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While Germany is known for its order and efficiency, that social conformity comes with a flip side — neighborhoods well-known for their energetic counter culture. Hamburg's trendy Schanze quarter offers a breath of fresh cultural air. A popular neighborhood, it has so many cafés, its main street is nicknamed Latte Macchiato Boulevard Some organizations are protesting at the G20 summit in Hamburg to express opposition to specific G20 policies: the ongoing colonial exploitation of Africa, government pandering to profiteering financial institutions, rampant environmental destruction hastening climate change. As anarchists, we are concerned about all of these problems, but we believe it is naïve to expect that the class of people that is chiefly responsible for them in the first place will fix them for us. Even if the G20 politicians could fix all these issues by fiat and carrying signs could compel them to do so, it would just reinforce the logic of the protection racket in which they inflict crises on us, then hold us hostage and extort us in return for solving them.Warning people to leave their cars out of the city to protect them from vandals, though they keep bringing theirs in.When politicians and activists pressure us to promise that we will not be “violent,” they are threatening to take away the legitimacy that can discourage the state from carrying out violence against us. In this regard, “nonviolent” NGOs and “peace” activists are complicit in the violence that the state is able to inflict on those who it delegitimizes as violent protesters.

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Yet they did not set out to clean up all Hamburg. They certainly didn’t concern themselves with the parts of the city that the police blocked off in anticipation of the G20 summit, despite the residents of those zones being trapped indoors or forcibly excluded from their homes. They gathered only in the area around the Rota Flora, the squatted social center that has served as one of the mobilization points for the demonstrations against the G20. The message was clear: in the name of bourgeois tidiness, centers of dissent should be swept away like trash, and expressions of dissent should be erased.Welcome to our continuous coverage of the mobilization against the 2017 G20 summit in Germany! We’re updating nonstop throughout Thursday evening and Friday, providing firsthand reports and analysis of the resistance in Hamburg. Please send us field reports, photos, and footage at G20@crimethinc.com. We stayed in an area of the city called St Georg, which was clean, tidy with almost zero graffiti and street art so my arrival in the Schanze was a surprise. This is the area of the city that nurtured Hamburg's alternative and counter-culture, although a lot of this seems to have been replaced by fancy boutiques and hipsters (who are not in. Over the past few years, Hamburg has been targeted to host three different mega-events: the 23rd Ministerial of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the 2024 Olympics, and the 2017 G20. As we have thoroughly documented in our coverage of Brazilian social movements, mega-events offer the state an opportunity to militarize the police, destroy unruly neighborhoods, and expand the infrastructure of state control and repression. In Hamburg trotzen immer mehr knallbunte Wände dem tristen Beton und beweisen damit felsenfest: Walls can dance! An diesen stillen Giganten kommen Mann, Frau, Passant nicht so einfach vorbei. Auf geht's zu 11 Orten, an denen die Künstler ihre Lein- mit der Hauswand verwechselt haben

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  1. Yet this only served to foment more outrage against the authorities, which spread all around the city in the form of burning cars, barricades, and multiple simultaneous clashes and demonstrations of thousands. The strategy of terrorizing and kettling people with tremendous numbers of officers using brand-new militarized police equipment and brutal force simply failed. There were too many people on the streets and the police lost control. They report that 76 officers were injured in Hamburg tonight.
  2. This is why practically everyone acknowledges that it is acceptable to intervene with coercive force to save the lives of people threatened by a sniper like Anders Breivik: it is not a question of what is legal or illegal, or whether or not to be violent, but of how to protect the freedom and well-being of those who will otherwise be killed. As increasing state repression, economic chaos, and catastrophic climate change threaten the freedom and well-being of more and more people, we can understand those deemed “violent” by the defenders of the G20 to be intervening in hopes of protecting all of us from a greater threat.
  3. On September 25. 2014, at 64 years of age, Oz was killed by a train while spray painting. The police found a fresh graffito by the tracks alongside a spray can and a backpack. Afterwards, other graffiti artists made murals in his memory all over Hamburg. You can see a selection of them here.
  4. A Guide Of Cool Things To Do Around Hamburg Schanzenviertel. Despite being to Hamburg before, I'd never had a chance to deeply explore what's considered to be one of the city's most hip and trendy districts - Hamburg Schanzenviertel or simply, the Schanze(as it's fondly called by locals)
  5. Maybe during this week’s coverage of resistance to the G20 summit in Hamburg, you’ve caught sight of some strange graffiti in the background of the protests and clashes. Whether you’re a visitor to Hamburg or simply someone who spends a lot of time scrutinizing photographs of public order situations in the city, no one can help noticing the cheerful smiley faces spray-painted on practically every vertical surface. These are the work of Oz, Hamburg’s most tireless graffiti artist.
  6. They will surely regain it, probably at the cost of a great deal of suffering inflicted at random on those who remain on the streets. But we should be heartened by the fact that they were beaten, that they could not control the population—and we should be inspired by the tremendous courage that people have shown in Hamburg, standing up to such a powerful adversary and refusing to back down.
  7. The G20 summit in Hamburg is only the most recent in a long line of global summits that anarchists have organized against, perhaps most famously including the 1999 meeting of the World Trade Organization in Seattle. Here is a selection of our coverage of previous mobilizations:

Street Art is a big thing in Hamburg. And it has been for a while. There are all sorts of styles: Stencil graffiti, wheat paste poster art, sticker art or installations. You can find the Street Galleries all over the city - mainly in St. Pauli, Schanze or Altona. Just keep your eyes open Schanze has a history of welcoming newcomers. It is, after all, home to Hamburg's Volkshochschule (Hamburg's equivalent to a US community college) Center for German as a Second Language. Yet it isn't always easy getting along - as evidenced by the storied history of the Rote Flora. Initially built as a theater in the late 1800's, the. In the meantime, people have defended Schanze against police advances several times over. Critical Mass just arrived on bicycles to celebrate at the barricades of the rebellious city of Hamburg.

