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Freemium $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad File-sync Backup File sharing File Storage ... Integrated Search Security focused Services monitoring Support for WebDAV Add a feature Why Enterprise should choose Open Source file sharing solutions instead of Cloud providers - http://bit.ly/1jk6tEq Submit

WeTransfer is a free online file sharing service which lets you transfer large files online to several people at a time. This online sharing service allows you to share files up to 2 GB in one go. With the help of this online file transfer service you can transfer large files up to 2GB to maximum 20 people at the same time ProjectSend is a self-hosted application (you can install it easily on your own VPS or shared web hosting account) that lets you upload files and assign them to specific clients that you create yourself! Secure, private and easy. No more depending on external services or e-mail to send those files! Hosted vs Self-Hosted. We hope we've covered the basic differences between hosted and self-hosted websites. If you have any other further questions on this subject, please feel free to email us or include a comment below. If you'd like to know more about our website design and development services, visit our web services page of our website Some of you may be familiar with Roam Research (subreddit: r/RoamResearch) that has introduced an intriguing workflow by connecting ideas through backlinks.However, it is closed source, so self-hosted alternatives would be awesome! So far, I have identified two options (neither, of course, implements all the functions of Roam Research)

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YouTransfer is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); You may obtain a copy of the License at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. A Dropbox-like file manager that let you manage your data anywhere it is located: FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Git, S3, Minio, Dropbox, Google Drive. Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Blackberry 10 Unlimited bandwidth Cloud Storage Add a feature

WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Share large files up to 2GB for free OpenProject as best Asana alternative. Asana is a popular project management application which is rapidly growing in popularity. It has a clean interface, provides basic task and issue management and offers many integrations to other services. Let's take a look at why OpenProject is the best Asana alternative

r/selfhostedA place to share alternatives to popular online services that can be self hosted without giving up privacy or locking you into a service you don't control.79.5kMembers Freemium $ $ $ Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad Software as a Service (SaaS) Built-in viewer Cloud sync File-sync File sharing ... GSuite Integration IFTTT integration Android Sync Auto-saving Automatic conversion to multiple formats Backup Built-in player Cloud Storage Collaborative writing Sync Contacts Differential backup File Based Storage File management File Storage Integrated Search Compatible with Microsoft Office Works Offline Online collaboration Public Links Real time collaboration Upload directly to Google Drive Add a feature We'll host the HLS video player on the streaming server, so that you don't have to worry about uploading this javascript to your website. We'll use video.js with the HLS plugin. Create a file live.html in the web root and copy the following HTML 5. Gogs - A painless self-hosted Git service. The goal of this project is to make the easiest, fastest, and most painless way of setting up a self-hosted Git service. With Go, this can be done with an independent binary distribution across ALL platforms that Go supports, including Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and ARM

Maybe you want to be the first to submit a comment about Jirafeau? Just click the button up to your right! YunoHost is a great free cPanel alternative for beginners to self-hosting who just want to get started with some basic applications quickly. You can administer your VPS via the YunoHost web interface or the command line. YunoHost officially supports Debian 8 and is coded primarily in Python under an open source GPL license

I haven't managed a self-hosted chat system in a looong time, but might as well subscribe to see what you decide to use. @MikePT said: Have a look at rocket.chat, you can integrate a live chat in your website and handle all your internal ops in the chat server Self hosted file transfer. I'm looking for a file transfer/sharing solution, like wetransfer, but self hosted. I would be great if I could set a maximum download count. Any ideas? 15 comments. share. save A place to share alternatives to popular online services that can be self hosted without giving up privacy or locking you into a service. WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Every month, users in 195 countries send one billion files through our platform. Founded in 2009, our team is based in the Netherlands and the US

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An alternative to paid services like Dropbox and WeTransfer, a simple open source sharing solution with robust and resumeable downloads of large files Press enter to see results or esc to cancel. Become a sponsor. kostas maniatis in Showcase 2 years ago. PsiTransfer: An open source self hosted file sharing solution powered by Vue.js. You will need a self-hosted slack alternative. Also, the pricing of Slack doesn't have a lifetime license option. You have to pay a regular subscription, for unlimited chat log access. Alternative to Slack. That's why, we would like to introduce a best self-hosted alternative to Slack with In-House messaging system named as Output Messenger You may also like: 4 Free GitHub Alternatives to Host Private Open Source projects. Final thoughts. These are the best free self hosted GitHub alternatives that you can use. You can easily run them locally or on a production server in a few seconds. In some of them, it may take a long time for setup but it's worth it The solution can be used by businesses and service providers to privately deploy and host file sync and share solutions, providing an access layer (browser, mobile, desktop and file server access) around private cloud storage service and local file server storage, and retaining full control of data and the related access infrastructure Common complaints about Asana include lack of enterprise project management features, like Gantt chart, no client management tools, such as CRM or billing, and the fact that there is no self-hosted version of Asana. If you've been looking for Asana alternative, take a look at this feature comparison chart

