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(1) If the court-appointed enforcement officer becomes aware, on the occasion of the compulsory enforcement, in the course of interviewing the debtor or as a result of his inspection of the documents, that the debtor has monetary claims against third parties, and if it is not possible to effect attachment, or if it is foreseeable that the attachment so effected will not achieve the full satisfaction of the creditor, he shall inform the creditor of the names and addresses of the third-party debtors, providing the basis for the claims and the securities established for them.(2) Upon receipt of the brief substantiating the claim, the ensuing procedure shall correspond to that pursued upon receipt of an action. A time limit may also be set for the submission of a written statement of defence in the preliminary proceedings conducted in writing pursuant to section 276, such period commencing on the date on which the brief substantiating the claim is served.Section 739Presumption of custody and control in the case of compulsory enforcement against spouses and partners in a civil union

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(3) Where the person under obligation to swear an oath states that, as a member of a specific religious community or of a faith-based group, he wishes to confirm his oath using words of that community, he may add such words to the oath.Should, in contravention of the stipulations made in section 520 and section 521 (2), means of challenge or defence not be submitted in due time, section 296 subsections (1) and (4) shall apply mutatis mutandis.(2) A default judgment against which protest as such is not an available remedy shall be liable to appeal or cross appeal nonetheless insofar as such an appeal or cross appeal is based on the fact that there was no negligent or intentional failure to comply with procedural requirements. Section 511 (2) shall not be applied.

ÐÏ ࡱ á> þÿ D þÿÿÿ ƒ ‚ µ 6 V × 2 ? ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ 4.  A party to the proceedings had not been represented in accordance with the stipulations of the law, unless it had expressly or tacitly approved the litigation;3.  Oral argument has not already been heard on the merits of the case before the civil division at the main hearing, unless a judgment subject to a reservation of rights, partial judgment, or interlocutory judgment has been handed down in the meantime.The document may be physically submitted to the person on whom it is to be served at any location at which the person is found.

(2) Should the due process of law not require parties to be represented by attorneys, the party shall be assigned an attorney as counsel who is willing to represent the party and whom the party has selected should such representation by an attorney be deemed necessary in the event the opponent has retained an attorney.Each of the joined parties is entitled to the right to pursue the proceedings; the entirety of all joined parties is to be summoned to the hearings.

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(2) The court order by which an arbitration award is declared enforceable is to be declared provisionally enforceable.(2) The object shall be sold at auction in the municipality in which it was attached, or at another location in the judicial district of the court responsible for execution, unless the creditor and the debtor agree on a third location.(3) Should this serve the prompter and more effective processing of such orders, the Land governments are authorised to assign summary proceedings for a payment order to a local court acting for the districts of several local courts, doing so by statutory instrument. The assignment may be limited to those summary proceedings for a payment order that are processed automatically. The Land governments may confer the authorisation by statutory instrument upon the Land departments of justice. Several Länder may agree on the jurisdiction of a local court across the boundaries of their respective territories.

(4) Upon attachment of the ship or ship under construction, the court-appointed enforcement officer is to take the ship or ship under construction into his custody and safekeeping.Should a rule concerning the proceedings before the court of first instance have been violated, this can no longer be objected to before the appellate instance on fact and law wherever the party has already lost its right to file objections in the proceedings before the court of first instance pursuant to the stipulations of section 295.(2) If a creditor who has failed to make an appearance at a hearing is involved in the opposition lodged by another creditor, it is assumed that he does not acknowledge this opposition to have merit.(2) An appeal on points of law may not be based on the fact that the court of first instance was wrong in assuming that it had or did not have jurisdiction.

