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Amazing original story too. I see people saying the acting was bad or the cinematography was lacking, nope this is a exciting korean netflix original with good actors. Watch it! Lee Gon Ho May 03 2020 9:03 am If you're expecting an story in witch the leads are at least competent in wath they are doing, forget it. If you are expecting smart moves or something nearing it, forget it. This isn't an story about smart criminals, it's all about highschoolers who don't really know what they are doing. The male lead was doing well (nothing exceptional, just well enough), but he gets blackmailed by a female classmate. As he looses everything he has accomplished so far, the female lead forces him into accepting her into the business. Everything goes down up until the end, in a really frustrating way - sometimes even infuriating. The Top 10 Most Romantic K-Dramas That Will Make You Swoon No plans for the most amorous day of the year? Pity not, because ahead is a top 10 list of the most romantic K-dramas that'll sweep you off your feet and make you wanna Viki and chill (with or without a bae) seems interesting. i am that kind of viewer who always craves for bts scene, so this drama sounds tempting for me.

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  1. I love the ending too? but I hope both of the main lead will work again in the same drama bcs their have a great chemistry
  2. linchie Apr 29 2020 3:17 am Recommended Series every time, I watch the series always out of my imagination, so I never get bored seeing each series. please add more episodes, want to know the continuation of the relationship between detective ji and shin ga-hyun. life of the other "reset" participants after detective has done "reset" for 2nd times.
  3. Nancy damyaa Mar 23 2020 4:59 pm The first two episodes ??? I love love it can’t wait for the next episode...y’all should watch this, I promise you will love it ?
  4. Krishna May 17 2020 11:15 pm So many actors from Lawless Lawyer haha. The story was really good but I don't think they stuck the landing. Hero remains just as passive as he was on episode one, Heroine remains just as much of a closed book to hero as she did on episode two. There is significant room for a second season, but there is enough closure to end it here. I guess Netflix will make the call based on ratings and reviews. Personally, I feel the story arcs of hero and heroine are lacking, and hence a second season is essential to develop their characters, either into better people or into worse.
  5. If you forgot, lee shin went reset with all resetter on 11 jan 2020, and they can turn back time from 11 jan 2019
  6. Chocolate Apr 16 2020 7:19 pm Just my opinion ~ I think there are several possibilities, between this serial killer or they kill each other. If it's a serial killer I suspect hyung (sun ho) because before reset no one dies after hyung died. And just after the reset, the time between the case of the death of the deliveryman and Kim se rin was far longer because Hyung was injured.

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Marina Mar 27 2020 9:13 am this is a good series! i just finished watching the first few episodes and I am definitely IN. this show is so good, well paced, performances of the cast are on point, chemistry of lee joon hyuk and nam ji hyun is visible on screen. I am also loving the cinematography and the directing. its good to know that it has 24 eps. (12 episodes) instead of the usual 16 Episodes. I can not wait to stream the succeeding eps of this seriea Jojo Apr 30 2020 7:32 pm I loved it, from the first episode I couldn't stop watching. It's not a k drama , no sweetness everywhere ,no love cliches. The plot was unexpected and so intense, the acting also was so dark and intense. No need for long monologues, this 10 episodes made me feel the actors feelings and I hope for more seasons. They really can tell more. Kim Dong Hee and and Joo hyun did a great job. I'm looking forward for more of their movies Minhyuk (Monsta X) Facts and Profile; Minhyuk's Ideal Type Full name: Lee Min-hyuk (이민혁) Position: Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group Birthday: 3rd November 1993 Zodiac sign: Scorpio Height: 179 cm (5'10) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Blood Type: A Minhyuk facts: - He was the last member to be confirmed for Monsta X (After [ han Apr 29 2020 4:23 am its funny to me how the show is R21 but kim dong hee and jung dabin are 20 years old uwu

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CM Apr 06 2020 9:37 am I started watching this with Lee Joon Hyuk in my mind alone after watching A Poem a Day. I've never read its synopsis nor the casts on it. It's really amazing ?. I've never seen this character of him in other dramas, he's either the bad guy/stiff personality. Ang I'm really really looking forward how this drama will end and if there are some romantic scenes on it. 365:Repeat the year Fighting! This probably using similar concept as : "Unreal" or "Telenova" but with cute, totally kdrama style...annachanzy Dec 17 2019 4:23 pm I hope DAY6 sings OST in this drama too, just like in the Jdrama version.... During the show, the singer mentions that 10 years ago he met a guy in Chuncheon who wrote and performed the original song. After the original singer broke up with his love, he could no longer sing the song anymore and gave the song to him. Oh Man-Bok is convinced the original singer is her father Hassan-Adam May 01 2020 11:15 pm Shes a really good actor. Her character in extracurricular is sooo sooo annoying thought fiest off u steal his phone then you assume that hes a pimp and but someones life endanger then continue to force him to havw u envolvwd using your parents money for manipulation. Bruh

Hae Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) disappears after a mysterious accident. 12 years later, he wakes up on the roof of his school building. He is now 31 years old, but he still has the appearance and personality of himself at age 19 when he initially disappeared. He reunites with Jung Won, his childhood friend and first love. The two of them are now 12 years apart because Hae Sung was in another world. Hae. Wow. This movie was just simply lovely, honestly I haven't watched a movie this wonderful since Sunny. I enjoyed Werewolf Boy on so many levels, that I personally think whatever movie I watch here after is going to have a hard time following up. ending to this movie (according to my friend) **SPOILERS AHEAD** I personally felt as though the end of the movie took a risky turn