Police, despite reinforcements from all over the country and EU, are still struggling to hold their ground in the streets of rebellious Hamburg. Book your tickets online for The Schanzenviertel, Hamburg: See 353 reviews, articles, and 113 photos of The Schanzenviertel, ranked No.43 on Tripadvisor among 354 attractions in Hamburg

Now $112 (Was $̶1̶6̶2̶) on Tripadvisor: Hotel St. Annen, Hamburg. See 514 traveler reviews, 110 candid photos, and great deals for Hotel St. Annen, ranked #2 of 334 hotels in Hamburg and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor Hamburg-Kiez. Hamburg neighbourhoods St.Pauli , Schanze , Altona , street-art , graffiti painted walls , doors and windows as signs of gentrification. modern architecture changing the harbour area , 2013 - 201 In Millerntorplatz, several thousand people gathered for the Color the Red Zone demonstration, and were confronted by several lines of police. Crowds refused to be intimidated and pushed against police lines. Speeches and samba bands were accompanied by anticapitalist chants and colorful smoke from flares. The demonstration feels powerful. Schanze Hamburg Meine Perle Straßenkunst Graffiti Fantasie Streetart Snoppy Wandkunst Straßengraffiti 6_smithe&seher_gaenge4tel Hamburg Butter Bei Die Fische Nordisch By Nature Straßenkunst Graffiti Moin Streetart Bilder Urbane Kunst Graffiti-zeiche The demonstration moved slowly down the Hafenstrasse, as supportive spectators slowly fanned out along the sides. The police had already moved a tremendous number of officers ahead, parking several water cannons and armored cars there; although they permitted the entire march route that the organizers of the demonstration had requested, they clearly had no intention whatsoever to permit the march to go forward. This continues a theme for the Hamburg police: just as they had refused to permit camping that was authorized by the highest court in the land, now they refused to allow a march that they themselves had issued the permits for.

Let’s look closer at the breakdown of police control. In 1987, the German police began to shift to their current model for crowd control, in order to correct for the ways that crowds had outmaneuvered and defeated them—especially on May Day of that year. The subsequent model of German policing, in which long lines of riot police are supplemented with highly mobile snatch squads that maintain close contact with the crowd, has more or less served to control urban unrest until now. (For a more thorough overview of the recent history of German police tactics, consult this helpful article.) If you like street art, you shouldn't miss Hamburg graffiti in St. Pauli. Strolling in St. Pauli neighborhood,I walked by facades decorated with wall paintings which, in some cases, blew my mind. Pop art, comics, hyperrealistic drawings, and a lot of color make this area of Hamburg a joyful place

The BlocG20 and ATTAC demonstration is marching toward the Elbphilharmonie—an expensive concert hall built with public funds earlier this year. The plan is to blockade the hall. Fireworks are exploding outside and the police are firing water canons at Landungsbrücken. They are currently using two out of four water cannons in the area. Around 5pm, police started to push people with all four water cannons in the direction of Hafenstrasse. Several clashes with police are reported in the area of St. Pauli. Side note: in the city, we have noticed old water cannons police hardly ever use anymore. Formerly known as Less Political, Hermetic is a funky yet serious Hamburg coffee shop in the Schanze near Feldßtrasse. We couldn't help but notice the funk as we walked past graffiti-filled walls to enter the cafe. A sign near Hermetic's entrance in an old, converted industrial building aptly states Coffee - No Lies. Just Love We posted continuous live updates throughout the week, providing firsthand reports and analysis of the events in Hamburg. Read on to follow these historic events.Germany has deployed over 20,000 police officers from all over the country (and other EU states) to the city of Hamburg. This city with a long history of militant protest and a massive autonomous and anarchist scene has been chosen to serve as a testing ground for new forms of urban warfare. Germany declared a state of emergency against its own population, nervously anticipating a conflict of apocalyptic scale—the kind of conflict that would justify the further strengthening of police state, including stricter anti-terrorist laws and further repression of free communication and autonomous spaces as potential centers of subversive activity.

This is why the city has resisted the narrative of the police and the state, and opened their arms in support of joyous rebellion. Mon, 11 May 2020 17:44:30 Share; 21; 2; #streetart #graffiti #centralpark #schanze #hood #schanzenviertel #hamburg

After forcing water cannons off Holstenstrasse, people are chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!”As the numbers at the Welcome to Hell demonstration in downtown Hamburg rise, it is important to remember what is at stake. On one hand, it is important to come to the St. Pauli Fischmarkt and show that we are strong, refusing to give in to the police tactic of intimidation—not just for the sake of the #noG20 efforts, but above all because the whole world is watching to see how strong our response will be to the militarized policing of the world leaders. Decentralized actions will only work if the main action concentrates enough force to open space for them. Ein Top10 aus Hamburg, welches erst durch überkleben und auch Witterung verändert wurde, dann per Hausabriss aus der Innenstadt verschwand, hatte ich hier vorgestellt. Es sind also nicht nur Wilhelmsburg, Schanze, Karo oder Veddel, wo man Hamburger Urban Art outdoor findet This is to Hamburg what Kreuzberg is to Berlin - It's Dalston but with a gritty, revolutionary edge. Walking to Schanze from Feldstraße U-Bahn station I couldn't help notice the barrage of posters advertising local gigs - mostly punk or metal with a political slant - or the anti capitalist graffiti daubed on every available surface