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3.  The registration of bidders for the auction, or the refusal to so register them; insofar as the registration of a bidder or the refusal to register him for an auction is based on the requirement that natural persons prove their identity; the use of the electronic identification document (section 18 of the Act on Identity Cards (Personalausweisgesetz, PAuswG)) is to be allowed for this purpose at the latest from 1 January 2013;(2) In such event, the record of the hearing is to be prepared without undue delay following the session of the court. To the extent that determinations pursuant to section 160 (3) numbers 4 and 5 have been recorded on a preliminary basis using a sound recorder, this is all that needs to be noted in the record of the hearing. The record of the hearing is to be amended by these determinations should a party petition that this be done prior to the proceedings having been concluded as res judicata, or where the court of appeal requires such amendment to be made. If determinations pursuant to section 160 (3) number 4 have been directly included in the record, and if, concurrently, the essential result of the testimony given has been noted on a preliminary basis, it may only be demanded that the record of the hearing be amended by the essential result obtained by the testimony.(1) The expert shall be sworn in, either prior to his submitting the report to the court or after he has done so. The oath shall be worded to the effect that the expert will prepare, or has prepared, the report demanded of him in an impartial manner and to the best of his knowledge and belief.

4a.  Based on decisions declaring arbitration awards as enforceable, provided that the decisions are final and binding or have been declared provisionally enforceable;(3) The Land governments shall determine by statutory instrument which court is to perform the tasks of the central execution court pursuant to subsection (1). They may confer this authority upon the Land departments of justice. The central execution court pursuant to subsection (1) may have other agencies perform the data processing on its behalf; the respectively applicable stipulations of data protection law concerning the processing of personal data on behalf of others are to be applied.

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Should the creditor possess a movable object belonging to the debtor, concerning which he is entitled to a security right or a right of retention for his claim, the debtor may oppose compulsory enforcement against his other assets pursuant to section 766 to the extent the claim is covered by the value of that object. If the creditor is entitled to such right concerning the object also for another claim, such opposition may only be admissibly lodged where this claim as well is covered by the value of the object. ÿóhÄã/*vt ÓÞº&Ã`/ S2rÔ¤kT` ,;šI¤šK™+•€Çuˆ¼Óì¸IаJ4:4 FTC@{¦@ 0ˆ t)I2 ¹+Å  ÝLR¥™: ­Y †‹/ ÷ µ Àœ/q ' Ì/ ˜‡p°'ÓáZ` b K ¤&ËbÚ,ç0· ñ 8 2ZJ t1HÚ= èM(¦T—'æê¹ »:Â¥\Øp' U=º œš›c«^F'äz[}óüÚ7 4²Œ X,ƒCN ƒ ‰ÀÄKÖ³Aª¿Å ÿóhÄñ6j-dÖ ¹² σK ;‰úÛ 0 x~) % +%+düA‚B á? ³ˆ¤&‡I. (2) Third parties shall not be under obligation to produce such material unless this can be reasonably expected of them, or to the extent they are entitled to refuse to testify pursuant to sections 383 to 385. Sections 386 to 390 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

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1.  It correct computation errors, spelling mistakes, or typographical errors, or errors of a similar nature in the arbitration award;1.  For claims that an entrepreneur has under an agreement pursuant to sections 491 to 509 of the Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB), if the effective annual rate of interest to be provided for in accordance with section 492 (2) of the Civil Code is in excess, by more than twelve (12) percentage points, of the base rate of interest, pursuant to section 247 of the Civil Code, applicable at the time the agreement is concluded;(1) The complaint shall have suspensive effect only where it concerns an order of means of administrative coercion or other coercive measures.

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The action, the statement of defence as well as any other petitions and declarations by a party that are to be served must be submitted to the court in writing, or must be recorded with the registry for the files of the court.1.  The facts established by the court of first instance, unless specific indications give rise to doubts as to the court having correctly or completely established the facts relevant for its decision, and therefore mandate a new fact-finding process;(1) Once the date for the hearing for oral argument has been determined, the court registry is to be instructed to summon the parties.Version information: The translation includes the amendment(s) to the Act by Article 1 of the Act of 10 October 2013 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 3786)For complaints brought under an asset management relationship by the principal against the administrator, or by the administrator against the principal, the court in the jurisdiction of which the assets are managed shall have jurisdiction.

