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In addition, there must be some meaningful competitive dynamics between the company and various stakeholders—a game to be played, in other words—and a clear way of representing the most relevant players. Often this presents little challenge: the high-tech company, for example, ran its game against current and potential competitors and included consumer teams in some rounds. But it can be tricky to portray certain stakeholders, such as the US Congress, which one aerospace and defense contractor realized it had to include for its game to yield valuable insights. To avoid these pitfalls—and the wasted time, money, and poor strategic decisions that go with them—CEOs and other senior executives should ask tough questions when contemplating war games or answering proposals to use them. Four questions, drawn from our experience with more than 100 war games at scores of companies around the world, can greatly increase the chances that your managers will use war gaming to make better decisions in the real world. Tactical games, with their detailed moves and evaluation criteria, are relatively straightforward: leaders with deep expertise about and responsibility for implementing the decisions are critical sources of input. The design of a strategic war game requires much broader interaction. To ensure that the defense contractor’s game wasn’t unduly influenced by the hypotheses of its designers, for example, they asked all 40 executives who would play it which trends, scenarios, and decisions should be tested. Consider other approaches if the level of uncertainty, competitive dynamics, or stakeholder realities seem problematic. Scenario planning can help with decision making if there is too much uncertainty. Cost curves, profit pool analyses, or other standard frameworks are effective when complex competitive dynamics are absent.2 2. Kevin P. Coyne and John Horn, “Predicting your competitor’s reaction,” Harvard Business Review, April 2009, Volume 87, Number 4, pp. 90–97. Here's a talk and discussion recorded at a Filmfest event in Hamburg, hosted by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Hostein and Deutsche Filmakademie. I had been asked to do an 'impulsvortrag' (an 'impetus speech'). That was a new word to me, and I admit I had to ask a German friend what it involves: a short talk to kickstart a longer discussion.

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As I sometimes refer to myself as a "cultural refugee from Germany", it's very good to see the Germans finally getting their heads around the importance of outreach campaigns for documentaries. Impuls translation english, German - English dictionary, meaning, see also 'impulsiv',Impulsivität',Impetus',Implosion', example of use, definition, conjugation. Anyway, if you can spare 10 minutes and understand German, this clip may give you a better idea about our work: Hier findest Du Wörter mit einer ähnlichen Bedeutung wie Impulsvortrag.Mit Hilfe eines strukturalen Wort-Analyse-Algorithmus durchsucht unsere Suchfunktion das Synonym-Lexikon nach der Wortfamilie oder Wörtern im Umfeld von Impulsvortrag.Wörter mit einem ähnlichen Wortstamm wie Impulsvortrag werden gruppiert angezeigt, Wörter mit der größten Trefferrelevanz werden weiter oben gelistet

Practical resources to help leaders navigate to the next normal: guides, tools, checklists, interviews and more The one-off games described so far are the most common type; it’s usually pointless to run a game repeatedly to test the same uncertainties with the same participants. It’s often beneficial, however, to repeat a game for the sake of organizational alignment when you want to bring along people who didn’t experience the first game—usually, the wider group of employees who will implement the decision. Most people learn better by doing, and when they have shared experiences, they are more likely to embrace change. Ein Impulsvortrag voller Wissen und Erfahrung, vorgetragen mit Enthusiasmus und Energie kann eine inspirierende Botschaft aussenden, welche durch Ihre gesamte Organisation fließt. breadner.de A keynote w hich conveys in-depth knowledge and experience, delivered with enthusiasm and energy can send out an inspirational message which will carry.

You need to be logged in to use the vocabulary trainer. Registration and use of the trainer are free of charge As the global downturn kicked in, a high-tech company’s senior executives decided to run a war game to prepare themselves for the uncertainties of the post-crisis landscape. After two days of simulations—when teams representing competitors and stakeholders role-played against a “company” team—the executives understood that a strong competitor on the sidelines was likely to enter the market aggressively. The executives also realized that the low end of the product range would face more price pressure than they had been anticipating. Moreover, while there would probably be industry mergers and acquisitions, as the company had expected, the deals were unlikely to kick off a wave of M&A or to have a material impact on the company’s share of any market.

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Our flagship business publication has been defining and informing the senior-management agenda since 1964. These insights made a difference. When actual deal making began and the player on the sidelines announced its intention to become a market leader, the high-tech company didn’t leap into the M&A fray or otherwise lose focus. Instead, it concentrated on protecting its core business, minimizing low-end losses, and investing in a major growth opportunity that required new technology and a long incubation period—and has since proved valuable.