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han Apr 02 2020 2:13 pm so excited to see kim dong hee as the main lead! been liking him since 2018 from A-Teen, and now he gets to play a major role <3 The show is framing the actors-fall-in-love-while-shooting-a-romance-drama setup as “real” and playing it as though the actors are susceptible to falling for their co-stars; they’re teasing the show as an eight-week experiment to see if, at the end, the relationships will have changed or bloomed into something real. It’s safe to say that part isn’t real-reality, but a fictionalized one where they’re pretending to be falling in love in real life. (Obviously I don’t expect them to all pair up at the end of the show!) **After reading Dramabeans's article about what the detective, Park Kwang Ho may be like, I got very excited. Then I read a Han article: The premise of time travel is ripe for comedy, but since the show is airing on OCN, it's more likely to lean towards the suspenseful, much like recent tvN hit, 'Signal'. So I might have to scrap. Carol Feb 20 2020 2:03 am i really love Nam ji hyun. I hope this is a good drama. hope that the story is good. we are so eager to see you on screen Nam ji Hyun. all the best for you our lovely girl. Prayers for modest to hih viewreship ratings!!! Goodluck to the whole cast and team of 365 a year of defying fate. So basically is it what would happen if wgm, a drama and what the producers wanted to be had a love child?

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marina May 01 2020 4:51 am i really love 365. it was eeally a good mystery thriller. worth my time watching this. Congrats Nam ji hyun, lee joon hyuk and the rest of the cast and crew. Yhel May 08 2020 11:58 am I just finished the Episode 8 and I'm really shocked!!! It's like my world got stopped in a moment when i saw the real killer. Why??!! This is good korean drama I hope until the end . That there is never end? like devil will always exist. Anyway, Minhyuk's character's problem must be his curiosityConfusion and apprehension aside, my interest is at least peaked by how good they look in that poster... ?

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Acting from the main cast (Donghee, Joohyun, Dabin, Yoonsoo) is fantastic, each of them portray their characters perfectly.Each of their character has their flaws and perfections they each bring something to the story and the actors did a great job of making them come to life. OmakKaw Apr 30 2020 2:44 pm Really twisted kdrama. Most Kdrama that I have watched I can expect what the end should be. But this one is really hard what to expect. Its one of the fresh kdrama. But prepare your mental to be twisted. Its dark drama dont expect romcom.

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Joe May 03 2020 4:43 pm I liked this drama. I think my favorite/the most interesting character in it was the HS hooker. I thought the actress was great and hope she's still in it if there's a second season. [танцы на стёклах] | железная леди | iron lady | когда кончается шоу | after the show ends | 연극이 끝나 - Duration: 3:15. The K2 185,680 views 3:1

Shine May 06 2020 5:31 pm Love this drama. Just sad that this drama has only 12 episodes. Season 2 please. Omo omo omo I just finished watching Sungjae-Joy on We Got Married a few weeks ago and I currently am having withdrawal symptoms (it's so hard to let go ㅠ.ㅠ I was so heartbroken and I don't want to heal just yet lol) Show them ehat youve got. ??? we will continue to pray for your continued success. We love and support you. we hope that you will have a busy year ahead. more acting projects for you this 2020. ❤❤❤ Julie Feb 05 2020 2:32 am A good pair for Nam Ji Hyun is Ji Chang Wook. They are a brilliant couple, just so natural and perfect together. Don’t know how she will go with Lee Joon Hyuk. If directors don’t cast a good pairing, the drama flops. Look at Melting me Softly, bad pairing, silky plot, unsuitable music. You have to be careful with fantasy. Not sure if anybody watched the american drama series, UnReal, but seems like it's going to be similar. Wasn't that intrigued at first, but watching those clips makes me want to give it a go.

The Negotiation Korean Movie Asianwiki. By servyoutube Last updated . 1,831,582. Share. The Negotiation Korean Movie Asianwiki. Among the 7 dramas of 2018 based on webtoon, there is My ID is Gangnam Beauty! It is a popular Korean webtoon that will be turned into drama this year (one more). The story is related to plastic surgery and Korean society obsession with beauty. The main character is also super handsome in the webtoon. Finally, the main actor is confirmed.

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Netflix has licensed the new Korean original drama series Mr. Sunshine, from Descendants of the Sun creators Kim Eun-sook and Lee Eung-bok, for a worldwide premiere next month. Written by Kim and Nik May 01 2020 3:24 am This drama is what we called masterpiece. I swear this is the best kdrama i have watched. The plot twist so unthinkable. These first two clips are straightforward teasers that look like standard drama scenes: In the first, Minhyuk and Yoon So-hee are filming a forehead kiss scene for Iron Lady, when he gets carried away and kisses her on the lips, and they act bashful afterward. In the second, Ha Suk-jin hears Yura commenting that she’s thirsty and swoops in to be her hero with the water bottle… only to have Ahn Bo-hyun step in first. Ha narrates, “It was just acting… but real jealousy began.”chuchu May 01 2020 3:13 pm @eunasdad "felt so western" the whole story is set in korea and sadly inspired by things that happen in south korea. its a youth drama it is made for teenagers whats you say its sending a message to kids like thats bad? you act like korea is a romance drama lol so refrencing a show that many koreans have watched is "western" hm please visit korea you have a rose tinted view. the story was not straightforward it had a lot of twists and built up tension nothing was straighforward. mr lee is a side character the whole story is about the teenagers. maybe you are too old for shows like this i think there is many romance story dramas or cliche revenge drama for you to choose from :) her daughter likes train isn't it? does leeshin and her daughter die in a train accident? in 1st ep, on that KTX train accident, there's 2 people who died, do you think...... they are leeshin and her daughter?