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(3) The enforcement may admissibly be pursued prior to the writ of seizure being served on the debtor. However, it shall be without effect if the writ of seizure is not served within one (1) week following the enforcement and prior to the expiry of the period determined for same in the preceding subsection.5.  Where different courts have declared in a legal dispute that they are competent and that their judgments are final and binding;(2) Should the object not be sold because the bids made are lower than the minimum set, the creditor’s security right shall continue in force. He may petition at any time that a new date be scheduled for an auction, or may petition that the court order another form of realising the attached object pursuant to section 825. If another form of realisation is directed, subsection (1) shall apply mutatis mutandis.(2) Evidence proving that the facts set out therein are wrong is admissible unless the laws of a federal Land rule out or limit such evidence.(1) Insofar as representation by an attorney is mandated and a party is unable to find an attorney prepared to represent it, the court hearing the case of the party may, by order, assign an attorney as counsel to that party, upon its having filed the corresponding petition, who is admitted to practice before the court of that level of jurisdiction, and who is to exercise that party’s rights, provided that the action brought by the party or the defence against an action brought by others does not seem frivolous or without any prospects of success.

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(1) The court hearing the case may instruct that, in taking visual evidence on site, one or several experts be involved.(2) If the court of appeal has established that an allegation as to fact is true or untrue, this determination shall be binding upon the court hearing the appeal on points of law, unless it has been challenged by an admissible and justified petition that the court hearing the appeal on points of law review such determination.(3) The Land governments shall determine by statutory instrument the agency that shall, in the respective Land:

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(2) Where the hearing, at which the party failing to appear was to be examined or placed under oath, was arranged by the court hearing the case, then that hearing is to be used to hear oral argument on the merits of the case unless the court believes that arranging a new hearing for the examination is mandated.The delivery of a judgment against all partners of a partnership established pursuant to section 705 of the Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB) is required in order to pursue compulsory enforcement against the assets of such partnership.(1) The arbitral tribunal may decide on its own competence, and in this context also regarding the existence or the validity of the arbitration agreement. In this context, an arbitration clause is to be treated as an agreement independent of the other provisions of the agreement.

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  1. Compulsory enforcement may be pursued based on final judgments that have become final and binding, or that have been declared provisionally enforceable.
  2. 1.  Whether and to what extent he acknowledges the claim as being justified and is prepared to make payment;
  3. e a period within which the record or document is to be produced.
  4. (4) A complaint subject to a time limit may be lodged against the decision delivered by the local court (Amtsgericht, AG).

(4) The decision shall be issued by the court or judge designated in subsection (2) hereinabove by court order.If the creditor is to submit a translation pursuant to Article 21 (2) lit. b of Council Regulation (EC) No 861/2007, this is to be in German and is to be certified by a person qualified to do so in one of the Member States of the European Union.(2) Legalisation by a consul or a minister of the Federal Republic shall suffice as proof of the authenticity of such a record or document.(5) An heir is not under obligation to continue a legal dispute prior to his having accepted the inheritance.The revocation of an admission made before the court shall impact its effectiveness only in those instances in which the revoking party proves that the admission was not truthful and was caused by an erroneous assumption. In this event, the admission ceases to be effective.

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The appointment of a court expert does not prevent the parties from presenting their own expert evidence. However, this only has the status of submissions by the parties.(3) The debtor has the authority to avert compulsory enforcement pursuant to subsection (1) by providing security in the amount of the principal claim for which the creditor may enforce his claim, unless the creditor has previously provided the security demanded of him.(1) For actions brought pursuant to section 767, that court shall have exclusive local jurisdiction in the district of which the debtor has his place of residence, or, lacking such place of residence in Germany, that court in the district of which compulsory enforcement is to take place or has already taken place. The seats of societies or legal persons shall be equivalent to the place of residence.b)  Withdraws the request for arbitration unless the defendant enters an opposition and the arbitral tribunal acknowledges that the defendant has a legitimate interest in conclusively resolving the dispute; or

(5) The third-party debtor may not take recourse, vis-à-vis a creditor, to the decision in the third-party debtor’s favour if the creditor was not summoned to the hearing scheduled for oral argument.(1) The arrest may not be ordered for a period longer than six (6) months. Following expiry of the six (6) months, the debtor shall be released from arrest ex officio.