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  1. The crowds outside the main lines of police became more and more restless. Some participants in the main black bloc managed to get out of the trap and move into the side streets where the spectators had massed. People were moving more and more quickly now, affinity groups fanning out to see what routes were controlled by police. The police had bargained that they would be able to surround and control the crowd, but it was spilling out of their zone of control.
  2. Tierisches Graffiti in Hamburg: Die Grindelkatzen Dieses Bild malte der Künstler Georges-Louis Puech schon 1982 an die Wand: An den Grindelhochhäusern prangen die berühmten Grindelkatzen an der Fassade und blicken durchs Fenster auf die Alster. 2016 hatte die Eimsbüttler SPD versucht, das Wandbild unter Denkmalschutz stellen zu lassen
  3. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people
  4. The Schanze is an alternative area in Hamburg, but definitely worth a visit for all ages. Although it's not as clean as some portions of Hamburg (graffiti, a bit more garbage), it definitely is safe and a great place to watch people, shop at unique boutiques and to experience some cheaper, yet good, restaurant choices
  5. Germany banned any image of YPG symbols in the public due to its connection with PKK, who is listed as a terrorist organization in Germany. People in the march are however waving small YPG/YPJ flags in solidarity with Kurdish struggle, expressing anger over the ban of this symbol.

Wer in Hamburg eine Streetart Tour machen möchte, ist am besten in St Pauli, insbesondere Schanze und Karo gut aufgehoben. Schanze = Schanzenviertel rund um die Sternschanze. Am besten vom Bahnhof Sternschanze über die Susannenstrasse zum Schulterblatt gehen Today, police finally released the number of arrests. They claim they arrested and/or detained 265 people in the last couple days of rioting. Street art vs. graffiti. The argument between whether something qualifies as street art or graffiti could go on forever, and is made no easier by the fact that one person's definition of what is 'art' has a lot to do with whether or not they like how something looks.. The term 'graffiti' tends to be associated with crime and negativity, and is more of a random act of rebellion or. There are several solidarity actions announced all over Germany and the world. You could go out and carry out a spontaneous solidarity action right now, connecting the global struggle against the G20 to your local context. Comrades, we are counting on you.As night descends on the city of Hamburg, the smell of teargas is in the air and the people are getting ready to party. Last night, over 20,000 people gathered on the streets to rave against the G20. Despite the fact that every 12th German cop is running around tonight, people here are running faster. The sound of music is blasting in the streets of this rebellious German city and in the hearts of those who walk them, overpowering the beat of heavy boots and the sirens of police occupation.

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A full block away, on the Reeperbahn, the crowds were getting thicker and thicker. Suddenly, a black bloc march of hundreds appeared, which had somehow managed to retain or rescue a full-power sound system blasting techno music! The street filled with demonstrators, who set out at a swift pace moving away from the zone of police control.For instance, yesterday, in the city of Wuppertal, activists prevented the deportation of 38 refugees. The deportation bus was forced to leave empty after the police failed to stop a spontaneous demonstration.At around 6.30 the demonstration will move on with loudspeakers and trucks, trying to make its way through the streets of St. Pauli. There will be several blocs in the demonstration, black and otherwise. “We want the demo to be a militant joint prelude to the days of resistance,” said the call for action.Police in full riot gear blocked the demonstration with water canons before it even started. They are calling for press and people to leave the space and for people to unmask. New water cannons, armored vehicles, and other police cars arriving on the scene. They are obviously escalating the situation before the demonstration even starts.Fighting in Brazil 2013-2015: Including an overview of how mega-events are used to expand the infrastructure of state repression

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When the program concluded, several sound trucks playing a variety of revolutionary music moved through the crowd to the front of the march, followed by one affinity group after another, participants pulling on black rain jackets and gloves over their colorful summer clothing. Line after line after line formed; different groups have been signing up to form the front of this demonstration for months, to ensure that it would be well-organized. dedicated to uncommissioned art in the bathroom • send photos to klograffiti@gmail.co

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Any system that empowers bureaucrats and heads of state to decide the fate of billions is fundamentally exclusive and coercive. We oppose the G20 summits because we believe that only horizontal grassroots initiatives can solve the problems facing humanity. Financial crisis, climate chaos, ethnic violence, and state repression are the inevitable consequences of markets and governments that concentrate power in the hands of the most ruthless few. When everyone is forced to compete for resources and power rather than being free to develop ways of life based on self-determination, voluntary association, and peaceful coexistence, no one wins, not even the 20 most powerful people on earth.Walking around Hamburg over the past few days, the only nervous element in the city is the occupying police force. Despite the police deploying every twelfth officer in the country to Hamburg, brutally suppressing campers who sought to sleep in parks, using water cannons to attack people partying on the corner in their neighborhood, and assaulting dancers in Wednesday night’s street party, the residents of Hamburg refuse to give up the streets of their city. The outpost located in the Schanze neighborhood was close enough to our Airbnb that we could swing a last meal before we hit the road to Aarhus, Denmark. Schanze is a trendy part of town, marked with graffiti as is most of the city, and home to interesting coffee shops, hot restaurants, cute clothing stores and a large protest or rally that we.