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I also like Nightmare Teacher, about ending I remembered Bulgakov's quote from The Master and Margarita "I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good" ^said Devil and like in this drama main hero ended up helping this kids even if at first his intentions didn't seem good. As MinHyuk's character said in the end "when we have nightmares, we somehow get rid of that nightmares in reality" KBS Drama Love Until the End 끝까지 사랑 Network: KBS Episodes: 100 Airtime: Monday to Friday 19:50 Airdate: July 23rd - December 31st, 2018 Directed by: Shin Chun Suk Written by: Lee Sun Hee Synopsis: Its a family melodrama with a loving and successful story that keeps ones only love for a lifetime a.. SKY May 12 2020 11:48 am Like somebody else said, I feel pity for Minhee and Mr. Lee. Their bonding was like one of a grandfather and granddaughter. I don't understand how could you hate them. Kitae is the one to hate. Such a jerk. He knew about her "job" and played along just to receive her gifts. Only after the realization that she didn't do it alone and because his pride was hurt he started ... ao apology, no sympathy, no love. Just revenge because his "object" was "possessed" by somebody else (or so he thought). Everyone saying how Minhee or Gyuri were the start of everything. Can't you see the real culprit? Minhee wanted to work even on Uncle's day off for him!

No name May 01 2020 12:51 am I really hope for eps 11 etc.. i really love this film. I cant stop watching it. Never bored every second. Full adrenaline. But in eps 10, to blurred. I dont know its mean ending or have next eps. I really hope for next eps.. pliissssssss.. jeballl jeballl.. ba lihh ba lihhh... ??? Omg yes!!! I was just thinking of the same thing! I really hope Ha Suk Jin & Yoon So Hee are the leads!!! :)

After The Play Ends - 2016 It's about a 20 female office worker who has nothing special to recommend her, and her non-ordinary double life. The actors are acting as actors on a drama-within-the-drama, named Iron Lady I have mixed feelings about this drama. It definitely started out unique and I really liked the whole time travel/fantasy element that it had but that part soon died out and it just ended up being a serial killer chase. I guess I was just expecting more and thought it had a lot of potential such as making it out to be a life or death game kind of like the kdrama liar game. Speaking of the serial killer, I thought his reasoning for killing was kind of dumb. He accidentally hit someone with a car but then killed him to avoid a record and then realized he couldn't stop so he went on a killing spree? That just seemed like lazy writing on the writer's part. Also, I'm so glad they didn't fully incorporate romance into the drama or make the two main leads an actual couple but rather hinted at it at the end which was beautifully done. Usually some kdramas won't have romance but then make it happen near the very end and it just ends up ruining the plot. This drama definitely had me doing mental gymnastics so in terms of a whodunnit plot, this is definitely up there but after the serial killer reveal it sort of goes downhill.

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So....this is WGM. Hell this show is making WGM sound real...so they are shooting a rom-com drama...then some behind the scenes of the rom-com (mockumentary part) then we got the variety of will the reel feelings of the "drama" become real feelings...??? So, it's WGM: Cable Edition....Shanks Apr 30 2020 11:04 am This drama is so-so, not too bad and also not that good. Writing could be better, but it was entertaining I guess. If there is a season 2 would watch it, overall an OK drama to pass time

Thislufy Apr 29 2020 12:10 am Wow?? I haven't been watching drama that's have many of plot twist in every each episode, the plot is really good ? I can't believe how writernim have this thought of idea shee May 06 2020 12:06 pm I don’t understand all the hate of this drama. This kdrama is amazing. They’re not annoying in my opinion, they are teenagers! Lol.. Try watching it with open mind and you’ll like it. Enjoy! ? I would be so look forward to this if the Producer didn't happen first , that show is not bad but it prove to me that Korea's entertainment industry still not brave enough to try new idea yet , when 90% of the drama are live produce , they depend and cater too heavily to the feedback/criticism from netizens so I'm not sure they would stick to the original idea or "one , two , three episodes ok people don't get it , they don't like it , let just do the drama then"

This is like showception!! I'm totally confused on how levels the actors are acting but hey, sounds cute!m May 10 2020 1:49 pm i freakin love this drama series from the start til end. i dont get it y ppl hating it like seriously its freaking good and it’s from Netflix. its common to have this kind of series in netflix. it got the same vibes as netflix’s its the end of fcking world. however, I hate Min-Hee and Baeggyul!!!!!!!!!!!!!! && the ending was good........

banananana Apr 02 2020 12:28 am Another worth-watching crime drama! I can say that every episode is sooo intense and it suits my taste since it is not too heavy to watch. Really recommended!! Actually characters of Jisoo and Gyuri are interesting but it's a waste again, that it's not well written. As many comments here, it's very frustrating to watch them do many stupid mistakes as I sometimes confused whether they're indeed smart or not, though some may argue that this will make the drama more real as they're just a teenager. I don't expect the smartest move from them but at least the drama should make it fun to watch or make me root for them more since the protagonist is actually a criminal, but instead at the end it left you the feeling of frustration and irritation and I don't have any sympathy left for them (unless next season the writer write something good) so I hope they will get punishment at the end. lmao Apr 30 2020 12:06 am I’ve watched 3 eps so far so good. This drama is so frustrating I hate injustices but I can’t support the main characters in this since they are criminals. I’ll have to continue watching and see what happens next. Argh I’m literally at the edge of my seat, so proud of Dong Hee?

