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Eritrea/ East African News, Movie, Music, Comedy, Eritrea Television (ERi-TV) Live 24/7. US Congressman Neguse's Amendment to End African Visa Ban Adopted. Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki Arrives in Saudi Arabia for 3 Days Working Visit. Eritrea - UAE DP World to Upgrade and Maintain Ports. Ethiopian House Approves Disinformation. Forum [Eri-Forum] Eri-TV [Eritrean TV] Trending. random . Home Development Eritrea News Eritrea to build 50,000 affordable homes. Eritrea to build 50,000 affordable homes Admin. 9:22 AM Development, Eritrea, News Eri-TV Live is a 24-hour Eritrean Television network. Eritrea Televsion (ERiTV Live) head office is located in Asmara, Eritrea. ERiTV (Eritrea Television) channel 1 broadcasts for overseas audience via ArabSat, NileSat and Globecast satellites. ERi-TV channel 1 Broadcasts mostly Eritrea news and entertainment programs Denden Media, Arlington, Virginia. 31K likes. Denden Media is an authorized distributor of Eritrean national TV (ERi-TV) and DimTsi Hafash Eritrea/ድምጺ ሓፋሽ ኤርትራ radio broadcasted over the internet Eri-TV is short for Eritrean television and nominally refers to Eri-TV1, the first television channel broadcast in Eritrea. It is the only television broadcaster in Eritrea and it is state-owned. Eri-TV Broadcasts began in January 1993. EriTV1. The channel broadcasts internationally via satellite along with its sister radio station, Dimtsi Hafash

ERI-TV ኤሪ-ቲቪ. ERI Adal TV ኤሪ-ኣዳል ቲቪ. Eri-Healthcare ሓፈሻዊ ጥዕና. ERI-Media ኤሪ ሜድያ. Eritrea Sinit Study Group ESSG (ስኒት) Falfasa فلفسة. FaNus NetWork ፋኑስ. Gebre Gebremariam ኣስተምህሮታት. George Drar ንመሃር ንፍለጥ ንዕበ. Gezay Gezakum ገዛይ ገዛኹ Bahti Meskerem Celebrating in Houston TX okubay berhe Monday, 21 August 2017 ብዓል ሓደ መስከረም ኣብ ከተማ ማንሃይም ንዒለት 02.09.2017 ስዓት 16.00 Dimtzi Eritrawian1 Kab Germa EriTV 2 is a legacy channel for Eri-TV and contains news and broadcasts up to December 2017. Please subscribe to the NEW official channel administered by Den.. IIIRራ | raimoq-May 10, 2020. 0. Tags. africa Agriculture art asmara china Culture cycling development education egypt Entertainment EPLF Eri-TV eritrea Eritrean Eritrean Music ethiopia EU festival film germany Health history holland horn of africa interview Isaias Afwerki Italy massawa Migrants movie music National protest red sea song sport. Eritrean Television Political Comment by Asmelash Director of Eri-TV. 52 Anniversary of Bahti Meskerem - The first struggle for the Independence of Eritrea..

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  1. Next ERi-TV:2019 Independence Week Festivities: Bahti Meskerem Concert - Part III of III. Independence Festivities, Shows ERi-TV:2019 Independence Week Festivities: Bahti Meskerem Concert - Part II of III. 12 months ago. Watch Later Remove Cinema Mode. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email LinkedIN WhatsApp
  2. Cultural performances were staged yesterday at Bahti-Meskerem square in connection with the 23rd Independence Day anniversary witnessing participation of foreigner artists
  3. g him that Eritrean troops had withdrawn from the disputed areas of Ras Doumiera and Doumiera Island and that Qatari military observers had been deployed to those localities pending a final settlement.
  4. By TesfaNews, The Eritrean Foreign Minister, in his recent letter addressed to the Chairperson of the African Union, strongly urged for the respect of the rules and procedures that govern the continental body.. This follows after Ethiopia's scripted drama of violating Paragraphs 9 and 10 (a and b) of Article 8 of the AU's Peace and Security Council (PSC) protocols to enable it stage.
  5. gnews.org 2020 welcome to meskerem the first eritrean opposition website since. Primary Sidebar. Search this website. Tweets by wyo
  6. By TesfaNews, An Eritrean website meskerem.net has reported that 15 years old Eritrean-Canadian downhill ski racer, Shannon Abeda, will represent Eritrea for the first time at the first Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria from the 13th till the 22nd January 2012.. Young Shannon was born and raised in Canada has only been in his native country Eritrea at the age of six
  7. The Qatari mediation provides for the formation of a committee, headed by Sheikh Hamad, which is empowered to appoint an international firm to demarcate the border, with Eritrea and Djibouti's consent, QNA said.