You have big personnel choices to make or approve—who designs the game and who plays. In both cases, deciding exactly how wide to cast the net depends on whether the game’s objective is primarily tactical or strategic or the creation of organizational alignment. Instead, the company designed a game to answer the more strategic question: how can we win market share given the budget pressures on the Department of Defense and the moves of competitors? The game tested levers such as pricing, contracting, operational improvements, and partnerships. The outcome wasn’t a tactical playbook—a list of things to execute and monitor—but rather strategic guidance on the industry’s direction, the most promising types of moves, the company’s competitive strengths and weaknesses, and where to focus further analysis. Synonym-Details zu 'Impulsreferat · Impulsvortrag' Synonyme. Impulsreferat. Impulsvortrag. Kategorien [nicht gesetzt] Oberbegriffe. Rede · Referat · Vortrag. Unterbegriffe [nicht gesetzt] Assoziationen [nicht gesetzt] Anmelden und diesen Eintrag verbessern. Letzte 5 Änderungen an diesen Synonymen. Let’s say a consumer goods company is considering a narrow problem—raise prices 5 percent or keep them constant—and wants to know how its biggest competitor might respond. Given the tactical objective, the consumer goods maker might run two separate games: one in which it raised prices and one in which it didn’t. Alternatively, the company could run a game in which it raised prices by 5 percent but made other adjustments, sometimes boosting marketing expenditures and sometimes offering retailers concessions. It could then compare the result with the outcome of the game in which it didn’t change prices. The key is running the gamut of potential choices to make sure each is tested. Such games are most valuable when a company has very few but discrete choices to test, as well as a similarly small set of possible responses by competitors.

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90-minute talk/keynote speech, possibly Public speaking/90 minutes. Just as alternatives. I don't disagree with keynote - that is clearly one of the meanings of Impulsvortrag; it just seems a bit too grand by itself in this list and in need of softening; stand-up lecture, meant as a counterpart to the Offenes Seminar Playing war games to win. Open interactive popup. Article (PDF -363KB) They can be a powerful business tool—but only if you get the design right. Downloadable Resources Open interactive popup. Article (PDF-363KB) As the global downturn kicked in, a high-tech company's senior executives decided to run a war game to prepare themselves for the. Look up the German to English translation of Impulsvortrag in the PONS online dictionary. Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function

You may, however, want to run the same set of players through a game repeatedly and rapidly to practice for a critical upcoming test. The negotiation team of a health insurer, for example, was entering into a renegotiation with its key provider partner and felt it had little room to maneuver. To explore its options, the team played a war game in which it chose a negotiating approach, negotiated with the provider team, huddled up to reformulate its strategy and tactics, and then reentered negotiations—all in several quick rounds. I had been asked to do an 'impulsvortrag' (an 'impetus speech'). That was a new word to me, and I admit I had to ask a German friend what it involves: a short talk to kickstart a longer discussion. Anyway, if you can spare 10 minutes and understand German, this clip may give you a better idea about our work A final word of caution: be wary of the argument that war games are primarily about generating new ideas. Companies following this approach often find participants taking an “I’m going to prove how clever I am” posture, leading to unrealistic, impractical ideas. We suggest conducting idea generation workshops instead (for more, see “Seven steps to better brainstorming”).Our mission is to help leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding of the global economy.

Website designed by Ben Kempas, created with NationBuilder. When using this website, please be aware of our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. The participants replayed the game several times in one day (starting again with new tactics when they got bogged down), reflected on the results, and repeated the exercise the following week. The improvement between the first and the last sessions was enormous: the players uncovered areas where they could stand firm and learned how to craft their message more adroitly to regain control of the situation. They also became more confident and ready to flex their muscles in real negotiations with the provider.The player should be cued up to take you right to the beginning of my talk. If that's not the case, you'll find it from minute 42. A more diverse set of participants also creates valuable opportunities to broaden their understanding of the industry—for instance, by assigning them to stakeholder teams with roles that are less familiar to them. In the debriefing session after the high-tech company’s game, the leader of a business unit, who had paired up with a salesperson on a customer team, remarked, “Having played the customer, I now understand what the sales force means when they say we get push-back on price. I am going to make sure we give you the support you need to make the value-based argument to the customers.” This shared experience, which would have been impossible with a smaller or more homogenous group of participants, has continued to stimulate discussions across the company as market conditions evolve. keynote speech translation german, English - German dictionary, meaning, see also 'keynoter',keystone',knot',key', example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso.

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The selection of players is also critical. A tactical exercise, such as a pricing game, can have a relatively small set of participants. You should cast a wider net in a strategic game and a much wider one in an organizational game in which the objective is to get people on board for a strategic move. Create a profile to get full access to our articles and reports, including those by McKinsey Quarterly and the McKinsey Global Institute, and to subscribe to our newsletters and email alerts. Tactical games aren’t always practical, though. The aerospace and defense company mentioned above originally considered running a tactical game to better understand shifts in the US defense budget and their impact on the business. But the benefit of testing a very large number of scenarios for individual weapon systems—scenarios involving, for example, levels of funding, moves by competitors, and outcomes of technology investments—would not have justified the executive time spent on the exercise.

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