Dae Jang Geum (sometimes known as The Great Jang Geum, or Jewel In The Palace) is a 2003 TV Series produced by Korean TV channel MBC. The show focuses on the life of Jang-geum (played by Lee Young Ae), the first female royal physician in the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. The main theme is he Usually, I review a show after the first 5 episodes, and with Hyde, Jekyll and Me, I wanted to first see how the show would progress after reaching half way of the drama. So far the episodes are ok, but it feels like it is missing something. And I don't know what, yet. Hyde, Jekyll and Me consist o Dawnn Apr 29 2020 1:45 am I cant believe its over!!! The ending was very satisfying but at the same time i wished that detective ji will not reset and ga hyun will alive :( this drama will remain special in my heart because the storyline is so unpredictable and there is a plot twist in every episode that what made this drama a masterpiece. Unluckily this masterpiece was so underrated. Thank you for all the cast because they portrayed their characters well. I'll be missing them. I'll be missing this drama so much!!!! My favourite drama mon-tues had end :( After the Play Ends : E01. Synopsis. What If Actors Fell in Love in Real Life? A reality show that follows the life and relationships of the cast members of a romance drama who become closer as filming progresses. Tags After the Play Ends, tvN, variety, Ha Seok-jin, Yoon So-hee, Lee Minhyuk, Yura, Ahn Bo-hyun, watch After the Play Ends agai

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  1. I was so excited for this show when the announcement was made about the full cast. Three of the four leads already captured my attention in other dramas so I was really looking forward to seeing them again. After watching just a few episodes I knew the drama was going to be good and I was glad that the show kept my attention until the end
  2. g to each other, it feels like i want to rip my head, their personality combine is very annoying.
  3. Ririn Mar 23 2020 8:18 pm Unique Drama,, Lee Jeon Hyuk Oppa you are so cute in this drama, i like it Luv Luv
  4. its ur chuu May 12 2020 9:43 am this is actually a masterpiece, the storyline is just awesome with the cast's acting that really into it, especially Park Joo-Hyun (Gyuri) who really got the feeling. Perfect!! Highly Recommended
  5. Choco late Apr 20 2020 7:30 pm my prediction is right, it makes me sad :( I hope it's not him, but really him. Cheer up detective ji. Why he did it, what motive do we not know yet. And the role of the cafe owner here has not been revealed, he is strange, and what his wife is real? he never shows his wife to others, only tells stories. ~just my opinion
  6. Sometimes time is short and you need something to entertain you anyway, and these 10 shows will do just that!

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  1. mx Mar 23 2020 5:34 pm just finished ep 1 and deym that ep can be a movie already cant wait for next ep if you like time travel genres youll love this
  2. Raptor May 10 2020 6:49 am Big fan of LJH here; been trying to catch up on shows that he had bigger roles in. Him being a lead in this show was a big trigger to watch. The ending was a little rushed, but I'm Glad that the female lead wasn't some damsel because she still contributed to the plot even at the end (unlike like in Doctor Prisoner, where the female lead played mainly a supporting.
  3. Woman: Episodes 8-11 - Forgiveness, Atonement & Acceptance - How a Single Mother Survives & How her Family Endures Posted on September 17, 2013 by Jed This is the final part of our Woman review, we look back at the last four episodes, a list of favorite scenes, reactions from the viewers, excellent reviews from fellow bloggers and final.
  4. der of how my childhood had been
  5. Tho sometimes the plot was kinda confusing as it required such a big brain (while I don't have any), but I kept watching it till the end because I shipped Ji Hyeong-ju and Shin Ga-hyeon so hard. I have watched hundreds of dramas but I hardly ever shipped any couple; less than ten, and they are one them. And they're not even couple (yet?). I cried in happiness when they both met again in the second reset. I'm quite satisfied with the ending. If there's a way to know what will happen in the second reset, I'd definitely watch it. Tho I doubt there will be second season.
  6. als :( seen previous comments about the acting, I thought it was amazing. An awkward teenager, a fiery teenager, a confused young impressionable teenager all portrayed well, I'd find it weirder if it was overly acted out, they're just high schoolers. Also, I love how this drama had little OSTs and awkward poses like other kdramas and the swearing and raw language, that's more like itttttttt. WAY more realistic than the way adults and teenagers are portrayed in other dramas. 10/10, would deffo recommend. Well done to all the actors and Netflix, hope it becomes crazy popular
  7. Information. Title: Crash Landing on You/Emergency Lands of Love/Emergency Love Landing/Sarangui bulsichak/사랑의 불시착 Director: Lee JungHyo Writer: Park JiEun. Network: tvN / Available on Netflix. Runtime: From Dec. 14 # of Episodes: 16. Language: Korean. Summary. The absolute top secret love story of a chaebol heiress who made an emergency landing in North Korea because of a.