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  1. Eri Star presents Valentine's Day special EVENT in Frankfurt am Main with super stars Dehab Faytinga, Sami Berhane and Surprise Artist Date: 16.02.2013 Time: 21 PM - 05 AM Location: SARAY TURKUAZ Halle Ernst-Wiss Str. 20 65933 Frankfurt/M. More Info.: TS : 015233835840 & 0173194104
  2. State-owned Eri-Tv is the only television station based in Eritrea. It is the government's mouthpiece, but if you have a satellite dish you can watch the BBC and other international channels or Asena TV and ERISAT, run by political exiles. The Committee to Protect Journalists.
  3. It had neither oil nor diamonds, but it did not matter: both Eritrea and Ethiopia wanted it on their side of the border. At the time, the war was described as two bald men fighting over a comb
  4. EastAfro, Asmara, Eritrea. 208,939 likes · 450 talking about this. EastAFRO.com - East African News, Free access to Eritrea Television Eri-TV live 24/7, Eritrea movie, Eritrea music, Eritrea comedy..
  5. Eritrea: An Extraordinary Love Story from 1920s. The Story of Fessehatsion Beyn (Beyene), the first Eritrean Pilot, His Italian friend Girolama Ricucci and their son Claudio. Fessehatsion and Girolama - circa 1922. Documents of the colonial era are sparse and incomplete, but they are also one of the written sources preserved in the post-fascist.

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ethiomedia is the No. 1 Ethiopian news website. Ethiopian news, daily Ethiopian new Dear Friends of awate, This is the most unpleasant time for us because we have Since Abiy Ahmed became Ethiopia's prime minister in the spring of 2018, he has met In modern history, Ethiopians and Eritreans went through decades of violent confrontations. It is with great dismay that I hear the beating of war-drums by some segments Eritrea-Chat.Com is an website for Eritreans and friends of Eritrea around the globe with a lot of entertainment, news, culture, history, music, movie, documentation, knowledge, niqhat and many more things about Eritrea or is connected to Eritrea Haddas Ertra_22032020.pdf Haddas Ertra_21032020.pdf Haddas Ertra_20032020.pd Radio Erena: 28 April 2020. ህዝብታት ዓለምና ብለበዳ ኮረና ቫይረስ ኣብ ሻቕሎት ተሸሚምሉ ኣብ ዘሎ እዋን፣ መንግስታት ዜጋታቶም ንምርግጋእን፣ ኣብ እዋን ለበዳን ድሕሪ ለበዳን ዝህሉ ማሕበረ ቁጠባዊ ፖሊሲታትን ኣብ ምዝታይን ንህዝቢ ኣብ ምግላጽን'ዮም.

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  1. Eritrea: Cultural Show Staged At Bahti-Meskerem Square On New Year Eve. The show that involved three cultural troupes embracing veteran and young artists was live broadcast on Eri-Tv. Such.
  2. (Part 1) 2018 Eritrea Independence Bahti Meskerem (Part 2) 2018 Eritrea Independence Bahti Meskerem 2018 Cinema Roma Concert EPLF victory over Ethiopia's Nadew Comman
  3. The US Embassy in Asmara released three statements today concerning the Eritrea Djibouti Agreement, the recently released Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report, and a reiteration of US policy regarding the Eritrean Ethiopian Boundary Commission.