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  1. Worlds leading online storage and file sync service. You get 2GB free. Apps for all major platforms.
  2. Thank you for A2A. I didn't put that much effort in evaluating free options, because for us the effort put into problems with Jenkins CI would easily outrange the costs of most of the proprietary solutions (Disclaimer: We ended up using Teamcity C..
  3. ownCloud launched in 2010 and was one of the first self-hosted Dropbox alternatives to really take off. While the service initially focused solely on cloud storage, it has scaled up its offerings dramatically in recent years.. From cloud storage to synchronization, ownCloud can do pretty much anything Dropbox can. It supports large files, automatic folder synchronization, and file access control
  4. docker run -d -v [path_to_upload_folder]:/opt/youtransfer/uploads -v [path_to_config_folder]:/opt/youtransfer/config -p 80:5000 remie/youtransfer:stable You can now connect to YouTransfer by browsing to http://[docker_host_ip]/ For more information on Docker deployment, please read the Docker installation instructions.
  5. Alternatives to ProjectSend for Web, Windows, Software as a Service (SaaS), Mac, Linux and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to ProjectSend.List updated: 5/7/2020 5:03:00 PM
  6. Publisher: WeTransfer B.V. Downloads: 79. Collect: Organize your content. Collect: Organize your content. Collect by WeTransfer is the best way to capture, combine and collaborate on ideas. Save.
  7. Comparing the costs of traditional SAN versus software-defined storage - http://bit.ly/1jLBVe4

Get to your files from anywhere, on any device, with Microsoft OneDrive. Share and work together with anyone in your work and life. DEBUG=psitransfer:* npm start Side notes There is no (end-to-end) payload encryption (yet). Download all as ZIP does not support resuming the download. 🌟 Contribution is highly welcome 🤘

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Jirafeau is an open-source web site permitting to upload a file in a simple way and give an unique link to it. Created by Jirafeau Customization public/upload.html and download.html are kept simple. You can alter these files and add your logo and styles. The following elements are mandatory: common.js and respectively upload.js, download.js as well as <div id="upload">, <div id="download"> Please keep a footnote like Powered by PsiTransfer :) 15 best firedrop alternatives for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android and more. Firedrop alternative list source: firedrop.co Alternatives to Self-Hosting. If you're nervous about self-hosting, but are still looking for the advantages, then consider what's called managed hosting. This is where you select a host that helps ensure your site is secure, performs routine backups, and offers a higher level of hands-on support than a basic hosting service

Self-Hosted WeTransfer Alternatives WeTransfer is not available as a self-hosted solution but there are some alternatives for power users and business that want to host a solution on-premise. The most popular Self-Hosted alternative is Jirafeau , which is both free and Open Source Freemium $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS Windows S Windows Phone iPad Kindle Fire Selective synchronization Unlimited storage File-sync Centralized model repository ... Scan documents Backup Cloud sync Works Offline Real-Time Synchronization Ad-free Built-in player Built-in viewer Cloud Storage Drag n drop Windows Explorer integration File sharing Folder sync IFTTT integration Integrated PDF Viewer Compatible with Microsoft Office Office Online integration Podcast Hosting Selective synchronization Shared folders Shared links Add a feature As a private, self hosted Dropbox alternative, CentreStack provides a file sharing and mobile access solution that can be hosted behind your corporate firewall or on Amazon Web Service or Microsoft Azure. At the same time, it integrates natively with Active Directory permissions and gives end users a drive letter with on-demand access and file. Most of us use services like Gmail, Feedly, and Instapaper to get through the day—but that means giving up privacy and locking into a service you don't control. Hosting your own services at home. Free self-hosted Zendesk & Help Scout alternative. Download Live Demo Modules. FreeScout Helpdesk. FreeScout is the super lightweight free open source help desk and shared inbox written in PHP7 (Laravel 5.5 framework). It is a self hosted clone of HelpScout. Now you can enjoy free Zendesk & Help Scout without giving up privacy or locking you.