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The 2017 G20 summit provoked the most intense clashes in Germany yet this century. We were there providing continuous coverage; in the month since, we've synthesized the reports from Hamburg to produce a complete chronology and analysis.This is an epic story of state violence and popular resistance on a scale rarely witnessed in the US and northern Europe The police continue to circulate with fake news, spreading rumors like the one that the military will be called into Hamburg, as the situation continues to escalate. It is clear their only attempt is to make sure as little protesters as possible appear on the streets of Hamburg in the next two days, since they clearly lost control over them in the last 24 hours.The first urban clashes ahead of the G20 summit broke out in downtown Hamburg on Tuesday, July 4. Organizers had attempted to establish a campsite for out-of-town demonstrators in Enterwerder Park, but despite receiving permission from the highest court in the land, police blocked access to the park, then carried out a brutal raid, with the police president declaring “On the streets of Hamburg, we are the sole authority.” In response, demonstrators fanned out into Hamburg, occupying several more parks and other venues. After police raided one of these additional camps, a spontaneous march took the streets, ultimately precipitating confrontations between large crowds that blocked some of Hamburg’s main thoroughfares while armored water cannons and troops of riot police attacked them.Special forces are in front of Rote Flora. Inside are people who have been injured. In total, 20 people have been provided with medical care, three were taken away in ambulances to the hospital, and there are still many injured people on the scene.Despite numerous attempts by the police, the state, and mainstream media to divide protesters by framing them as either “violent” or “non-violent,” Hamburg’s message remains clear: solidarity without compromise. When police attack demonstrations with brutal force, without provocation, the people turn against them. The police, working hand in hand with the media, attempted to spread fear by describing hordes of wild, autonomous radicals streaming into Hamburg from across the world, bringing pandemonium. Yet at the end of the day, Hamburg’s own people defended it from police aggression, refusing to give in or give up any of their comrades in black fighting fiercely alongside them for their streets. 

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  1. Finally, the police attacked the demonstration, shooting tear gas canisters directly into the middle of the march without provocation. People in the march responded by keeping the riot police at a distance under a hail of projectiles. Spectators began to boo and jeer at the cowardly action of the police. Huge clouds of tear gas were rising from the Hafenstrasse, causing spectators to cough and choke all along the terraces. The continuous explosion of tear gas grenades lent a grim atmosphere to the scene.
  2. utes, a solidarity demonstration against police violence in Berlin will start.
  3. When the police attacked the Welcome to Hell demonstration with batons, water cannons, and brutal force, they spread panic among many participants. Now they are attacking people on smaller streets, including the Fischmarkt, where the demo started. Meanwhile, a new demonstration has formed on the Reeperbahn with a new sound system. People refuse to give up the streets of Hamburg.
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  5. Die OZM Galerie in Hamburg zeigt seit zehn Jahren Graffiti- und Streetart-Kunst. Doch damit ist bald Schluss: Wenn kein Wunder geschieht, muss sie in weniger als einer Woche schließen. Galerie-Macher Alex Heimkind sieht dem Ende seltsam gelassen entgegen
  6. Yep, the Schanze is a great place, but I guess it might be a bit noisy. Blankenese is beautiful, but there are many people who stare at the big houses, and it's pretty far to reach downtown. My favourite residential area in Hamburg is near the Außenalster, about 2 km away from downtown
  7. In the smaller streets around Hafenstrasse, there are groups of 300 people on almost every intersection. They refuse to give in. Police brought three water cannons and other vehicles to Hafenstrasse, pushing people against the buildings.

The graffiti below reads If the order is agai Riot police uses tear gas against people in the Schanze district following the G20 summit in Hamburg. Editors Choice Pictures. Our top photos. This is Hamburg I'd love the Schanze and Karoviertel. You still can feel the alternative spirit in this area. although it's gentrification moves on it's still a cosy place to be in the morning as in the evening. get a coffee and watch what's going on and enjoy. on weekends it's getting crowded and loud. walk around and enjoy Instagram photos and videos tagged with #graffitihamburg - Browse, download like and shar

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  1. ation by a financial and political elite. If we fail to establish ourselves in the popular imagination, fascists and other nationalists will seize the opportunity to present themselves as opponents of the status quo, accruing support from rebels who have not yet developed an analysis of the institutions of power. We are already seeing a political polarization as people give up on traditional party politics. If we do not offer an alternative that breaks with the state and capitalism, we cede the field to racists and other partisans of state violence.
  2. The OSCE serves as a sort of think tank via which European governments coordinate security measures, implement austerity policies, and otherwise intervene in the lives of ordinary people. The role of the Olympics in disrupting cities is widely recognized, as is that of the G20.
  3. The Elbphilharmonie is one of the most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world. Don't miss out on learning about its building process and controversial history by talking this walking tour of the Elbphilharmonie
  4. ation. In response, the police attacked a permitted demonstration without any justification—creating panic, severely injuring many people, and making more than 50 arrests in the first wave of repressive violence.
  5. Deichkind - Remmidemmi. In case you have extra furniture lying around and want to invite neighbors to a house party.
  6. Meanwhile, thirty fascists have carried out an attack on Otto’s, an antifascist bar on the Hafenstrasse, without any response from police.
  7. Moin, moin! You've surely been hearing about Hamburg lately, as the city is not only home to the best nightlife in the world but also one of the top cities to both visit and live. But Hamburg didn't just pop out of nowhere; in fact, many people in Germany (myself included) think of Hamburg as the country's capital of cool—even more so than Berlin

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While the city of Hamburg is slowly quieting down, there are still many streets on which demonstrators continue to keep the police at bay, pelting them with projectiles and building barricades. It is fair to say that the police will be busy all night. As we’re wrapping up our live coverage of the first day of actions against the G20 in Hamburg, it’s safe to say that the police lost tonight. Nova Meierhenrich shared a post on Instagram: Hamburg Streetlife... . . #coolasice #Schanze #graffiti #streetlife #sunglasses #hamburg • Follow their account to see 3,082 posts Meanwhile, police are continuously trying to prevent international protesters from entering Germany. Despite the European Union’s policy of Schengen borders (that is, there are no border between EU countries if you have the privilege of Western passport), militarized borders have been established all around Germany.In typical Hamburg fashion, riots have erupted all over the city. On Pferdemarkt, where police used water cannons and tear gas two nights ago, protestors set up barricades, but police have managed to temporarily clear the streets. On Reeperbahn, a massive and spontaneous rave has been attacked by police. Several thousand people pushed through from Nobistor to Holstenstrasse and are now on Max-Brauer-Allee.