ERI-TV Live ቃለ-ምሐትት ተሰጋጊሩ Reformatted by meskerem).We were told to read them correct them and vote on them. That was the only time a member of secretariat seen enforcing vote count. A vote in a workshop!! What a surprise! It does not mean there were no suggestions for changing the process as well as objections, but. ዓገብ ዘይምባል፡ ንተቓውሞ ኣብዚ ዘለናዮ ሓደገኛ ናይ ሃይምኖትን ኤትኒክን ወገንን ወጥሪ ሸሚሙና ይርከብ። Meskel in Ethiopia and Eritrea Date in the current year: September 27, 2020 Meskel is a religious feast, that is celebrated in Ethiopia and Eritrea. The feast falls on the 17 Meskerem in the Ethiopian calendar, that is September 27 or 28 according to the Gregorian calendar Eritrean News by Eri-TV Live Television 151,665 views 9:58 Eritrean Full Movie 2019 - SHAQI - (ሻዂ) - ብ ያሲን ዓብድልዓሊም (ኣቡየዚድ) - Duration: 2:18:38

Daily Eritrean Television News from Eri-TV - Tigrinya and English. Eritrean News, Comedy, Music, Movie and Interview presented by EriTV from Asmara - Eritrea.. ERi-TV ERI.TV (Eritrea Television) comedy videos starring Hagos Suzinino, Mirach, Tafla, Yonas Minus. ERI-TV (Eritrea Television) Sunday mosaic comedy program - MezengiE Comedy, candid camera. ERiTV Holiday specials and Bahti Meskerem live concerts   President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir conducts working visit to Eritrea Asmara, 12 July 2010 - (Shabait.com) ኮለጅ ቢዝነስን ስነ-ቁጠባን። 639 ተማሃሮ ብዲግሪን ዲፕሎማን ኣመሪቑ    0713-2010 List of Newspapers of Eritrea, Online Newspapers in Eritrea, Eritrean Newspapers List, Latest News, Breaking News, BBC, CNN, Eritrean Media List, Eritrean TV Channels Lis Shabait.com - State of Eritrea, Ministry of Information. Sunday, 17 May 2020 11:15 Eritrea'sdelegation composed of Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and Presidential Adviser Yemane Gebreab met in Khartoum today President of Sovereign Council Let. Gen. Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan and delivered letter from President Isaias Afwerki on bilateral and regional cooperation even as fight for COVID-19 continues

  June 8th, 2010    ...Heading for Asmara Welcome to Meskerem, the First Eritrean Opposition Website picture EastAFRO.com - Eritrea Television (ERi-TV), Eritrea News picture Eritrea - Transport - Car rental pictur eritrea-chat.com. 153,301 likes · 3,783 talking about this. Eritrean News & Entertainment site with Music, Comedy, Movie. Watch EriTV Live on Eritrea Chat Eritrean Hateta - 52 Anniversary of Bahti Meskerem Yekealo by Eri TV. May 09, 2020 Eritrean Television Political Comment by Asmelash Director of Eri-TV. 52 Anniversary of Bahti Meskerem - The first struggle for the www.youtube.co

ERITREA: 4th congress of tourism service rendering institutions. raimoq - February 25, 2020 Eri-TV Live is a 24-hour Eritrean-based Television network. Eritrea Televsion (ERiTV Live) is located in Asmara, Eritrea. EriTV (Eritrea Televsion) channel 1 broadcasts for international audience via ArabSat, NileSat, Globecast satellites along with radio station Dimtsi Hafash and Radio Zara FM. ERi-TV channel 1 Broadcasts mostly Eritrea. ብዓል ሓደ መስከረም ኣብ ከተማ ከለን 01.09.2018 Hade Meskerem Event in Cologne Dimtzi Eritrawian1 Kab German Saturday, 04 August 2018 Picnic to all Eritreans and Eritrean friends Ghebrengus Mesme Popular Asmara & Eritrea videos Asmara - Topic; 191 videos; 7,072 views; Last updated on Mar 10, 2020 Eritrean Ghirmay Ghebreselaisse Bahti Meskerem Speech in Eritrea - Asmara 2015 by Eritrea News - Nova Airways launches flight service to and from Asmara by Eritrean News by Eri-TV Live Television. 1:16. New Eritrean Music - Goytom.