The YouTransfer project relies heavily on 3rd-party Open Source projects. These projects all have their own licenses. Although commercial use of the YouTransfer project is permitted under the Apache 2.0 license, this right is limited to the "original content" created as part of this project. Please make sure you check the licenses of all 3rd-party components. The YouTransfer project cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with 3rd-party licenses when using this application. The use of 3rd-party projects is listed in the dependency section of the package.json file or inline in the code (when applicable). I've been using syncthing and it has been working great! It's a cross platform open source encrypted decentralized file synchronization program. Free Open Source Windows Linux Self-Hosted NGINX Apache HTTP Server ... PHP lighttpd File sharing File transfer Php Add a feature Quickstart Docker $ docker run -p -e PSITRANSFER_ADMIN_PASS=secret -v $PWD/data:/data psitrax/psitransfer # data volume needs UID 1000 $ sudo chown -R 1000 $PWD/data Specify the version by using image tags e.g.: After Google decided to end their Goo.gl URL shortening service, many people started looking for self-hosted alternatives to host their links. The following self-hosted URL-shortener scripts grant you absolute control and allow you to tweak and adjust your links to suit your peculiar taste

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  1. See the blog posts about PsiTransfer: https://psi.cx/tags/PsiTransfer/ and checkout the Documentation
  2. There are many situations in which you might decide that self-hosting your website is the way to go. You may be a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or be running a personal or even non-profit site
  3. Commercial Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... iPad Self-Hosted File sharing Folder sync Add a feature
  4. AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate. The site is made by Ola and Markus in Sweden, with a lot of help from our friends and colleagues in Italy, Finland, USA, Colombia, Philippines, France and contributors from all over the world. That's right, all the lists of alternatives are crowd-sourced, and that's what makes the data.
  5. Our web site is hosted on the hosting company server, not our own server in our company. Also, we are looking for an existing solution rather than hiring programmers developing the solution. So this option will not work for us unfortunately
  6. You're pull requests will be reviewed and if approved it will be merged. Make sure to be available to discuss your pull request and make changes if required.

Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone iPad Xfce End-to-End Encryption Encrypted backups File Versioning Encryption ... Incremental backup Automatic Backup Backup Cloud Storage Folder sync Works Offline Real-time backup Security focused Selective synchronization Unlimited storage Add a feature The self-hosted delivery model specifically designed for Large Entities provides an excellent production installation guide that lets users deploy it on their networks. Besides its 90 native integrations, Zulip supports more integrations from Hubot, Zapier, and IFTTT Simple open source self-hosted file sharing solution. It's an alternative to paid services like Dropbox, WeTransfer.

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MindTouch Platform and MindTouch Core are both self-hosted. The UI is non-invasive and very clean. You can use MindTouch Platform in conjunction with the desktop connecter to import your docs. More steps than viewing a document in Google Docs, but does give you the security of your fire wall WeTransfer is a service to send big or small files from A to B. It can transfer any type of file - such as presentations, photos, videos, music or documents - to... Rather, a major shift has been noticed in the users choice for better Slack alternatives those are less-expensive with more unique features. Let's take a quick look into few self-hosted Slack alternatives: Rocket.Chat. Rocket.Chat considered as one of the best self-hosted Slack alternatives for 'open-source team communication' Framasoft aims to offer around thirty free alternative services to provide a substitute for those services which, once they get hold of us, proceed to feed upon our data. But there are many other players working to de-google-ify Internet and many other such services. You will find below, a list summarizing and supplementing the alternatives presented on the map A self-hosted, open source alternative to IFTTT. Open Source. Tech. Tweet Share Embed. Featured 4 years ago. Self hosted --- opens up so much control - awesome. Find open-source alternatives to commercial apps. Pipedream. Integration platform for developers

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Freemium Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Blackberry Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) Raspberry Pi Cloudron Calendar integration Autotagging Self-hosted in intranet or private cloud Bookmarks ... Built-in Note Taker Built-in RSS reader Cloud Storage Delta Backup Delta Update File management File sharing File-sync Music Streaming No installation required Image Preview SAML Single Sign-On Calendar Sync Virtual filesystem Support for WebDAV Add a feature Serverpilot Alternative: Improved, Managed to Self-Hosted This is my research on ServerPilot alternatives for deploying, and managing web applications on popular cloud servers; both small & large projects in 2020