The Day After We Broke Up (KBS2, 2016) After the Show Ends (tvN, 2016) Memory (tvN, 2016) Beloved Eun Dong (JTBC, 2015) Secret Door (SBS, 2014) Marriage, Not Dating (tvN, 2014) Big Man (KBS2, 2014) Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion (JTBC, 2014 I agree on all counts. There's a lot of foreshadowing and the characters are painted in broad strokes, which was initially groan-worthy, but after the second episode I was hooked. I'm always on the look out for drama recommendations and will check out the other two dramas that you mentioned Delly Apr 01 2020 7:10 am This drama is sooo good. its like i am watching hollywood movie. only one thing i wish didnt happen in this drama, that ga young girl. she irritate me to the core that i have to skip some of her part. she's making my ear ringing. i would love to see more of the violent crime unit than that ga young girl. overall, its a good drama. According to Hankyung, through Kdrama Stars, Ji Sung was a guest on the June 5, 2015 episode of Three Meals a Day. During the show, Ji met up with one of the show's cast members, Kim Kwang Kyu, since they both have met before on the set of the hit K-drama I Can Hear Your Voice.Kim was playing Judge Kim Gong Sook when he first met Ji, who was visiting his wife, Lee Bo Young, who played Jan.

it will definitely not end — Kang Yeon Do _____ Sassy, Go Go is a 12-episode K-drama broadcasted by KBS2 in 2015. This stars Jung Eun-ji, Lee Won-keun, Cha Hak-yeon, Ji-soo and Chae Soo-bin. Its ranked no 4 in my list. This is a drama i recently finished watching. Because of this drama, I started to love Lee Won Keun. Actually I watch this. Musashi Mar 24 2020 4:05 am In the Notes it replaced Welcome 2 Life, but that series was done 6 Months ago. I want to say it replaced The Game: Towards Zero, but that’s a Wed/Thur show, that ended last week. Bani Feb 27 2020 11:06 am The value of Lee Joon Hyuk's art is understood only by the wise persons. He's great, even if others don't want to know!

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  1. mscartique Apr 15 2020 1:02 am Didn't know that it has only 12 episodes. No wonder it's already reaching the climax at the end of the 15-16th episode last night.. I'm not ready for another big twist yet.. :(
  2. Drama: When the show ends | Iron lady | Когда кончается шо
  3. Lulu Mar 24 2020 9:23 am First few episodes were amazing & promising with that plot twist. Love it already!
  4. Tmoonblack Apr 29 2020 5:11 pm The Drama just came today out on Netflix and i have finish this drama already bc it was so exiting that you want too look more and more the first 5 episodes were absolute fantastic but the ending is just torture. So I hope there is a second season!!!
  5. A Apr 29 2020 7:50 pm Wait.. im confused, the ending is a cliffhanger. But does that mean that there will be another season???

Sam Apr 29 2020 2:34 am A must watch series! Highly recommended to those who love watching mystery thriller. Love the story & chemistry between the leads. No boring moments. I hope more people will watch this underrated drama. This is my favorite 2020 kdrama so far! Moon wife May 09 2020 3:31 am This is a new drama with different taste.. I like all character and how the story going like we can't guess what happen in the next episode.. i watched all episode just one day and just show how much I love this drama.. the ending need another season, thank you so much for your hard work and everything to make this drama.. ?♥

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On this page, you must only post things that will help other users decide if they should start the show or not. To talk about specific episodes, go on the episode page.subsub Apr 08 2020 3:18 am so i need to wait for a week for the next ep? ㅠㅠ and this is kinda sad because this drama just have 12 ep Nia K. Haryanto Apr 06 2020 8:39 pm I love this drama. The more I watching, the more I wonder what happen next. Who's the villain? I have no idea. I just want to enjoy every episode. Amazing! bear Apr 21 2020 4:06 am so cool how the majority of the actors in this drama are just starting their career!! i've been wanting to see some new faces in the industry for some time now, i can't wait to see how these fresh babies are gonna perform ;-; esp seeing how dark and serious the subject is. hope the drama does well Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna

It was so fast-paced that it's still taking a lot to process the hell I just watched but I assure you this is worth your 10 hours. There's action, a ton of thriller/suspense, plot twists, comic relief, and romantic tension. To top it off, it's a very REAL drama, it never sugarcoats things. 10/10 for me. spark Apr 29 2020 5:54 am this the first time i wrote a review among all dramas i watched and i must say this drama really met my high expectations as a fan of mystery/thriller drama. there are no dull moments every each episode. it's highly recommended. i don't know why this series is underrated when it's plot is really interesting and have unpredictable scenes. plus, the cast. both main leads have THAT chemistry. and maru!!! The show is about bubbly and lively 18 teen year who ends up in an arranged marriage with a prosecutor ten years older than her. Will the couple get a happily ever after or will their differences come between them? I highly recommend anyone to watch this show. Surprisingly, this show sometimes goes under the radar but trust me, it's a great watch After the Show Ends is a 60 minute comedy-romance starring Ha Seok-Jin, Yoon So-hee and Ahn Bo-Hyun. The series premiered on Sat Jul 02, 2016 on TVN and Episode 8 (S01E08) last aired on Sat Aug 20, 2016

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Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Descendants of the Sun is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo, Jin Goo, and Kim Ji-won.It aired on KBS2 from February 24 to April 14, 2016, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 for 16 episodes, and three additional special episodes were aired from April 20 to April 22, 2016 containing highlights and the best scenes from the series, the drama's production.

