that the poem was written by Bill Denbrough due to his skills with writing. For his age, Stan appears proficient with weaponry. In "Red Sleigh Down", he was able to hold an M16 assault rifle (but didn't actually use it), and in "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce", he was able to get hold of a handgun. In "Good Times with Weapons", Stan wields a pair of tonfa. In "Whale Whores", Stan was able to take a flare gun and fire a flare into the fuel storage of a Japanese whaling ship, resulting in the whole ship blowing up. He commandeered the Sea Shepard in the same episode and sunk a fleet of Japanese whaling ships with a rather impressive arsenal for a 9 year old, including Molotov cocktails and a large caliber deck gun. His proficiency is probably a result of his Uncle Jimbo's influence. He was also able to kill Scuzzlebutt in the episode "Volcano". Also, in "Make Love, Not Warcraft", he uses the Sword of a Thousand Truths successfully (however, this is in a video game). He also broke into a building while wielding and firing an Uzi gun at random areas of the building while intoxicated in "Ass Burgers".

House Marsh is a vassal house from the Neck. They are sworn to House Reed of Greywater Watch. In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Marsh are crannogmen sworn to House Reed. Their sigil is ten green frogs, 4-3-2-1, on yellow Stan is generally the most tender and sensitive of the four boys. For example, in "Kenny Dies", he finds it difficult to see Kenny in his ill state, and in "Raisins" he becomes depressed after losing his girlfriend to Token. Also, in "Fun with Veal", Stan is the only one who stopped eating meat completely when the boys found that veal was actually "tortured baby cow." However, in some episodes he doesn't seem to care when people die, as in "Dances With Smurfs" and "Chef Goes Nanners". Welcome to the Groundling Marsh Wiki Edit. Living proof that mother nature has a sense of humor! The Show Edit. Groundling Marsh is a show about the adventurously, courageously exciting stories of all time, Join Galileo, the leader of the marsh, Maggie, the tomboy, Hegdish, the rival, Mud/Slinger, the twins, Eco, the teacher who becomes a leader, Stacks, the robot principal, and Crystal, the. The Losers Club each approach Neibolt Street to take down Pennywise once and for all. After the group finishes off the clown, they find themselves lost in the sewers and begin to panic. To ease their panic and possibly help them lose the innocence of childhood, Beverly offers herself to the group, resulting in each of them individually participating in sexual intercourse with her. After they escape the sewers, the Losers make an oath that if Pennywise hasn't been defeated, they will all return to Derry to finish him. Nick Marsh is a transplant surgeon who collapsed while at Grey Sloan Memorial retrieving a liver. Contents . History Edit. Five weeks after having a kidney transplant, Nick came to Grey Sloan to retrieve a liver for a long-time patient of his. After the surgery, he collapsed in a hallway. Meredith did an exam and ran some labs and chatted with.

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Marsh Davies was the creative communications manager at Mojang AB. On April 27, 2018, he announced his departure from Mojang. On April 27, 2018, he announced his departure from Mojang. [1 If he agrees with someone or is unsure of something, he will often state "sure" or "yeah" in a very dull, unimpressed manner. Whenever he gets mad, frustrated, or gets dragged into something, he often says "Goddamnit!", not to be confused with Cartman's catchphrase, "Aw! God-damn it!" Often in school, he'll say "Oooooh....." with a slightly higher pitched tone than his normal voice. He will often express shock with "Jesus Christ!" This is evident in "Super Fun Time" and "About Last Night...". Rene Marsh also worked as a general assignment correspondent for WSVN in Miami, Florida, covering breaking news, local politics, education, and sports. She has worked as an investigative reporter and weekend anchor at CBS 6 in Albany, New York. Marsh started her career as a reporter and anchor at KTAL Ngaio Marsh co-wrote a 1951 episode Night at the Vulcan of the Philco Television Playhouse;[28] and appeared as herself in the sixth episode The Central Problem[29] in a television series of the unfinished Charles Dickens mystery novel The Mystery of Edwin Drood[30]

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In her adulthood, due to the power of Pennywise and the town of Derry, Beverly forgets about The Losers Club and her childhood. She becomes a fashion designer and enters an abusive relationship with her husband, Tom Rogan. After she gets a call from Mike Hanlon asking her to return to Derry, she stands up to Tom and finally leaves the relationship. She returns to Derry and reunites with The Losers Club. Beverly returns to her old home, now inhabited by an old woman named Mrs. Kersh, who informs her that her father has been deceased for 5 years. She apologises and begins to leave, only to be invited in by Mrs. Kersh for tea. However, Mrs. Kersh is revealed to be a form of Pennywise and Beverly escapes. She reunites with Ben Hanscom, and shares a romantic encounter with him, but Ben realises that Beverly is another form of Pennywise. The Losers Club return to Neibolt Street to face Pennywise for the final time. Unfortunately however, the confrontation results in the death of Eddie, but the Losers are able to overcome and kill Pennywise. After the confrontation, Ben is finally able to confess his feelings for Beverly, and they begin a relationship.[3] Marsh began his early career in directing with several documentaries made for the BBC. His first TV documentary was the 90-minute Troubleman – The Last Years of Marvin Gaye, and was followed by the 26-minute 1990 documentary The Animator of Prague starring Jan Švankmajer and his works. Later came The Burger and the King: The Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley, which was made in 1995 and released in 1996, and the Welsh musician John Cale, which was made in 1998 and released in 1999. His relationship continued with the BBC as a producer in 1993 for three Arena series episodes.

The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh was produced as a three-part television miniseries by Walt Disney in 1963, as part of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. It starred the late Patrick McGoohan of Danger Man/Secret Agent and The Prisoner fame in the title role and was directed by James Neilson. While originally conceived and edited for American television (and announced in an advertisement. He is Stan's paternal half-uncle. He and Randy were birthed by the same mother, but each have different fathers. The portrayal of Beverly in the 2017 remake and its 2019 sequel by Sophia Lillis as a child and Jessica Chastain as an adult were much more positively received. This interpretation shows Beverly as being the moral compass of The Losers Club and playing a key role in defeating Pennywise in both films.[5][6] In "Trapped in the Closet", Stan was thought to be the leader of Scientology having scored the highest thetan levels since L. Ron Hubbard and was quickly approached by Tom Cruise, whom Stan called an average actor. After hearing this Tom Cruise shouted, "I'm a failure in the eyes of the prophet!" and locked himself in Stan's closet. After unsuccessfully attempting to get him out, Stan shouts down the stairs to Randy, "DAD! Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet!" (which is a reference to the rumors that Tom Cruise was gay, with "coming out of the closet" meaning when a gay man admits he is gay). Stan is later told that Scientology is a fake, and that if he writes anything almost everyone would believe it and he could make up to $3 million. Later on, when he reads his new writings to his loving public, his morality objected to it and he told everyone that Scientology was fake and that it was a wrong way to answer the many questions. Stan was then sued by almost everyone, including Cruise and the head of the church, without anyone taking any action until he lost his temper, shouting, "Well go on then! SUE ME!"

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