Yandex.Disk is a free cloud storage service that gives you access to your photos, videos and documents from any internet-enabled device. Download the app to your phone... Feel free to send us your questions and feedback on hello@alternativeto.net, in our discussion forums, in our Discord channel or tweet us at @AlternativeTo

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A safe home for all your data – Access & share your files, calendars, contacts, mail & more from any device, on your terms. As of Summer of 2019, OpenX has officially shut down their ad server product, in order to focus on programmatic and video. This means that current OpenX ad server users will soon need to find an alternative. Most will undoubtedly flock to Google Ads Manager (previously DFP, or DoubleClick for Publishers), but there are many reasons why this strategy may not work for everyone If you wish to run YouTransfer in your own environment without any modifications, the Docker image is the quickest and easiest approach. All you have to do is install docker and run: To install YouTransfer, run npm install in the application directory. After installation, start YouTransfer with PORT=[port] npm start.

If you like Trello, but now want a similar software that you can self-host, or run on your own server, I've found four that you can choose from. Keep in mind that I've not installed any of these on my own server, but from the information I've gathered about them, the ones I'm most likely to use are Kanboard and Restyaboard YouTransfer is an open source project and as such supported by the community. Any issues or feature requests can be submitted to the project's issue tracker. If you have specific questions for support or custom implementations of YouTransfer, please contact us. You can send an email (info at youtransfer.io) or a direct message on Twitter (@youtransfer).

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  1. Looking for alternatives to cubetransfer? Find out how cubetransfer stacks up against its competitors with real user reviews, pricing information, and what features they offer
  2. OpenNote is an alternative to Evernote (and in a way for Microsoft's OneNote as well). It's self-hosted, easy to deploy and but still very basic in features and functionality. Still, a nice alternative for the casual note-taker. Installation: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Price: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ What does it do
  3. WordPress is an open source platform that has been developed by tens of thousands of people. Essentially, WordPress was created by a community of developers, and it is now a free blogging platform that can be used on a free or self-hosted basis. To get a free WordPress site, all you have to do is visit WordPress.com to start designing your site.
  4. imum hardware system requirements of the unRaid are 64-bit CPU, 1.0 GHz or better,

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With that said, we're going to be taking a look at some self-host Slack alternatives in this article. Your first question may be why your company would need a self-hosted alternative to Slack. Well, in addition to the data and security concerns, one thing to consider is that Slack has become increasingly expensive for teams to use, large and. Is there anything similar to wetransfer, with a similar drag-an-drop interface and temporal upload (with auto deletion)? GitHub may be the most popular computer code hosting service for version control using Git, which is a distributed version control system for tracking changes in source code during software development created by Linus Torvalds in 2005, but it's not the only option available—not by a long shot.Ever since Microsoft acquired GitHub in October 2018 for $7.5 billion, there has been a surge in. Explore these alternatives to Folder Transfer that are most similar in terms of key features and benefits. Review the following Folder Transfer alternatives to see if there are any Folder Transfer competitors that you should also consider in your software search

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Jitsi Meet has both a hosted (free) and self-hosted option. It is completely open source, and freely available for you and your friends / family / teams to use at will. Jitsi Meet is a great. CopyBucket is a cloud-based clipboard. It gives you the power of cloud-storage with the ease of use of copy/paste. Add items in buckets using copy/paste or...

In fact, other apps gained in popularity, especially the cloud hosted ones, just like Feedly From my point of view, I choose not to get back to another prison but to build my own :). At the time, I chose Tiny Tiny RSS as it's using PHP - MySQL which allows me to run it on any shared hosted platform Maybe you want to be the first to submit a comment about ProjectSend? Just click the button up to your right!