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The partisans of tidiness would like to think of themselves as the mainstream of society, writing off protesters as some sort of negligible fringe. But yesterday’s demonstration against the G20 outnumbered them by tens of thousands, if not more. The way things are going, fewer and fewer people are left sitting on the fence in the supposed center of the political spectrum, struggling to pull a mask of normalcy over a rapidly escalating situation of social conflict. To the north of St Pauli is the tiny district of Sternschanze. Locally known as 'Schanze' this is Hamburg's hipster haven, home to squatters, organic cafes, independent fashion boutiques. For an alternative stay in Hamburg, Sternschanze is the place to be. One of the 13 quarters that make up the northern borough of Hamburg-Nord, our last. OZM, Hamburg, Germany. 3,172 likes · 804 were here. Galerie für Urban Art, Graffiti und Street Art. OZM Art Space Gallery (Impressum:..

IN GRAFFITI WE TRUST T-Shirt Silkscreen Prin Infos for international visitors (ENGLISH) street art 13. Januar 2019 13. Januar 2019 INFOS. gallery graffiti hamburg herbird hkdns ismilealot jaim johniversum kingff_art Klub der Künste leloup liebsein marshal arts millerntor Projektor push rainbrogroup Rindermarkthalle siro solaris100 späm Stencil Street Art Tel Aviv Tona vivaconaqua. Here is an array of resources explaining why we believe people have the right to stand up for themselves, even in ways that the state delegitimizes as violent. Some of the texts also explore why some demonstrators choose to engage in targeted property destruction as a means of exerting pressure on those who hold power.

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I'd love the Schanze and Karoviertel. You still can feel the alternative spirit in this area. although it's gentrification moves on it's still a cosy place to be in the morning as in the evening. get a coffee and watch what's going on and enjoy. on weekends it's getting crowded and loud. walk around and enjoy. Must go place if you're in Hamburg Hamburg is a city of many dimensions. On one hand it is passionate about football; coffee; craft beer; its ports; and its artistic culture. On the other its laid-back vibes can be experienced while meandering graffiti-lined streets, past its historic buildings and warehouses, while drinking the locally-brewed beer Astra as you go As the start of the Welcome to Hell demonstration nears, the atmosphere in St. Pauli Fischmarkt is festive with more than 7000 people of all generations dancing and singing together. Before the crowd can move, a huge number of riot police move into their path to stop them.

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This shows that, even with the very latest technologies, no amount of police violence can control a population that refuses to be dominated. This is good news for partisans of freedom everywhere around the world. Graffiti - Blockbuster Style lernen & sprühen in Hamburg - Graffiti Coach - Duration: 5:17. Graffiti Coach 21,222 views. 5:17. BERLIN SPRICHT WÄNDE (full movie HD) - Duration: 1:14:14 Last we was the 5th anniversay of the passing of OZ. This man was as much apart of Hamburg city's landscape as he was Hamburg Graffiti scene. OZ is everywhere and his dedication unrivalled. He was known and respected by writets and activists around the world. @underpressure_hamburg were giving out free stickers last wednesday to pay tribute to OZ Find the perfect hamburg st pauli stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

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As a consequence of their fear, the police have flooded the media with scaremongering reports about how the autonomous scene from other cities and countries is mobilizing around the G20 summit, in hopes of spreading fear about international militants. They have publicized dubious stories about homemade weapons found in cities around Hamburg and explained that they will be forced to respond with violence when 8000 violent protesters supposedly attack them tonight.The situation in the streets was uncontrollable as stores, banks and official buildings were smashed and cars burned everywhere.

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  1. Last but not least we spent a great time in the wonderful Hotel Mövenpick Hamburg. The modern 4-star superior Mövenpick Hotel Hamburg is called one of the best hotels in Hamburg for a reason, because it is located in a historic water tower from the 19th century and is located in the immediate vicinity of the green area around the Sternschanze
  2. For the most part, these were people who had not previously concerned themselves with the G20 or the protests against it. Police violence, the suppression of dissent, poverty, gentrification, and other symptoms of capitalism are fine, apparently, but heaven forbid anything out of the ordinary happens. They hung cute little handmade signs protesting against the “violence” of the black bloc—they were comfortable with the brutal raid on the camp, with the unprovoked attack on the Welcome to Hell march, and with all the police who terrorized random Hamburg locals as well as activists, but when people began to defend themselves against the arbitrary assaults of fully-armored stormtroopers and exert a little leverage back on the government that forced the G20 on Hamburg in the first place, it offended their sensibilities.
  3. If we always allow those in positions of authority to define what is and is not acceptable behavior, we will never be able to protest in a way that can exert any leverage on them or, consequently, on the attention of the general public. Rather than accepting the discourse and asking whether a certain kind of behavior is violent, we should ask a different question: how does it distribute power? What kind of power relations does it create? What power relations does it interrupt? Not just anarchists but all lovers of freedom, regardless of political affiliation, should understand that this is the more important question.
  4. g down and people are leaving the city after a long peaceful demonstration, the police are carrying out an unprovoked fully militarized invasion of Schanzenviertel, violently attacking everyone on the street. The whole quarter is blocked by police. Their intention is clearly to carry out revenge attacks to restore the myth of their invincibility. They even raided a space in which medics were treating the injured on .Beim Grünen Jägerstrasse.
  5. 15 mei 2020 - Huur accommodatie van mensen in Hamburg, Duitsland vanaf €19/nacht. Vind unieke plekken om te verblijven bij lokale verhuurders in 191 landen. Voel je overal ter wereld thuis met Airbnb
  6. And still can't get out of their heads. Days that, some say, may have changed this district forever. And with it the entire city: The G20 summit that came to Hamburg in 2017. Chaos everywhere you looked and lasting for days. Hamburg was a city under siege. And then there was the day the 'Schanze' was set ablaze