(1) Insofar as, in the course of the arbitration proceedings, the parties to the dispute reach a settlement regarding the dispute, the arbitral tribunal shall terminate the proceedings. Upon corresponding application being made by the parties, it shall record the settlement in the form of an arbitration award, the wording of which has been agreed by the parties, provided that the content of the settlement does not violate public order.(2) The same shall apply, if usufruct has been established for an inheritance, to the issuance of an enforceable execution copy of the judgment promulgated against the testator.If service is made in order to comply with a deadline, or to have the period of limitations begin anew, or to have it extended pursuant to section 204 of the Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB), the receipt of the corresponding application or declaration by the court shall already have this effect provided service is made in the near future.(2) Should experts have been publicly appointed for certain types of reports, other persons shall be selected only if particular circumstances so require.

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  1. (2) Solely the petitions filed by the parties shall be subject to review by the court hearing the complaint on points of law. The court hearing the complaint on points of law is not bound to the grounds being asserted in the complaint on points of law. The decision contested in the proceedings may only be reviewed for irregularities in the proceedings that are not to be taken into account ex officio wherever such irregularities have been objected to pursuant to section 575 (3) and section 574 (4), second sentence, hereof. Section 559 shall apply mutatis mutandis.
  2. g due in the future (section 323).
  3. (2) Section 274 (3) shall apply mutatis mutandis to the period that must lapse between the time at which notice of the hearing scheduled is given and the hearing itself.
  4. 4.  To provide for the levy of coercive penalty payments in order to enforce the obligations to destroy and cancel the excerpts, and for fines in the event the approval is revoked; the individual coercive penalty payment may not be levied in an amount in excess of 25,000 euros.
  5. Phone Number Information; 203-510-2494: Conner Mehrabi - 116th Ave Se, Wallingford, CT: 203-510-3725: Aalisha Gottschling - W Charles St, Wallingford, C

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  1. (2) Absent such agreement by the parties, the party intending to recuse an arbitral judge is to submit to the arbitral tribunal its grounds for wishing his recusal in writing, doing so within two (2) weeks of having become aware of the composition of the arbitral tribunal or of a circumstance in the sense as defined by section 1036 (2). Should the arbitral judge so recused refuse to resign from office, or should the other party not consent to the recusal, the arbitral tribunal shall rule on the recusal.
  2. ed; at the latest, however, within two weeks following the pronouncement or service of the order concerning the expert’s appointment. Any such rejection shall be admissible at a later date only if the petitioner demonstrates to the satisfaction of the court that he was prevented, through no fault of his own, from asserting and filing the reasons for rejecting the expert. The petition may be recorded with the registry for the files of the court.
  3. (1) The application for approval of assistance with court costs is to be submitted to the court hearing the case; it may be recorded with the registry for the files of the court. The application is to summarise the case and is to cite the evidence. The application for approval of assistance with court costs in the event of compulsory enforcement is to be filed with the court having jurisdiction for compulsory enforcement.
  4. 2a.  Upon a corresponding application being made, the claims to current monetary benefits paid pursuant to the Social Code (Sozialgesetzbuch) are to be added to the earned income to the extent they are subject to attachment. To the extent the attachment is not being effected for statutory claims to maintenance, the basic personal allowance exempted from attachment is to be taken primarily from the current monetary benefits paid in accordance with the Social Code. Claims to monetary benefits for children may be added to the earned income only to the extent they may be attached pursuant to section 76 of the Income Tax Act (Einkommensteuergesetz) or pursuant to section 54 (5) of the First Book of the Social Code.

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Approbierte Ärzte sind zur Übernahme von Gutachtenaufträgen verpflichtet, wenn ein Gericht sie als Sachverständige bestellt (§ 407 Abs. 1 Zivilprozessordnung, ZPO). Diese zivilrechtliche Vorschrift gilt aufgrund der Verweisung des § 118 Abs. 1 Satz 1 SGG auch im Sozialgerichtsverfahren. Für andere Auftraggeber wie Sozialversicherungsträger oder private Versicherungen müssen Ärzte nicht tätig werden, es sei denn, es besteht eine vertraglich besonders geregelte Verpflichtung.Unless otherwise provided for hereinbelow, sections 114 to 127a shall apply to assistance with court costs in cross-border disputes within the European Union pursuant to Council Directive 2003/8/EC of 27 January 2003 to improve access to justice in cross-border disputes by establishing minimum common rules relating to legal aid for such disputes (OJEC number L 26 page 41, Official Journal L 32 page 15).(2) Each creditor for whom the claim has been attached may join the plaintiff, in any situation that the legal dispute may be in, as a joined party.