Italy's racist policy and actions in Eritrea have been well documents. For instance, in the late Nineteenth-century rabid Italian officials and officers went on a campaign to hunt, detain, torture and kill innocent Eritreans in Massawa based on fabricated charges of political subversion (Bruner, 2017) Stay on top of Eritrea's biggest stories by Al Jazeera. Africa 10 Dec 2019 12:23 GMT. Why Eritrea's leader was left out of Ethiopia's Nobel Peace Priz ናዝ የማነ ካብ ድምጺ ኤርትራ ሎሚ ሰንበት 07-18-2010 ቃለ-ምሓትት ምስ ዶክቶር የውሃነስ ዘርአማርያም ከካይድ እዩ።   ሰዓት 2፡30 ድቀ EST.   

eri.tv Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic . Welcome to Alexa's Site Overview. eri.tv Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic . vs. eastafro.com eritv.live dendenmedia.com meskerem.net eri.tv. No Data. Sign up for all sources Eritrean Hateta - 52 Anniversary of Bahti Meskerem Yekealo by Eri TV. Mar 23, 2020 Eritrean Television Political Comment by Asmelash Director of Eri-TV. 52 Anniversary of Bahti Meskerem - The first struggle for the www.youtube.co Here about 30 popular Eritrea http, Eritrea- f, Ethiopia attacks targets, Ethiopian attack sites such as meskerem.net (Welcome to Meskerem the First Eritrean Opposition Website). The best 3 similar sites: sallina.com, assenna.com, harnnet.org DW News Residents of Badwe voice concern over handover to Eritrea. Residents of Badme, many of them veterans of the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, worry the town will soon officially.

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  1. Eritrean Martyrs Day, June 19 - 2019 in the German City of Mannheim Zentralrat der Eritreer in MANNHEIM Deutschland. Eritrea Martyrs Day Commemoration on 20 June 2019 in the German City of MUNICH Zentralrat der Eritreer in Muenchen Deutschland. ኤርትራዊ መን ሙዃኑ ክትፈልጡ ! ብብጻይ መድሃኔ ተስፋኣለም.
  2. 15 October 2019. Eritrea and Amnesty International. Any entity that highlights a wrongdoing to the Government of Eritrea is considered as 'hostile to... 15 October 2019. Abiy Ahmed must now work tirelessly for peace. Statement by NRC Secretary General Jan Egeland following the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize... 12 October 2019
  3. ERi-TV 2. Eri-TV 2 is the second television channel in Eritrea. It broadcasts only for domestic viewers. Eri-TV 2 provides mostly educational content. This includes English, mathematics and science programs. ERi-TV 3. Eri-TV 3 is the third channel in Eritrea. It broadcasts national and international sports news
  4. They (Eritrea and Djibouti) have authorised the mediator, the Emir, H H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who signed as a mediator and witness, with the full authority to issue an executive working document to the agreement, the Premier said in a statement, according to Qatar News Agency (QNA).
  5. Our Face Book https://www.facebook.com/eritreancommunity VOA Tigrigna http://tigrigna.voanews.com/ Asmarino http://www.asmarino.com/ TV Eri http://vimeo.com/90148449.
  6. Here 5 popular arduf denies attack, colluli potash deposit, eritrea and kenya, eritrea and potash sites such as tesfanews.net (TesfaNews). The best 3 similar sites: meskerem.net, raimoq.com, eastafro.com
  7. g $ 7.99 / month with a 7-day free trial. Your subscription gives you access to ERi-TV and Radio Voice Of The Broad Masses Of Eritrea (ድምጺ ሓፋሽ ኤርትራ). By subscribing to ERi-TV and Radio live strea

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Press Release Building Democracy in Eritrea - First Conference In April 2019, Eritrea Focus in collaboration with the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London, held a successful two-day conference on Building Democracy in Eritrea. The conference record can be found on our website: www.eritrea-focus.org. For Immediate Release Dehai.org: Eritrea OnLine. News and information on Eritrea and Eritreans around the world The delegation consists of Mengisteab Asmerom, head of the EPDP Department for Information and Culture, and Mr. Mesfin Hagos, EPDP Executive Committee member in the Department for Internal Affairs.  The talks are scheduled to be started tomorrow Monday, 7 June 2010. To strengthen the organizational capacity of Radio Erena, the only independent radio station to broadcast to Eritrea, and to ensure its long-term sustainability. The organization will recruit and train financial and administrative staff, support the development of a strategic work plan, and recruit new board members to support overall capacity Haddas Ertra_31032020.pdf Haddas Ertra_29032020.pdf . Haddas Ertra_28032020.pd