10 Reeperbahn. A street and entertainment district in Hamburg's St. Pauli district, one of the two centres of Hamburg's nightlife (with Schanze) and also the city's major red-light district.In German it is also called die sündigste Meile (the most sinful mile) and nicknamed Kiez. The Reeperbahn Festival is among the largest club festivals As the front of the 1.5km long demo approaches its final destination, we are taking a quick look at the events of last night in Hamburg.When those who hold power describe people as violent, the goal is almost always to legitimize the use of violent force against them. We can clearly see this in the press campaigns that police have carried out in advance of the G20, making an effort to define certain protesters in advance as the “violent” ones. Whoever accuses others of being violent is likely about to inflict violence upon them.After a long night in rebellious Hamburg, we can once again confirm that the police lost control again. The people of Hamburg stood up against the occupation of state forces from all over the European Union and are about to start a demonstration against all borders during which they refuse to be divided by police tactics of brutal force. Stay tuned for our updates!

Hamburg StGraffiti-Tour an der Elbe: Streetart in Hamburg - ExpediaGraffiti-Tour an der Elbe: Streetart in Hamburg | Expedia

A small group of about 30 masked participants of the big march was just attacked by the police next to Cosco shop on Ludwig-Erhardt-Strasse. Cops quickly ran into them, pushed the whole bloc out of the demonstration and against the trees, and pulled out individuals. The demonstration has stopped. People are shouting “The Whole World Hates the Police”. People refuse to leave anyone behind. Labels: El Bocho, Germany, graffiti, Hamburg, mural, murals, Schanze, Schanzenviertel, Schulterblatt, street art. Kommentare: Tom 5/11/15. WOW, what a collection of murals and to think that they want to tear down the Rote Flora. Such a classy building! Antworten Löschen. Antworten IN GRAFFITI WE TRUST T-Shirt Silkscreen Print. Exclusive art product Spraycan candl Irie Révoltés - Jetzt ist Schluss // Ruhe vor dem Sturm. As their meeting comes to an end, our party is getting started.

Josi & Katty - Freundinnen-Shooting in der SchanzeSprüche Archive - Zettelwirtschaft Hamburg

Photographer: Frank Hofmann RECOMMENDABLE GRAFFITI SPOTS IN HAMBURG >>> Kilimanschanzo > Bramfelder 9 > > > > Category: Golden Nuggets > Category: Trains & Tracks > After clashes in front of Rote Flora, people are fighting police fiercely in Schanzenviertel. One cop fired a warning shot.In place of the hierarchical power of the G20 leaders and their lackeys, we are creating worldwide horizontal networks based on autonomy, solidarity, and mutual aid. We hope to use these to defend ourselves against all would-be rulers as we work to create the foundations for another way of living. Fighting against the G20 and the police who are attempting to impose their summit on Hamburg is just one small part of a much larger project that includes the creation of common resources for the benefit of all. We are here as part of a joyous exploration of what it means to be human outside the imperatives of cutthroat capitalism.In front of the Rota Flora, two courageous people held signs opposing the cleaning. Contra mundum, they debated a series of self-satisfied property owners who spent the past several days indoors while police beat, pepper-sprayed, tear-gassed, and water-cannoned thousands of demonstrators, locals, and passers-by.Police have attacked the Welcome to Hell demonstration on the St. Pauli Haffenstrasse. Protesters are defending themselves by throwing pyrotechnics and projectiles at them. The police are using water cannons and tear gas, causing some members of the crowd to stampede while trapped in a narrow street. Several people are lying on the ground unconscious.

Tour de Schanze

The Schanze is typical Hamburg with its brick buildings and graffiti and poster covered walls It combines playful historical charm with modern zeitgeist. It starts with the meeting in front of the Hermetic Coffee Roasters Cafe in the Hamburg Schanzenviertel. The model for the Heritage products is Thiago from the Talents Models agency Graffiti Hamburg Online / blitzklick. 4.8K likes. Die Gemeinschaft für JEDEN, der an Graffiti, StreetArt, Bombings sowie anderen kreativen und lustigen Dingen Hamburgs interessiert ist. Sei Teil der.. Vagabundler is a wonderful ragbag for alternative travelers and street art fans. On this platform you can find interesting reportages including detailed routes, elaborate country maps and coverages on creative artists. There is a whole section about interviews with unique people and their amazing work, as well about crazy events and interesting sustaining projects from all around the world. With a special preference and focus on Streetart and Graffiti the colour-on-the-wall-lovers can find an extensive section with city maps and location trackers. Read the full introduction here: ABOUT VAGABUNDLER.

Hamburger Morgenpost – 187 | I Love Graffiti DE

Conspiracy theory nuts will allege that the G20 was intentionally placed in Hamburg to provoke the population in order to justify further crackdowns on civil liberties. This is half true: in putting the G20 immediately beside one of the most radical neighborhoods in Germany, the authorities were testing the population to see how much people will put up with. Hamburg is being treated as an experimental laboratory of repression, with police officers brought in from several other nations in the European Union to study repression. News Festival 04/26/2016, 2:00 PM. Love of pop, deep relaxation and hip-hop for the Reeperbahn Festival 201 Yet no matter how many groups of police deployed in the area, there were always more spectators and demonstrators behind them. Everyone had been afraid that the Welcome to Hell demonstration would be completely kettled, that the participants had no chance of getting out of the square where it was to begin. On one side was the river, on the other side, thick lines of riot police with every kind of weapon at their disposal. Indeed, the police had surrounded the march, but they themselves were now surrounded by sympathetic bystanders.Earlier, police made a second attempt to separate the anarchist bloc from the rest of the demonstration. This time, the Kurdish bloc in front of them prevented the attempt.