(1) The competent court will initially be determined by the court of the next higher level of jurisdiction: PK Ñ Ú@oa«, mimetypeapplication/epub+zipPK T TP-mFó?g 'Ø EPUB/Content/3646342.xhtmlì½ër Éy(ø[Š8ïÐ ‡#F±U`å=K&¹G†,ÓZÈöz´´¥ ¦Ñ$Új.

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(1) For service pursuant to section 183, the court may order the party to name, within a reasonable period of time, an authorised recipient who is a resident of Germany or who has business premises in Germany, unless the party has appointed an attorney of record. Should no authorised recipient be named and until such recipient is named retroactively, documents may be served subsequently by being mailed to the address of the party.Where the creditor pursues compulsory enforcement in the cases as described in section 751 (2) only for a partial amount, the amount of the security to be provided shall be in proportion to the ratio between the partial amount and the total amount. If the debtor may avert the enforcement, in the cases provided for by section 709, pursuant to section 712 subsection (1), first sentence, the first sentence shall apply to him mutatis mutandis.The complaint must set out the reference number and designation of the judgment against which the action for annulment or action for retrial of the case is directed, as well as the declaration as to which of these actions are being brought.(3) Any objections made, at too late a time, concerning the admissibility of the complaint and that the defendant may elect to forgo, are to be admitted only if the defendant provides sufficient excuse for the delay.

Jeder deutsche Zivilrichter kann Sie psychiatrisieren. Er nutzt dafür den § 56 ZPO und erhebt Zweifel an Ihrer Prozeßfähigkeit. Da Sie kein unmittelbares Beschwerderecht haben, reichen summarische Begründungen. Sieht der Richter seine Zweifel als nicht ausgeräumt an, verlieren Sie das Zugangsrecht zum Gericht. Der Richter ist frei in seinen Ermittlungen, es gilt Freibeweis (2) The presiding judge may permit the parties to directly address questions to the witness, and is to grant this permission to their counsel upon the latter’s request.

(3) A complaint subject to a time limit may be lodged against the decision. The court with which the complaint is lodged may suspend the proceedings until the decision on which the petition for assessment of costs is based has become final and binding.(2) The opponent may inspect the records or documents within a period of three (3) days. Upon corresponding application being made, the presiding judge may extend or shorten this period.The approval of assistance with court costs does not affect the obligation to reimburse the opponent for the costs it has incurred.If the marriage has become subject to the regime of common marital property only after a legal dispute has become pending that is being pursued by one of the spouses, or against one of the spouses, and where that spouse does not manage the common marital property, or does not manage it alone, the stipulations of sections 727, 730 to 732 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the issuance of an execution copy of the judgment that is enforceable with a view to the common marital property for or against the other spouse.

(3) The judgment entered subject to the reserved decision on the set-off is to be regarded as a final judgment as regards the appellate remedies available and compulsory enforcement.2.  A judge was involved in the decision who, by law, was prohibited from holding judicial office, unless this impediment has been asserted by a motion to recuse a judge without meeting with success;(1) Upon a corresponding petition being filed, the court hearing the case may direct that until the judgment has been entered regarding the objections designated in sections 767 and 768, compulsory enforcement be stayed against or without provision of security, or that it be continued only against the provision of security and that enforcement activities are to be abrogated against provision of security. The court shall not assess any security for the stay of compulsory enforcement where the debtor is unable to provide security, and where the action he is bringing holds out sufficient prospects of success. The factual assertions on which the petition is based are to be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the court.(1) In cases in which the costs of the proceedings are allocated, in their entirety or in part, according to quotas, the court is to demand of the opponent, upon receipt of the petition regarding the assessment of costs, that it submit the computation of its costs to the court within one (1) week. The stipulations of section 105 are not to be applied.