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Gomora II. Gomora reappeared in episode 22 of the series Ultraman 80, as Gomora II (ゴモラ二代目 Gomora Nidaime).). He was a Gomora that lived underground. Gomora II was a peaceful underground animal that lived with the Underground Men but then the animal was awaken by a insane secretary of UNDA and broke the agreement between UGM and the underground people he told the UNDA to shoot. Ruby May 17 2020 4:05 am There is so much going on in this drama. I can recommend it to all who likes Crime and Family Dramas. That poor boy is been through so much and this rich girl is showing up in his life and ruins everything. That boy has such a strong acting going on. I hope to see more movies with him. I mean all of the actors are delivering a good performance. gundam May 06 2020 10:07 pm Really good drama! Very fresh concept and fairly new to the world of kdrama. I've been a fan of kdrama for years now, and this is one of the best that I've seen. It's dark, realistic and the characters are potraying the 'normal' high-school students really well. It's not they are all psychos. I would imagine the way they acted would be exactly what would happen in real life if some bunch of brats involved in an illegal act. I did find some characters are annoying but then again, it's realistic. Kudos to all the crews involved in this production and the actors!

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Okindrianiii Apr 29 2020 4:36 pm Very very love this dramaaaaa, seneng banget bisa ikut on going drama ini. Ngikutin penasarannya tiap minggu. Hhu we will miss ji hyung joo and shin ga hyeon ?? I just binged it within 2 days. This was a rollercoaster from start to finish but it's honestly a really damn great drama! Just when you thought things couldn't get worst, another twist in the story comes. At the end of the drama, the only thing on my mind was "What the hell?" because of how seriously crazy it got. People hate the characters so much, but if you think about it, the male lead, Jisoo, was never a bad guy...he didn't have malicious intentions. Gyuri is a necessary character and her personality might not be likeable at first but she was pretty badass at some points. I mean, to be able to hate the characters that much, you gotta admit the actors/actresses are amazing. Can't believe they made me hate them and feel sympathy at some points. But the second time Joker scribbled on the wall was after Hyungsik installed the CCTV in the bar (Ep 7 at 50:40). Dongbaek offered Hyungsik food while his mother grumbled why he should be given food for free. Jong-ryul was there, too, and he and Yongsik almost had an altercation in the bar. That was Hyungsik's trigger

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Saba Feb 21 2020 4:46 pm Lee Jun Hyuk! You are a talented, trusted, kind and handsome actor! Fighting!❤ Sound confusing? To put it more simply, what I’m getting from these teasers and promos is that After the Show Ends looks like it’s going for an actual mockumentary concept, although instead of the framing device being a documentary, it’s a variety show. Through that, the show explores the central question: “Could acting like you’re in love prompt actors to actually fall in love?”

God usop May 06 2020 7:33 am The characters is annoying. Especially Min Hee. She is b*tch... Stay watching because Park Joo-Hyun. The movie ends with Ki-woo back in his own basement, just as imprisoned as his father but by economic circumstances rather than legal ones. But that's what makes the ending such a gut-punch: it. Insaf Jamal Apr 29 2020 7:09 pm This is absolutely one of my fav kdramas so far, the storyline is beyond goood and the cast are so brilliant. Thanks for this masterpiece ❤️ Banananananana May 01 2020 3:25 pm kyuri is to blame for everything @Hrhsudb i agree i couldnt like her character for all the problems she caused i know the point is none of them are perfect but kyuri really takes the cake i guess she is like this to occupy her mind away from her crazy tiger parents but everything happened because she was nosy and entitled. minhees character didnt annoy me actually she has the saddest story so far and her relationship with mr lee makes me think of father and daughter, she is only looking for somewhere to belong i feel bad for her. and jisoo really he is too stupid sometimes for someone who masterminded this business he makes too many rookie mistakes trusting kyuri too much. i havent finished it too i hope the ending is not too bad Viewer Apr 29 2020 5:26 am Great acting again from both main actors. It was really exciting until at some point where plot twists where just too much. Great show if you love unexpected twists.

sweetsugar Apr 24 2020 8:29 am Let me explain (SPOILERS), but im not too good in english, so cmiiw, im trying to explain from ep 1-20, so idk how it will end or maybe another twist First there is 3 timeline, 1. 1-5th reset, where every one die (2019) and also Ji hyeongju should be dead on 15 jan 2019, because he will be killed by oh myeong cheol, he was never know about the serial killer 2. 6th reset where oh myeong cheol finally succeed to kill det. Park, myeong chul kill det. Park on 15th jan 2019 (ep1) bc the serial killer is dead, so all resetter alive in 2020, 3. 7th reset where lee shin experimenting with all people "who should be dead", but everyone started to die, why??? bc at Jan 2019, where det. Park should be die was saved by Det. Ji Hyeongju, thats why lee shin said he was make the biggest mistake. Levanter Apr 09 2020 5:47 am I guess Lee Shin's daughter died before the reset because of some connections with those resetters. To avoid her daughter's death (again), Lee Shin is gonna kill or make change to the future/past of all those resetters beforehand. Anyway, acting was really good and storyline was interesting. The plot developments were good. It ended on a cliffhanger which was a bit annoying. All in all I’d give it a 6/10. It’s definitely worth a watch if you want something different from your average rom-com kdrama. Hani Apr 30 2020 4:13 pm A really nice fresh idea compared to 90% korean dramas. But the acting wasnt that good which hurt the story... the acting ugh its really ruining it for me. I had high hopes because this drama is a real netflix original (not a korean drama bought by netflix) and netflix almost always bring it when it comes to their original content. I will come back when I finish this show with a full review I hope the story and acting improve.