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It's essentially a Parse hosting service that includes all Parse features plus add-ons like the multitenant dashboard, collaboration, performance optimization, server-side infrastructure, and support. Back4App vs. Self-hosted Parse. Here are the differences between using Back4App over self-hosting your Parse app. Multitenant Dashboar Explore a recommended list of WeTransfer alternatives for your business in 2020. Compare alternatives to WeTransfer side by side and find out what other people in your industry are using. Let GetApp help you determine if the competition offer better features or value for money Create and configure a self-hosted integration runtime. 03/13/2020; 22 minutes to read +17; In this article. APPLIES TO: Azure Data Factory Azure Synapse Analytics (Preview) The integration runtime (IR) is the compute infrastructure that Azure Data Factory uses to provide data-integration capabilities across different network environments If you wish to install YouTransfer directly from source, you will need to install NodeJS. Download the latest release zip file from GitHub or clone the repository from https://github.com/remie/YouTransfer.git Freemium $ $ $ Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Blackberry Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Kindle Fire Office Online integration Sync between devices Built-in viewer Cloud Storage ... Encrypted Notes File sharing File Storage IFTTT integration One-link file sharing Selective synchronization Team Collaboration Unlimited storage Add a feature

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*This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. MediaFire is the simple solution for uploading and downloading files on the internet. It focuses on providing a positive experience for downloaders, but does not offer... Self-hosting in the context of website management and online publishing is used to describe the practice of running and maintaining a website using a private web server. The concept of self hosting is mostly relevant in situations where a webmaster has a clear and immediate hosted alternative, however the term can be applied in other situations YouTransfer is a simple but elegant self-hosted file transfer & sharing solution. It is an alternative to paid services like Dropbox and WeTransfer by offering similar features but without limitations, price plans and a lengthy privacy policy. You remain in control of your files.

The Riak authors recommend to put a HTTP proxy in front of Riak in order to provide access control. You can chose any proxy server you like (such as nginx or Apache), and any access control policy you like (such as authorization based on IP addresses, HTTP basic auth, or cookies, assuming your proxy server can handle it) Jirafeau is an open-source web site permitting to upload a file in a simple way and give an unique link to it. FilesAnywhere offers free 1GB online file storage, with cloud storage solutions for Internet backup, file sharing, secure FTP hosting, and web folders for colla FilesAnywhere is a comparative, up-to-date source of information, where you can find alternatives and similar A Self-Hosted VPN Solution Tim's Blog. 2015-09-14. I gave up and decided to look for alternatives. SoftEther VPN. The hunt for an alternative unearthed the SoftEther VPN Project. Install the product on a server and you can then connect instances of their client application to it. It's a fantastic product, and it supports every common VPN.

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MEGA, the successor of MegaUpload , is a cloud storage and file hosting service produced by Mega Limited. This cloud-storage solution... I need a self-hosted replacement for Github. It is crucial it works on firewalled intranet, with no access to the Internet (for example, styles, license checks, etc.). Relatively good web UI: source code and commit browsing are a must. Support for git and/or mercurial. Support for both is a plus

If you are looking for a free, open source, and self-hosted alternative to Roam Research, here are a few options. TiddlyBlink. Based on TiddlyWiki, this is the most solid and intuitive alternative I have found. Linking to an inexisting page will create a new one, backlinks are shown as references below each note, you can open notes side by side. +1 for projectsend. I've been using it for shipping big video files between family members (we're digitising our old home movies as a lockdown project). Rock solid. Looking for alternatives to SmartFile? Find out how SmartFile stacks up against its competitors with real user reviews, pricing information, and what features they offer A popular service for uploading and sharing large files, WeTransfer offers an easy to use interface and a individual file limit of 2 GB that is guaranteed to be available to download for two weeks even without registering for the site.That being said, WeTransfer has plenty of alternatives with those features and more. Other sites with similar functionality include FileTransfer.io, which is. SandForms is an open source alternative to Google Forms. It was developed by a team at ThoughtWorks that worked closely with the journalists and activists for whom Sandstorm's security features are of vital importance, as well as the Radical Librarians Collective and the Library Freedom Project.. That thing is beautiful. Seriously, give it a spin.I always love it when the open source apps are.

Self-host Clockify on your own servers or private cloud for maximum security and privacy. Contact sales. Watch demo (1:48) What is Clockify. Clockify is a modern employee timesheet app that works in a browser. Clockify streamlines timesheet collection and time analysis so you no longer have to fill out, scan, and store paper timesheets Hostpapa is a web hosting service, which provides the user with a custom domain name, a simple website builder, useful tools, storage and apps. A hosted email address can also be created. The services are mainly meant for new businesses that want to expand their visibility on the internet YouTransfer is a simple but elegant self-hosted file transfer & sharing solution. It is an alternative to paid services like Dropbox and WeTransfer by offering similar features but without limitations, price plans and a lengthy privacy policy. You remain in control of your files Enterprise Private self-hosted questions and answers for your enterprise; download files via terminal/cmdline through wetransfer.com. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 3 months ago. Active 19 days ago. i tried to wget the link that wetransfer sends by mail, but i only get the html info page that shows up before wetransfer sends the file. Configure Releases Pipeline to run job on the self-host agent In Release Editor, you can choose Default as the Agent Pool as well in UI, and trigger it by previous build tasks: Now the setup is completed, you can use your own agent to CI/CD Windows Desktop Apps in customized build environment at anytime and leverage the power of Azure.