Camels, ponies and antique railway equipment give a tour ride around the Expo grounds. The one week Festival Eritrea is the ideal event for visitors, to have fun and learn about Eritrea, its culture, and the customs of its people. Muslim holidays . Eid Al-Adha - November 27 2009 - Bahti Meskerem Asmara Eritrea Eri TV : Watch live Eri TV programs online by a single mouse click. You can watch Eri TV live updates every tim Eritrean News - Beal Meskel ab Bahti Meskerem by Eri-TV 27/09/2013 admin 0 Comments Beyene Eyassu , His Holiness Abune Dioskoros , Meskel Holiday observed nationwide , Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwet , The Head of the church's clerg eastafro.com at Press About Us. Twitter / eastafro: #Eritrea : Police identify.Meskerem-Blog » ERI-TV | Eritrea Television | EastAfro.com.SENATOR FEINGOLD, IN DJIBOUTI, CALLS FOR NEW STRATEGY FOR SOMALIA AND THE HORN - East Africa Foru Next ERi-TV: ቲፋኒ ሓድሽ ኣብ ጽምብል በዓል ናጽነት ትሳተፍ ኣላ - ኣስመራ - May 18, 2019 Independence Festivities , Shows ERi-TV:2019 Independence Week Festivities: Bahti Meskerem Concert - Part III of II

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ESAT Daily News Friday 14 February 2020. ethsat.com | 4 hours ago. Confused TPLF Leader Wants to Resolve 'Border Dispute' with Eritrea To begin with, there are no 'border disputes' between Ethiopia and Eritrea any more as the issue was resolved through arbitration a decade ago. Remaining was TPLF's unconditional cooperation with t.. Meskerem Forum Contact W ebmast er . ERI-TV Live. ቃለ-ምሐትት ምስ ድምጺ ኣሜርካ ኣቶ ጸጋይ ነጋሽ: ኣቦ ወንበር ናይ ኤርትራ ማሕበር ኣካለ-ኣጉጽማን ኣብ ሰሜን ኣሜሪካ LISTEN TO RECORDED. ሰሉስ 07-19-2010 ሰዓት 3:30 ድቀ ብናይ ዲሲ ኣቆጻጽ TPLF Declared No War No Peace Policy on Itself. TPLF Declared No War No Peace Policy on Itself. By Abel Kebedom The 1998-2000 border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea inflicted h... TPLF Declared No War No Peace Policy on Itself. Reviewed by Admin on 6:15 AM Rating: 5. EPLF patrolling the Red Sea shore The Importance of Operation Fenkil and the. ኣብዚ፡ ድሕሪ ዕርቀ ሰላም ኢትዮ-ኤርትራን ድሕሪ ምልዓል እገዳ ባይቶ ጸጥታን ጽንዓት ብጽንዓት ንልምዓት ብዝብል ቴማ. Eri-TV Live is a 24-hour Eritrean-based Television network. Eritrea Televsion (ERiTV Live) is located in Asmara, Eritrea. ERi-TV EriTV (Eritrea Televsion) channel 1 broadcasts for international audience via ArabSat, NileSat, Globecast satellites along with radio station Dimtsi Hafash and Radio Zara FM

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Ethiopia's intention regarding the opposition conference, as reported by The Indian Ocean Newsletter see below,  supports meskerem's assertion that the so-called Eritrean Opposition conference is a cover for Ethiopia's evil design against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Eritrean nation.The EPDP delegation on 7 June met with a high-level delegation of friendly Ethiopia. The latter delegation also met on 8 June with EDA leadership members for preliminary consultations.

29.04.1951 - 07.10.2017 መርድእ ብጻይ ሓደራ ተስፋይ ብ 29.04.1951 ዓ.ም.ፈ ኣብ ዞባ ደቡብ ንኡስ ዞባ ዓዲ-ዃላ ሞሰዳ/ እንዳዝማቲ ዑቕቢት፡ እንካብ ክቡራት ወለድቱ ኣቶ ተስፋይ ዘርኡን ወ/ሮ ኣማረሽ ኣበዶምን ተወልደ። ዕድመኡ ንትምህርቲ ምስ ኣኸለ ከኣ ኣብ ዓዲ. Eritrea is a multi-ethnic country, with nine recognized ethnic groups in its population of around five and a half million. Eritrea has nine national languages which are Tigrinya language, Tigre, Afar, Beja, Bilen, Kunama, Nara, Saho. Tigrinya, Arabic, and English serve as the three working languages. Most residents speak languages from the Afroasiatic family, either of the Ethiopian Semitic.