Herakut malen riesiges Mural am Millerntor Stadion in

Meanwhile, smaller clashes, blockades and demonstrations continue to erupt all over the city. The police are once again losing control over some streets. They called for reinforcements two hours ago, and cops from all over Germany are heading to Hamburg (let’s not forget every 12th German police officer is already stationed here). I think what makes Hamburg so beautiful is it's opposites - the amount of green contrasted by the industrial vibe, the miserable grey winter contrasted by the burst of activity in the summer, the villas and the canals vs the graffiti-covered Schanze vs the modern Hafencity, the biomarkts and vegan restaurants vs the traditional food culture, the church towers and few tall modern buildings,.

Tonight, for the second night in a row, approximately 20,000 police armed with the best crowd control technology money can buy utterly lost control of downtown Hamburg. Last night was bad enough, with clashes and decentralized attacks continuing well past sunrise; tonight they were forced to withdraw completely from the Schanze neighborhood for several hours, as barricades burned in the intersections and thousands of people from all walks of life joyously celebrated a police-free zone. Now the mayor who invited the G20 to Hamburg is pleading for the end of the violence he started. abriss abstrakt aoi autumn bestcapturesaoi bw city dark digitalart door elitegalleryaoi flowers germany graffiti hamburg herbst hoses houses iphone jpyef lantern leaves lübeck monochrome outside people peterfey photomanipulation restaurant schanze schanzenviertel seasons sitting square street streetcafe streetlife sw table tree trees wall. The residents of Hamburg woke up this morning to the news that a large number of Porsches had been burned in the outskirts last night, giving an indication of the ungovernable energy with which Hamburg would resist this intrusion.

According to the Hamburg police, by 2002, Oz had decorated the city of Hamburg with well over 120,000 smiley faces and other tags. Although he spent nearly a decade in prison altogether as a consequence of pursuing his life’s mission, he must have succeeded in doubling that number by the end of his career.Walking through downtown Hamburg as the clashes died down, one could see “NO G20” graffiti everywhere. Stores that one would otherwise not suspect of anti-capitalist sentiments prominently displayed signs proclaiming “NO G20: Spare Our Shop!” In one small park in the midst of a gentrifying bar district, demonstrators gathered around a fire in the middle of the city, surrounded by tents and banners expressing opposition to the G20 and to capitalism in general. Despite the riot vans parked by the dozen at every intersection, despite the companies of riot police marching huffily back and forth, no amount of coercive violence could legitimize the G20 or the kind of policing required to force capitalism on an increasingly restless population. Something has to give.In addition to tactical concerns, however, the most important blow to the police has been that, by going too far in seeking to control the population by brute force, they lost legitimacy in the public eye. Their absurd and unprovoked attack on yesterday’s Welcome to Hell demonstration turned the entire city against them. No wonder they have lost control. May 19, 2015 - Explore pinitsjeffyoung's board The ShanzenViertel, Shulterblatt Hamburg #InTheCut on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hamburg, Hamburg germany and Germany poland Students announced their strike and organized against the meeting of the G20, because they see the meeting as a symbol of an unjust education system that is teaching them to compete rather than cooperate.

When neighborhoods are cleaned like this, the original residents rarely get to stick around to reap the benefits. Such sanitation is a step in gentrification, forcing those who previously lived there to move to more precarious situations and destroying the character of the neighborhood. Talk about violence! This cleaning ceremony is a ritual to cleanse Schanze of the sin of revolt while hastening the investment and “revitalization” that will force out those who call it home. The Catholic Church carried out a similar ritual after the Paris Commune, building the Sacré-Cœur basilica on the very spot where the revolt began. Urban cleansing is always political.After a week of unprecedented police brutality and people courageously fighting back, the police are obviously looking to avenge riots that can only match those 30 some years ago at the peak of Autonome movement in Germany.

Graffitiworkshop in Schenefeld - STREET ART SCHOOL ST

For years, authorities have systematically tried to push back against Hamburg’s local autonomous networks—both by attacking the political gathering spaces and by displacing people from their neighborhoods with rising costs of living. The attacks on cars, shops, banks, and police over the last two days are not just a blow against the G20, but against the symbols of gentrification and dehumanization that are real, daily battles for the people of Hamburg.Our efforts to resist the G20 are just the latest in a long line of individual and collective struggles against the greyness of this world. Trump Says He Talked Trade With Theresa May and Still Plans to Visit London. President Trump meeting with Prime Minster Theresa May of Britain at the G-20 summit meeting in Hamburg, Germany..

Landgang Kulturfest – In der Bahrenfelder Brauerei wird’s

In the meantime, protestors clash with police in front of Rote Flora, one of the oldest autonomous spaces in Hamburg, as well as at another demonstration stopped at Max-Brauer-Alee. The graffiti below reads If the order is agai. Riot police uses tear gas against people in the Schanze district following the G20 summit in Hamburg. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbac

As we see how intense and widespread the clashes have been in Hamburg over the last 48 hours, as we witness people’s determination to regather every time the police push them back, and particularly the joy with which they resist when told to stay away, it is clear that this struggle in Hamburg is more than just a struggle against the G20. 