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  1. PsiTransfer alternatives and similar software solutions Based on the Coquelicot category. Plik. The collection of libraries and resources is based on the Awesome Self Hosted List and direct contributions here. To add a new software solution, please, check the.
  2. The platform is powered by a self-made VISO technology through machine learning, digital signal processing, and big data. The end-to-end solutions are specialized for its users based on their goals. There are solutions for creators, content management, advertising, eCommerce and interactive apps
  3. istration interface- File level Deduplication for storage optimization- A basic Terms Of Service which can be adapted to your needs- Shortened URLs using base 64 encoding- API interface- Data encryption (option)- Skins...... More Info »
  4. EDIT: it would be nice to have the option to set the sender's/receiver emails before starting the upload (so you can just forget about checking if it has been uploaded already or not)

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Awesome alternative to google docs, have been using it for one year now to replace google doc. Better search, fast, allow my team to write beautiful notes easily and we can all get really quickly a good sense of what's been working on Manual, precompiled # Be sure to have NodeJS >= 7.4 $ node -v v7.4.0 # Download and extract latest release package from # https://github.com/psi-4ward/psitransfer/releases # Install dependencies and start the app $ NODE_ENV=production npm install $ npm start Manual, from source # Compile the frontend apps $ cd app $ npm install $ npm run build # Install dependencies $ cd .. $ npm install $ npm start Configuration There are some configs in config.js like port and data-dir. You can: Should I Choose a Hosted or Self-Hosted Web Platform? This is the first decision to make after deciding to publish your brand online. Essentially, if you choose a hosted platform, you'll trade customizability for ease of use. Hosted platforms offer a quick and easy way to start publishing content without touching a server or managing upgrades

Self-hosted WordPress hosting relies on software from WordPress.org that is typically configured via a streamlined one-click installation script. What's more, the best WordPress hosts include upgraded infrastructure and security measures optimized to run and protect the world's most popular content management system Hi, is there any good open source self-hosted evernote alternatives with sync and android support? Ixiaus on Mar 15, 2015. Amazed no one has mentioned Emacs' org-mode yet. Nothing I've ever tried comes close to the flexibility and usefulness of org-mode in Emacs Your go-to Self Hosted Toolbox. Our goal is to help you find the software and libraries you need. Made by developers for developers. The collection of libraries and resources is based on the Awesome Self Hosted List and direct contributions here

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  1. You can now connect to YouTransfer by browsing to http://localhost:[port]/ For more information on hosting YouTransfer please read the hosting instructions.
  2. This post covers some best free self hosted alternatives to Trello. With these Trello alternatives, you can manage different project tasks like a pro with your team and boost productivity. They offer your unlimited public and private projects with dedicated boards and you can add different people in those too
  3. It is a simple and open source file sharing utility used to share our files locally or globally. It's an alternative to paid services like Dropbox and WeTransfer. Unlike transfer.sh, it is not a website. It is actually a self-hosted file sharing platform. You can deploy it on your home system to share files over local area network
  4. Cloud Station synchronizes data across all your devices, such as computers, mobile devices, or other Synology NAS. Build a private cloud and ensure files are readily...
  5. I'm personally running "Plik" https://github.com/root-gg/plik I've used this for exchanging documents and files with clients and family.
  6. Actually we transfer works in China (Drop box does not) - so you don't need a replacement

Jirafeau was added by Mojo42 in Mar 2015 and the latest update was made in Oct 2018. The list of alternatives was updated May 2020. It's possible to update the information on Jirafeau or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. Let ' s Chat is a persistent messaging application that runs on Node.js and MongoDB. It's designed to be easily deployable and fits well with small, intimate teams. It's free (MIT licensed) and ships with killer features such as LDAP/Kerberos authentication, a REST-like API and XMPP support. Let's Chat is a side-project of the development team. OpenProject as Wrike alternative. Wrike is a popular project management application which offers essential project management features.This includes task management, Gantt charts and time tracking. The tool offers a free version for up to 5 users (which does not include basic features like Gantt charts) Awesome-Selfhosted. Self-hosting is the practice of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaSS providers. This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Non-Free software is listed on the Non-Free page. See Contributing