The Federal Ministry of Justice may introduce electronic forms, doing so by statutory instrument; this shall be subject to approval by the Bundesrat. The statutory instrument may determine that the information provided in the forms is to be transmitted, either in its entirety or in part, in structured, machine-readable format. The forms are to be made available for use on a communications platform on the internet determined in the statutory instrument. The statutory instrument may determine that, in derogation from the stipulations of section 130a (3), the identification of the party using the form may also be effected by using the electronic identification document pursuant to section 18 of the Act on Identity Cards (Personalausweisgesetz, PAuswG) or section 78 (5) of the Residence Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz, AufenthG).The general venue of the treasury of the government is determined by the official seat of the public authority authorised to represent the government treasury in the legal dispute.(5) There is no remedy available against a court order by which the rejection is declared as having been substantiated, whereas a complaint subject to a time limit may be lodged against the court order declaring the rejection to be unsubstantiated.The witness shall be sworn in following his examination. A plurality of witnesses may be sworn in simultaneously. The oath shall be worded to the effect that the witness has said nothing but the truth to the best of his knowledge, and that he has not concealed anything.

(3) Where this declaration is not made, the record or document shall be deemed to have been acknowledged as authentic unless the other declarations made by the party indicate that it intends to dispute the record’s or the document’s authenticity.The witness shall be compensated pursuant to the Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act (Justizvergütungs- und –entschädigungsgesetz, JVEG).

(3) Should the court hearing the complaint hold that the complaint is justified, it may transfer the required order to the court or presiding judge who had delivered the decision giving rise to the complaint.(2) Where the party tendering evidence alleges that the object is not in its possession, additional evidence shall be offered by filing the application with the court to set a period within which the object must be procured, or to deliver an order pursuant to section 144. Sections 422 to 432 shall apply mutatis mutandis.(2) The creditor is to have the court order served on the third-party debtor. The court-appointed enforcement officer is to immediately serve the order, together with a copy of the record of service, on the debtor, unless service by publication is required. Where a debtor is located abroad, the order shall not be served and instead shall be mailed.Service on the representative appointed by legal transaction shall have the same effect as service on the party so represented. The representative is to produce a written power of attorney.(1) The costs entailed by a third-party intervention in support of a party to the dispute are to be imposed on the opponent of the primary party to the extent he is to bear the costs of the legal dispute in accordance with the stipulations of sections 91 to 98; insofar as this is not the case, they are to be imposed on the third party intervening in support of a party to the dispute.

Should the opponent dispute that the record or document is in his possession, he is to be examined as to its whereabouts. In the summons to the hearing at which he is to be examined, he is to be directed to carefully research the whereabouts of the record or document. Furthermore, the stipulations of sections 449 to 454 shall apply mutatis mutandis. Should the court become convinced that the record or document is in the opponent’s possession, it shall order it to be produced.(2) The court before which the main action is being pursued shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the orders to be issued pursuant to section 109 if the main action is or was pending.(1) The complaint on points of law may only be based on the fact that the decision is based on a violation of federal law or of a rule the territorial scope of which extends beyond the judicial district of a higher regional court (Oberlandesgericht, OLG).5.  The designation of the court having jurisdiction for legal proceedings determining whether or not a claim is justified.

(2) The judge sitting alone is to promote the matter such that it can be dealt with and terminated in a hearing before the court of appeal. For this purpose, he may take individual evidence to the extent this is desirable in the interests of simplifying the hearing before the court of appeal and insofar as it is to be assumed, from the outset, that the court of appeal will be able to properly evaluate the results obtained in taking evidence also without having a direct impression of its course.(2) The creditor may avail himself of the assistance of the court registry in charging an officer with the task of compulsory enforcement. The court-appointed enforcement officer charged with the task by the court registry shall be deemed to have been charged by the creditor.(3) Moreover, upon the creditor having filed a corresponding petition, the debtor may be sentenced to creating a security for any damages that may arise as a result of future violations, such security being created for a specific period of time.