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Bingo! i was suspecting park suho from day 1 this drama airing. and its actually happened him is the culprit. 10 people, who dream of having a perfect life, travel back in time to 1 year ago. They are able to reset their lives there, but mysterious cases take place that threatens their lives. eunasdad May 01 2020 10:04 am This felt more like an advocacy for you kids to stay in school. The story was pretty much straightforward. There's literally no depth. Even Mr. Lee's story could have been better. Didn't feel anything towards the end. I thought it was going to be better when I saw Park Ho-San only to realize he had a short role. The idea for the story is great.. but really felt like they're just trying to send a message to the kids. Looking back, this felt so Western. Even referencing Dexter. Kei3104 Mar 30 2020 11:39 pm I love Lee Joon Hyuk as Ji Hyung Ju and his character, act cute and friendly in front of his police friends, and act cool n serious in front of reset team. I Like him with this casual cloth n jeans, jacket, sneaker and messy hairstyle rather than suit ^^

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Bersansan May 15 2020 7:02 am Kim Dong-HEe is The next big star in Korea!! Hail to the next king of Korean TV Series!! HHZ May 05 2020 8:20 am I just finished watching the whole season. Okay. Is it just me or all of the characters are somehow annoying? I’ve somehow disliked the 1st episode because of Minhee, then I realize that all of them are annoying in their own ways. Haih

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C May 06 2020 6:41 am I just need season 2 ASAP!!! This is one of the best drama I've ever watched. Crazy story line, great cinematography, good actors, and a satire of teenager life nowadays. I like this concept :) BTW, I'm having difficulty telling who's who between the two females. They look the same to me. Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit (Korean: 아이돌 리부팅 프로젝트 더 유닛) is a South Korean survival reality show on KBS2.The concept of the show is to form male and female unit groups of nine members each, among idols who had already debuted. The show is aiming to give them a fair chance to demonstrate their talents that they may not have been able to showcase before

Source: Twitter. As with every K-drama finale, the cast are often asked to pick their favourite scene of the series. For Lee Seung Gi, who played Cha Dal-Gun, it was the final chase scene in the first episode.It shows clearly that the genre of the drama is a spy action thriller, and it makes you curious about what will happen next momo Apr 11 2020 9:41 am i have a headache now after watching episode 12. Mind puzzling drama fuhh. Vero May 01 2020 12:21 am This drama was amazing, I'm re watching it now The actors are great for their roles the story is amazing perfect if you like shows like Elite

banaganatanatda Apr 28 2020 7:03 pm Omg, in each episode from this drama there is always a plot twist!!!!! I can't guess the plot from next episode, and I always suspected every people in this drama. But now I can escape from these crazy plot twists, finally!!!!! This is the best drama in 2020 so far. Ibyang Apr 07 2020 6:38 pm woooow. keep on watching this drama.. so sad that are only 12 episodes. This drama is not so dark, there are some cute/light moments. It thrilling but its fun to watch. Hope that more viewers will watch the show. AIOMAG Jul 05 2019 12:20 am Jung Da-Bin acting is very cute in other drama and movies, So we can expect acting like that. Waiting for this....

Drama: My First Love / Longing Heart (literal title) Synopsis: Kang Shin-Woo (Lee Jung-Shin) is a math teacher with a good looking appearance. He has not forgotten his first love Han Ji-Soo (Lee Yeol-Eum) for the past 10 years. By an accident, he travels to the past when he was a high schoo tlem Apr 30 2020 2:01 pm I thought the actors did a great job!! The director captured the anxiety of the characters perfectly. The end well I would agree a bit extra. SPOILER I just didn't understand why Oji felt the need to beg Minhee for forgiveness. He didn't blackmail her into it. She made her choices. With a remake of the show, Meteor Garden 2018 (the first six episodes are on Netflix), we look back at the original cast who made us laugh and cry, and discover what they're up to now

come fly with black Apr 21 2020 12:46 pm everything is perfect..what a shame that drama is very very underrated This is officially my 1st post about a (semi) recap for a kdrama that recently concluded: My Absolute Boyfriend.Well actually, it's more of a rant because I was typing away too many thoughts and realized that I was deviating from the main point of another post So I decided to dedicate a separate entry for this altogether Well, gotta watch this with subs so I can have a better grasp of how realism they're going to put into this. No one will be seated after the feature film begins. THE PARKING: Parking is available adjacent to the theater with entrances on Ivar Avenue and DeLongpre Avenue. Rates are $3 for up to 4 hours, with theater validation (posted rates apply thereafter). BEFORE & AFTER: Let's meet at around 1:45pm in the lobby to say hi and get tickets Jackson Apr 21 2020 10:03 am This drama is only for a thinker! Thumbs up to the writer and the whole casts! Someone who always use their brains and look for the theories may love this drama.