Self-Hosted Team Chat Options and Alternatives. by Andrei Soroker and Niral Patel. When you think of team chat, products like Slack, HipChat, Kato, or Skype come to mind. However, these are all cloud services: when you use them, you entrust a key asset of your company—your real-time business communication archive—to a third party Freemium Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Blackberry Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) Raspberry Pi Cloudron Calendar integration Autotagging Self-hosted in intranet or private cloud Bookmarks ... Built-in Note Taker Built-in RSS reader Cloud Storage Delta Backup Delta Update File management File sharing File-sync Music Streaming No installation required Image Preview SAML Single Sign-On Calendar Sync Virtual filesystem Support for WebDAV Add a feature Nextcloud alternatives and similar software solutions Based on the File transfer/synchronization category. Syncthing. 9.9 The collection of libraries and resources is based on the Awesome Self Hosted List and direct contributions here. To add a new software solution, please. Jirafeau, your web file repository . File uploaded. Download page.

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  1. Alternative self-hosted Google Home integration. Development. Add-ons. gytisgreitai and people would surely be in favor of this to be connected to cloud services rather than self-hosting. Would that be possible, or does your approach generally not allow to go in this direction in the future? gytisgreitai.
  2. [edit] Confirmed that it can use an sqlite database stored in the local file structure. Also I updated the url since they've recently redone their site.
  3. Teknik is dedicated to the advancement of technology and ideas, and we provide these services to help those who try to innovate. Each file is encrypted on upload...
  4. openX alternatives, maybe self hosted. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 5 months ago. Active 3 years ago. Viewed 5k times 2. I've been using openX self hosted ad management software lately, but it's sooo slow. Goal: I need to be able to show an ad for 10 clicks then disable the ad, and do it daily. Problem: When I set openX at 10 clicks per day, its.
  5. I am in need of a piece of self-hosted software that does exactly what pastebin does, but Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers

Freemium $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Chrome Firefox End-to-End Encryption File-sync AES encryption Cloud sync ... Encrypted backups Encryption File Storage Works Offline Video Hosting Accept Bitcoin as payment Cloud Storage File sharing Firefox Extensions Support for Large File Selective synchronization Shared folders Split and merge PDF files Add a feature nice but +2gb would be nice and also having the option to set the sender's/receiver emails before starting the upload (so you can just forget about checking if it's sent already or not)

FileWhopper is a unique service that lets you send files or folders of ANY SIZE with no limits fast and securely. Encrypt & password-protect files; No monthly... You can read more about how to install and use YouTransfer on the project's GitHub wiki pages. This includes instructions on how to create your own NodeJS project using YouTransfer as a template, which is especially useful for companies that want to apply custom branding and add additional features. level 21 point · 28 days agoSomeone tried to send me something with about 1.7GB files and it was not possible to finish it. He then broke the file down into smaller ones and it was horror as well. Don't know. ProjectSend is a self-hosted application (you can install it easily on your own VPS or shared web hosting account) that lets you upload files and assign them to specific clients that you create yourself! Secure, private and easy. No more depending on external services or e-mail to send those files

Personal self-hosted equivalent to WeTransfer? Do you guys know a great alternative to WeTransfer i could host on my server if, for example, i want my clients to send me files i just want to download right away in a secured way (not stored on the server for a long time For many people, Google Photos, Flickr, and other cloud-based image hosting services are perfect for backing up photos, sharing them, and organizing them into galleries. If you'd rather use a. What is better WeTransfer or Digify? If you're experiencing a difficult time choosing the right File Sharing Software product for your company, we suggest that you compare and contrast the available software and determine which service offers more benefits. For example, here you can review WeTransfer (overall score: 8.3; user rating: 100%) vs