(1) Where a party was represented by an attorney of record in the event of: the death of a party, the loss of its capacity to sue or be sued, the loss of a legal representative, the issuance of an order as to the administration of an estate, or the occurrence of reversionary succession (sections 239, 241, 242), the proceedings shall not be interrupted; however, upon corresponding application being made by the attorney-in-fact, the court hearing the case is to order the suspension of the proceedings, and in the event of death and of reversionary succession, it shall do so also upon corresponding application being made by the opponent.5.  In the cases provided for by section 79 (3), the refusal to accept a party as attorney-in-fact or the prohibition of continued representation are pronounced only at the hearing, or were not communicated in due time to the party not appearing.(3) The court hearing the appeal on points of law is not bound to the grounds being asserted in the appeal on points of law. The judgment contested may only be reviewed for irregularities in the proceedings that are not to be taken into account ex officio if such irregularities have been objected to pursuant to sections 551 and 554 (3).For complaints arising from tort, the court in the jurisdiction of which the tortious act was committed shall have jurisdiction.a)  Finds, or is put in the position to avail itself of, a judgment that was handed down in the same matter and that has become final and binding earlier, or where it

(3) In computing the part of the earned income that is attachable pursuant to subsection (2), the earned income is to be rounded down, where applicable after having deducted the amount that is attachable pursuant to subsection (2), second sentence, that has been set out in the table annexed to the present Code; such rounding shall be made for monthly payments to an amount divisible by 10 euros, for weekly payments to an amount divisible by 2.50 euros, and for daily payments to an amount divisible by 0.50 euros. The attachment order shall be deemed to be sufficiently clear if it makes reference to said table.(3) Where the arbitral tribunal believes it has competence, it shall rule on an objection raised pursuant to subsection (2) in an interim decision as a matter of principle. In such event, each of the parties may apply for a court decision to be taken, doing so within one (1) month of having received the written notice as to the interim decision. For the period during which such a petition is pending, the arbitral tribunal may continue the arbitration proceedings and may deliver an arbitration award.

(2) The same shall apply to the issuance of an enforceable execution copy against that person who continues a commercial enterprise acquired while both parties are alive (inter vivos), operating it under the same name, with a view to the liabilities for which that person is liable pursuant to section 25 (1), first sentence, subsection (2) of the Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch), provided such liabilities have been established in a final and binding judgment against the earlier proprietor prior to the acquisition of the business.(4) Where the creditor is the winning bidder, he shall be released from making payment in cash insofar as the proceeds are to be used, after deduction of the costs of compulsory enforcement, to satisfy his claim, unless the debtor has been permitted to avert enforcement by providing security or by lodgment. To the extent the creditor is released from the obligation to make payment in cash, the amount shall be deemed to have been paid by the debtor to the creditor.

(2) The object so acquired may be delivered to the successful bidder only if the purchase money has been paid, or if it is paid at the time of delivery.(1) The proof of the authenticity or falsity of a record or document may also be provided by a handwriting comparison.(4) The parties involved may apply to have specific actions and events, or statements, included in the record of the hearing. The court may refrain from so including them if the determination of the actions and events or of the statements is not relevant. Such order shall not be contestable and is to be included in the record of the hearing.(1) The arbitral tribunal is to decide on the matter in dispute in accordance with the statutory provisions that the parties have designated as being applicable to the content of the legal dispute. Unless the parties to the dispute have expressly agreed otherwise, the designation of the laws or the legal system of a specific state is to be understood as a direct referral to the rules of substantive law of this state, and not to its rules relating to the conflict of laws.2.  The amount of the claim brought by the other party depended on the judges determining it at their discretion, on the assessment by experts, or on the parties settling their reciprocal claims. CDIGO PROCESAL CIVIL ALEMN. lvaro J. Prez Ragone / Juan Carlos Ortiz Pradillo. CDIGO PROCESAL CIVIL ALEMN (ZPO) Traduccin con un estudio introductorio al proceso civil alemn contemporneo Incluye artculos de Hanns Prtting y Sandra De Falco. 2006 KONRAD-ADENAUER-STIFTUNG E.V. KONRAD-ADENAUER-STIFTUNG E.V. Tiergartenstrasse 35 D-10785 Berlin Repblica Federal de Alemania Tel.: (#49-30) 269 96 453.

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