In Bavaria, police are openly carrying machine guns while checking the passports of passengers arriving from Austria. Last night in Switzerland, police detained a train of about 160 protesters in Basel for several hours. They were finally let through late in the night. A bus from Netherlands was also detained at the border. Police took the passports and offered no information to the passengers for over two hours. Just now, they prohibited the entire bus from traveling onwards. Buses heading to Hamburg from Berlin were stopped on the highway and people’s bags were searched. The police are also checking and collecting information from people traveling inside Hamburg on public transport.However, the police have not anticipated that with nearly 8% of German’s officers concentrated in Hamburg, other cities are lacking their most highly trained personnel. That opens up opportunities for people in those cities to express solidarity with their comrades on the streets of Hamburg and also to advance their local struggles. UNDERDOCKS - Neuer Kamp 13, 20359 Hamburg, Germany - Rated 4.9 based on 53 Reviews Good food

Holstenstrasse remains an epicenter of resistance. Protestors have constructed barricades up and down the street. Each time the police try to drive by, they’re greeted with a shower of glass bottles. The cops don’t dare to stop. 6pm Hanseplatte For casual window browsing and as a refuge from the cold I visited Hanseplatte (Neuer Camp, 32) , unwittingly discovering a store which is a bit of everything that is local and unique to Hamburg. Besides stocking music of local Hamburg musicians you can find a whole bunch of stuff from local artists -from art prints , designer tees to even locally made chocolate

Self organized legal aid announced minutes ago, that police are going through video footage, and arresting people on the streets based on the large coverage they have been gathering in the past days.Meanwhile, after hours of rumors that the German army is entering Hamburg, and even pictures of military vehicles in the city circulating around, trying to put more fear into the hearts of protesters, Hamburg officials admitted the documented transfer of a military convoy is not related to G20 protests and the situation in the city. According to Hamburg police they were merely transporting material for the police. This is just one more maneuver from authorities showing they are not scared of using any tactic to maintain the illusion that they are in control, when they are clearly losing their ground against angry inhabitants of Hamburg who refuse to be threatened in their hometown. Police turned entire city against them. Last night (Monday 1/9) in Hamburg between Schanze and Dammtor a graffiti writer was run over by An S-Bahn (more or less an El-train). The 26 year old from Schleswig-Holstein died from extreme injuries shortly thereafter in the hospital It is a distraction to focus only on the bad politics of specific G20 rulers like Donald Trump, egregious as they are. For anyone who truly believes in freedom and equality, the problem is the structure itself, not which people occupy it. I will be visiting Hamburg for work and have some free time. I am walk-able to the Speicherstadt and was curious as to if their were some don't miss experiences I should be looking into. Aside from sights, food, beer, and music would be my big three. 7 comments. share. save hide report

Streetart in Hamburg Altona. Hier hat die Streetart erkennbar einen eigenen Stil. Altona ist halt anders als Schanze oder Karo. Berlin ist wieder anders als Hamburg und Verona hat wieder eine ganz andere Art der Streetart. So viele Unterschiede, obwohl die Motive und Stilmittel sich doch online so leicht übertragen lassen May 15, 2020 - Rent from people in St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany from $20/night. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries. Belong anywhere with Airbnb Protestors struggle to defend police-free zones as the cops continue to attack. Massive numbers of police are in the intersection by the Rote Flora. There is a steady sound of breaking glass. The cops are at war with the whole population of Hamburg now.When we hear police projecting violence on protesters ahead of a demonstration, we can be sure that this means that the police are planning to be violent. Their advance coverage is aimed at creating a situation in which people will believe them to be justified in attacking crowds with brutal force, both in the demonstration and throughout the city, where the only possible response of the locals will be self-defense. Keep in mind that 2 million people live in Hamburg, and another 500.000 will flock in for NYE. In my experience you can completely rule out St. Pauli and Schanze at this point. It's impossible to enter and properly move in a bar at the Hamburger Berg or in the Schulterblatt on a regular Saturday past 12pm as it is, so NYE is out of the question

19.01.2017 - This post on my travelblog is about light-flooded specialty coffee place Elbgold in the trendy district Schanze in Hamburg, Germany Schanzeas the Hamburg natives say is trendy, hip, in, back in the days the epitome of cheap apartments for students, it is now the center of the new economy, home to Hamburg's creative and start-up scene. You can find bars, coffee shops, fashion boutiques and basically anything there. The vibe is radiant and energy flow is high

One Truth was for 1 month on a European tour sponsored by Volvo Cars with a husky edition XC70. Defined objectives are Lörrach, Cologne, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Malmö. one truth is proud that they were able to perpetuate the bridge gallery with artists like loomit, smash, maclaim etc...On the way to göteburg one truth paint the legendary Flora hamburg schanze quarter. One Truth. Despite the long corridors of police in full riot gear surrounding St. Pauli Fischmarkt, with water cannons and what looks like every police car in Germany, people are in a festive mood. The presence of eight percent of the whole German police force doesn’t seem to frighten the several thousand people, including children, who are gathering to start the colorful “Welcome to Hell” demonstration that will make its way around the district around 7pm.To be clear, the world we want is not a mess of broken glass and torn up streets. But neither is it the world as it exists today, in which all dreams of another world are suppressed and concealed. Those with brooms and those with batons are two arms of the same beast. We don’t need to clean the façade of this society, the false face that hides all the ugly forms of oppression and exploitation on which it is founded: we need to demolish it. 17.2m Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'hamburg' hashta On the afternoon of July 9, 2017, summoned by social media, a throng of fresh-faced members of the middle class descended upon the Schanze neighborhood to erase all traces of popular dissent and self-defense that remained from the preceding days’ conflicts.

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