Elysia Sora May 04 2020 8:50 pm Binge Watch For This. Recommended. I Need Season 2 asaaappp, Pleaseee. Deadline: 31/01/2014 23:59 UTC 01/02/2014 08:00 UTC Another year over and a new one just begun. As the number one anime community, as voted for by NeoGAF, the world once again turns its gaze upon us to see just what anime shows, if any at all, of 2013 are worth watching. This is of course open.. Coldbay May 13 2020 3:48 pm This is one of the best kdramas. The characters may seem annoying to a lot of people but they have to be. And in order to like this drama you have to observe how the characters change. If you think about it you're basically watching two teenagers losing their mental sanity and dragging everything down with them. Its raw and thats what makes this drama so good. Every character is hateable and loveable at the same time. This drama is not about some crime a loser student commits. Its about how the system, society and standards can drive unordinary people to insanity. And this drama did an incredible job at showing this. Hi Feb 06 2020 10:14 am Unfortunately, Ji Chang Wook has made poor choices recently. Just about being an idol cannot be considered acceptable for an actor! Duplicitous works with no good storylines and only romantic scences with partners!!!! While Lee Joon Hyuk always chooses different roles with a charm even without romantic scence!! If the ratings are for kissing, then viewers' tastes should be questioned! Best acting! Not best kissing! Icha Apr 28 2020 8:16 pm I cant help to wait monday-tuesday until this drama come to an end!!! As expected from japanese-detective story adapatation, this is an incredible masterpiece that makes me feel soooo stupid cause of unpredictable story and its plot twist.

Detail Drama Korea After The Show Ends. Show Title: 연극이 끝나고 난 뒤 / Yeongeuki Kkeutnago Nan Dwi. Drama Title: 아이언 레이디 / Iron Lady. Genre: Drama, variety. Episodes: 8 (50 minutes show + 20 minutes drama each ep) Broadcast network: tvN / Naver TV Cast. Broadcast period: 2016-Jul-02 to 2016-Aug-20. Air time: Saturday 21:4 ananya Feb 25 2020 10:42 am i like lee joon hyuk,and his acting . i feel really sad because he is underrated . and i am really happy that again he is back as the lead actor . oppa fighting. Even after Jongwoo killed Munjo he still saw hallucinations of him which proves that Munjo truly is a part of him now even though he's dead. The police officer seeing him as Munjo at the hospital was just perfect. Yes Jungwoo killed Munjo at the end, but that wasn't the point. He successfully went into Jungwoo's head and manipulated him Chris May 04 2020 4:53 pm Wowww. This is one of the best mystery thriller korean drama ive ever seen. Big shout out to the actors, actress, and all the crew. The plot is really cool i cant describe it with words, it really leave me speechless every episodes. The chemistry between det Ji and Shin Gayeon really shine, I really need the 2 season ASAP!!! :)) Tmoonblack Apr 30 2020 5:14 am The K-Drama just came out and already finish it. It was thoroughly enjoyed. Because I was so curious what will happen next and always ask will they survive. But the ending is inhuman. I really hope there is a second season because I’m not happy with this also the last episodes where a little bit too extra.

As we head into 2018, I thought it would be great to share with you all, my personal views on those dramas I have watched and aired in 2017.so I am fairly new to Korean entertainment but this sort of sounds to me like a more artsy dating show, am I right? Dee Apr 01 2020 12:52 am I like the way that the lead character is good at what they do as a detective and a mystery writer. They also a good pairing. So far i enjoy the story.

THE SHORT VERDICT: So. Good. Despite my high expectations from all the rave comments online, I was still blown away. And that's quite a feat, no matter which way you look at it. The cinematography is gorgeous, the color palette is beautiful, and the writing is tight. The actors do a fantastic job bringing the character The series was originally gunning for 40 episodes, but ended at 32 for unknown reasons, which has led to complaints of a rushed ending and loose ends. However, it is a treat to see Soo-Yeon's cold heart being melted for Yeo-Reum, enough to have viewers a little teary in key scenes toward the end. How to watch it: Viki (Outside Korea Shane Apr 30 2020 2:06 am Shit... I hate violent dramas like these. It was very frustrating to watch especially since the leads were criminals. But! I finished it and I must say I want more. Also ... Dong Hee is handsome as hell...

Shana Mar 08 2020 12:59 am Why is Lee Joon Hyuk so great and handsome? He has a witty and kind personality. good luck my lovely oppa! The concept of this show. I can buy that sometimes feelings of reel and real blur and I'm sure there are tons of behind the scenes short relationships or affairs we never hear about. However reel to real relationships that last, rarely ever work out. Eh, I enjoy WGM for what it is, so if this gets subbed and the couples are cute enough; I'll watch.yaniii May 05 2020 8:16 pm it's been few days since i finished this drama but i still keep thinking about it. it's really, really, really gooood! one of the best mystery thriller kdramas i've ever watched! i didn't get bored in every episode <3 <3 <3 and the leads chemistry is very apparent, i mean there were no single romantic scene but i just cant stop myself from shipping them two! this is nam ji hyun's best drama for me! the role really fits her. i also hope lee joon hyuk will be casted in another drama again as a lead<3

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