Well, it's true that WordPress isn't the only blogging software out there. Plenty of alternatives exist, and many are easy to use and don't require you to buy your own hosting. But if you're serious about blogging, self-hosted WordPress is the best choice for your blog. Here's why. 3 big reasons you should blog with self-hosted WordPres When DIY Blogging isn't for You: 5 Alternatives to Self-Hosted WordPress Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of March 2018 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments Here on ProBlogger, we've always recommended self-hosted WordPress (aka WordPress.org) as the very best platform for blogging Freemium $ $ $ Web Android iPhone Direct file uploading File sharing File transfer Support for Large File ... No registration required File Sending Large File Transfer Add a feature Alternatives to Jirafeau for Web, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to Jirafeau.List updated: 5/7/2020 5:03:00 PM 4 open source tools for sharing files. If you're looking for a simple and self-hosted file transfer application that packs a few more features than FileDrop, self-hosted, and is a solid alternative to proprietary applications like Dropbox and Box especially if you need a few more functions from your file sharing tool

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service which enables user cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. Google Drive incorporates the... Open in Desktop Download ZIP Downloading Want to be notified of new releases in psi-4ward/psitransfer? I'm interested in Droppy, I discovered it recently. it has a mobile app to view files/pictures? Or which one do you use. Pydio is the mature alternative to Dropbox and Box.com, to build your own box, on your own servers. Pydio is an open source file sharing platform for the enterprise, with simple and sleek web and mobile apps, hosted securely on your servers and clouds. As easy to use as great consumer software, Pydio is designed to provide enterprise grade. A self hosted alternative to Ngrok Because I use cert-manager with Kubernetes to manage TLS certificates, I could just use an issuer for self signed certificates in development, but I also wanted to test locally the actual workflow of a user adding a custom domain with HTTP verification like in production

ProjectSend was added by GamesMechanic in Aug 2016 and the latest update was made in Jun 2019. The list of alternatives was updated May 2020. It's possible to update the information on ProjectSend or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. level 1Comment deleted by user4 years agolevel 21 point · 4 years agoThis piece of software is awesome. I personally just found it last week ish but if I recall it has torrenting capabilities so you don't have to direct download it. SandStorm is an open source platform for self-hosting web apps. You can use SandStorm to run any type of applications in their dedicated servers. This is service is mainly used by the self-hosting Show mor 8 Free Salesforce Alternatives - Self Hosted CRM For Small Businesses. Updated: January 10, 2020 / Home » The Web » Web Tools, Services, and Resources. Undeniably, Salesforce is the best CRM in the market. Unfortunately, Salesforce is not free, for those with a small business and tight on budget, every penny counts. Salesforce CRM is a.

Self-hosted alternatives to Skype, Slack, HipChat Every team needs some sort of chat software. There's no real teamwork without communication, especially if you are in the tech world. Businesses do share quite a lot of sensitive information between teammates and it's totally reasonable for them to use a self-hosted, private chat software. Because self hosted Bitrix24 editions give you direct access to the source code, it is fully customizable. API and SDK documentation help you integrate Bitrix24 with other services that are critical to your business. Supplied in source code (unobfuscated) Built-in full-featured CMS. Powerful backend. Corporate identity (logo, brand colors, etc FileCloud is available on self-hosted or web-based platform. Below are the subscription plans for the self-hosted or on-premise version: Standard — $4.20/user per month ($50/user per month if billed annually) Minimum of 20 users; Keeps data in your servers; Supports network shares (NTFS) Free and unlimited external partner/client account

Looking for reliable WeTransfer alternatives? Find out which similar solutions are better according to industry experts and actual users. Easily compare features, pricing and integrations of 2020 market leaders and quickly compile a list of solutions worth trying out PsiTransfer. Simple open source self-hosted file sharing solution. It's an alternative to paid services like Dropbox, WeTransfer. * No accounts, no s * Mobile friendly responsive interface * Supports many and very big files * Resumable up- and downloads * Set an expire-time for your upload bucket * One-time downloads * Download all files as zip/tar.gz archive * Modal-style file preview. A full-featured home-hosted Cloud Drive & Personal Assistant. Convert files, create archives, scan for viruses, perform OCR on images or documents, stream media... WeTransfer was founded in 2009 and ever since it has been used as a file-sharing software. WeTransfer's primary service can be used for individual and business personnel to send any file to an email address, or simply by creating a one-time link which can be accessed by other people. Pros: No account required; Immediate Set-up; Extremely easy. I was super excited, right until I realized, that Firebase only available as a hosted service, and as such, is not an option for my employer. I'd like to ask if anyone is aware of a framework or a library, offering a comparable feature set (i.e. auto-binded madel back-end persistence combined with a real-time push) Any information would be great Created to be installed behind the firewall on private servers, YouTransfer aims to empower organisations and individuals that wish to combine easy-to-use file transfer tooling with security and control.

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