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Shabait.com - State of Eritrea, Ministry of Information. Eritrea Haddas_01042020.pd TesfaNews shared a link. Yesterday at 10:37 AM · President Trump is considering expanding his travel ban. The list of countries under consideration include Belarus, Burma, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania. New Trump Travel Ban to Include Four More African Countries - including Eritrea. President Trump is considering expanding.

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Calm returns to Eritrea after siege ends. The state-run Eri-TV television and radio broadcasts were taken off air on Monday, but resumed broadcasting on Tuesday, several sources said Meanwhile, the GCC Secretary General H E Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al Attiyah, in a statement to QNA yesterday welcomed the agreement signed by the Eritrean and Djibouti Presidents which was mediated by the Emir H H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who also signed the agreement in the capacity of the State of Qatar as mediator and witness. Eritrean Hateta - 52 Anniversary of Bahti Meskerem Yekealo by Eri TV. 31 ኦገስ 2013 Eritrean Television Political Comment by Asmelash Director of Eri-TV. 52 Anniversary of Bahti Meskerem - The first struggle for the www.youtube.co

Eri-TV from Eritrea broadcast news, music videos and dramas. Both domestic and international films also play on the channel. Watch free online Eritrean Television (Eri-TV) direct from TesfaNews. | More than 600 Live TV channels and 45000 Complimentary movies TV shows and documentaries. Record Local TV እንዳ ማናቱ ምስ ብርኽቲ ፍረ ክርሲኣ ኣደ ምዕራፍ ገብረነጉሰ ምስ ሰብኣያ መሓሪ ኣስገዶም ፰-8 ቆልዑ ወሊዶም ፮-6 ካብኦም ማናቱ። Eritrean unique.. Online community for Eritreans and friends of Eritrea, with history, news, chat, bulletin boards, poetry, and more. Eritrea: ERI-TV's Head of Sports Department Defects Kibreab worked at the Ministry of Information for the last 15 years; he is an experienced sports.. 191172-2017 bahti meskerem poster 111.pdf. Back to Dehai News. ERi-TV, Eritrea - መልእኽቲ መኸተ ካብ ፕረዚደንት ኢሳያስ ኣፍወርቂ ንመላእ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣብ ውሽጥን ወጻእን . See More Videos. Dehai Events. Eritrea Newspapers and News Media - National and Foreign: Eritrea - Broadcast News Media: National National National East Afro Erena Eri TV: BC BC BC GI GI GI TIG TIG TIG : TV Also ENG Radio TV Also ENG Eritrea - Internet News Media Meskerem Raimoq Serawr Shabait Tesfa News Tesfa News ZENA: IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN.

Video: Jelani Idris - Bahti Meskerem - 2015 Eritrean Music

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MARCH 21, 2020 ERITREA HUB NEWS The Eritrean government announced today that it has the Coronavirus. Announcement from the Ministry of Health A 39-year old Eritrean national who has permanent residence in Norway arrived at Asmara International Airport at 7:00 a.m. today, March 21st, from Norway with Fly Dubai Bakhita Ali or Bakita as most Eritreans writes is a creative singer who has inriched Eritrean music in general and Tigre music in particualar for a long time now, here are a selection of her songs, starting with ila Ana Haraika ERi-TV, Eritrea - Shingrwa/ሸንግርዋ - 5ይ ዙርያ - 1ይ መድረኽ - ዞባ ጋሽ ባርካ - Apr. 25, 2020 3 weeks ago ERi-TV, Eritrea - Tigrinya Evening News for October 11, 201 COVID -19 continues to spread at an alarming rate globally since the first outbreak of the disease in December last year. To-date, the pandemic has engulfed more than 200 counties and territories infecting more than 4.6 million people and claiming more than 300,000 lives

Video: Eden, Wedi Haleka, Intisa Mohamed, Senait, TomasVideo: Meron Fesahaye - seret tariK | ሰረት ታሪኽ - NewLong live Bahti Meskerem – 1 September the day of EritreanEthiopian VideosEritrea Music 2 Guayla Video EastAFRO com4 - VidoEmo[Video] Driving Around Asmara, Eritrea - Madote
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